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A New Single from Joshua of Gosh Pith

I posted a single from the Detroit band Gosh Pith a couple weeks ago, they send me another, some sort of mashup from their singer "Joshua".......according to the email they send, this is a mash-up of two current hit songs, neither of which I have ever heard. However, I LOVE it when bands send me their work to share, because, as I've said before, THESE are the bands that GET IT, that understand that myself and those like me are here to HELP THEM, not the opposite, as some have been conditioned to believe.

+ Premiered with All Things Go
This isn’t just a mash-up though; it’s also a cover, and Joshua recorded his own vocals in place of The Weeknd’s. It works, and well ." - All Things Go

Joshua is a singer-songwriter-producer from Detroit. His influences include Morrisey, Frank Ocean, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Jean-Luc Goddard, Jim Jarmusch and others. As his first solo debut outside of Gosh Pith, Joshua created a fun mash-up / cover combining two currently charting hits - The Weeknd's "Starboy" and Kiiara's "Gold". The track is premiered on All Things Go and they gave it a "prestigious"“This Bumps” Award".

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