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I was all set to quit for the evening, (baseball playoffs, a lot more important than you hosers, by the way, Orioles fans, WHAT was Showalter thinking about last night, not using Zach Britton? just mind boggling, and I could give half a fuck about either team)......BUT then I recalled that I DID want to put this album up, listened a couple of days ago and it's great, MORE of that fucking early 1970's hard rock that I love so much (AND some of which is fairly unknown like this one).

Dont know if they ever released another album or not, all I know is this one, the band consisted of singer Peter Stirling, guitarist Alan Parker, drummer Clem Cattini, keyboard player Alan Hawkshaw, and bassist Herbie Flowers......just another one of those zillion classic hard rock albums of the 1968-72 (or so) era that I keep at least TRYING turn you guys onto......this is a great one, too, like a LOT of albums from that era/genre that totally or nearly totally unknown  gems..........you guys know I am passionate about this music, and I haven't steered you wrong yet right? (Stray Dog, BF Trike, Dark, and on and on)......

I can just about guarantee that any hard rock/stoner rock fans that understand my infatuation with this era of underappreciated music is going to love this one, it's awesome as are so many of the records of this era.

RUMPLESTILTSKIN-01 Make Me Make You/02 Poor Billy Brown/03 Knock In My Door/04 No One to turn To/05 Mr. Joe (Witness For the Defense)/06 Pate de foie gras/07 Rumplestiltskin/08 Squadron Leader Johnson

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