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John N sends this one along, I was only slightly familiar with this band, but I carpet bombed some of this
and, well, yes, there is some good stuff here. From Doncaster England, Beachbuggy are Jack Straker on guitars/vocals, Jim VeVee on drums, and AD on bass.....interesting list of influences given by their Wikipedia page.....The Fall, The Wedding Present, Buffalo Tom, and Sonic Youth.....quite an eclectic mix, to be certain, but from what I hear so far, a pretty damn good and somewhat overlooked combo.......

The first album, 1998's "Unsafe at Any Speed", is really a motherfucker, riff rocking punk, and, yep, those influences listed above do come through......."Kill Straker!" is a good one, as is "Firebird Special" and a couple more, to me the whole thing is brought down a notch by the gimmicky auto-racing motifs that recur, BUT don't get me wrong, I do still like this one a good bit.

Next up they released "Sport Fury" in 2002........the sound is a good bit more fleshed out, and, to boot, a MUCH better collection of songs....."Bad Guys Wear Black", "Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)", "Just a Little Punk" among others are really god songs, and the performances are MUCH better than on the debut album.....I recommend this one.

Their third and final release was "Killer B".......again, the sound does mature somewhat, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, there are some solid rocking tracks here, the title track, "Dirty Mouth", "Deathray", etc, are fairly killer tunes.

This was a good band, they released three 2.5 to 3 star albums, and they do rock. An overlooked band on the part of many, me included, who enjoy some alt/punk.........don't miss these are three GOOD albums you will like!

UNSAFE AT ANY SPEED-01 Radio Ad/02 Kill Straker!/03 Heavy Hitter/04 General Electric/05 San Francisco/06 Hey! Jack/07 Firebird Special/08 Aluminum/09 Four Four Oh/10 Quarter Mile Man/11 The Driver

SPORT FURY-01 Kickin' Back/02 Good Guys Wear Black/03 Touch My Stuff (You Can Die)/04 From
the South/05 Science Fiction/06 Godspeed My Friend/07 It Might Be the Jets/08 The Fastest Time/09 Just a Little Punk/10 Cuba/11 Tom's Dead/12 Radio Ad (Italia)

KILLER B-01 Untitled/02 Killer Bee/03 Fire In My Eye/04 Oh Wow!/05 Strip City Heights/06 Strike!/07 Dirty Mouth/08 Easycome Easygo/09 Ah Oooh/10 The Hitt/11 Very Bad Thing/12 Deathray/13 Radio Ad (Japan)

Good good stuff from the great source that IS John N.....these are good albums, I thank him for allowing me to add them to MY stash, I'm thinking more than a few of you may feel the same way......

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