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Say Yes! A Tribute to.........well, someone.......

No posts yesterday did ya miss us? The 5-0 Vikings were busy crushing the overmatched Houston Texans.....I will suspend much comment on the Vikings FOR NOW (as I am not totally sold), but I will say they have already won as many games as I predicted they would.

Anyway, let's get a bunch of music-type stuff posted today.....this is yet another John N submission, it's a "Tribute Album"......let's play a game and see if you can guess who is being tributed! BECAUSE, not too long ago, I tried to do a comprehensive post on the "tributee" in question, and it was QUICKLY yanked, so, as per policy, I didn't finish it......good stuff, too, I had lots of boots, rarities, etc, and never got to post them.....hmmmmmm....well, I've described this artist as THE most depressing/depressed songwriter of them all, and very few would argue with that (although he has written some stunningly beautiful songs), as he obviously had depression problems, based upon his work and his eventual suicide.

Likely you know whom it is by now, if not, you'll get it.....I never knew this tribute album existed, and I haven't spun it yet, but I think it's a cool enough idea that we need to share this one around......Waxahatchee, who have been blog-semi-regulars for a short while now, appear on this one, as do J Mascius, Lou Barlow, Amanda Palmer, Tonya Donelly, and others.......if that isn't an esoteric enough partial list for ya, I don't know what, but I WILL add in the fact that MY PERSONAL favorite song by the artist in question (shhhhh...."King's Crossing" is it's title) is NOT covered here, but be advised, this guy, despite his issues, was a BRILLIANT songwriter, making a decent tribute album......OK, no more hints, you know it or you don't, just that this IS a brilliant writer, so (I'll get back to ya) I assume this is a good one......I think I'd recommend expedience to you if you wish to try this, as this IS one I've had a problem with before (not just "rumored" problems or a rep for problems).......try it out, report back, and enjoy, but please don't mention his name. I'm sorry we have to sometimes do things this way.

Thanks as always to John N, link king of the galaxy!

  1. Between The Bars - Tanya Donelly
  2. Ballad Of Big Nothing - Julien Baker
  3. Pictures Of Me - Amanda Palmer
  4. Waltz #2 - J Mascis
  5. Needle In The Hay - Juliana Hatfield
  6. Bled White - Yuck
  7. Say Yes - William Fitzsimmons
  8. Miss Misery - Tomo Nakayama
  9. Waltz #1 - Escondido
  10. Oh Well, Okay - Adam Franklin
  11. Condor Ave - Jesu/Sun Kil Moon
  12. Angeles - Waxahatchee
  13. Division Day - Lou Barlow
  14. No Name #3 - Caroline Says
  15. Easy Way Out - Wild Sun

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