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Time For Another of Cliff's Reggae Greats!

(scott) Been a little while, but Cliff is back in full health AND rested from his holiday, so he sends us some
Don Carlos stuff to groove to today! Thanks a million to Cliff, Growing Bored For A Living's reigning reggae expert/go-to guy! Yet another excellent job......

Oh, and a note to Cliff......I see you sent The Wands debut album, thanks a ton but Studkid beat you by a day or so, I think, take a look it's already posted.......ok by me though, it shows you guys are on the ball and anxious to get new material in here! If an occasional submission doubles up a post, so what? It's better than never having the post to begin with!

Don Carlos rose to prominence  during the 1980's dancehall scene. Originally known as one of the founding members of legendary band "Black Uhuru", formed in the early 1970's, Carlos chose to turn his back on them and embark on a solo career.  Don Carlos has one of the sweetest voices in reggae music.

"Harvest Time" is a brilliant roots vocal album released in 1982, killer militant style roots rhythms.

TRACK LIST: 01 fuss fuss/02 I love jah/03 harvest time/04 in pieces/05 white squall/06 magic man/07 young girl/08 music crave/09 hail the roots

Link: http://www40.zippyshare.com/v/RN7S8rp0/file.html

Don Carlos'"Ghetto Living" is a classic roots reggae album.  It has all of the essential elements: politically conscious lyrics, great beats, and melancholy love songs.

TRACK LIST: 01 never run away/02 declaration of rights/03 tear drops/04 them say/05 plantation/06 ghetto living/07 go find yourself a fool/08 every time I see you/09 come on over/10 promise to be true/11 angel face woman

Link: http://www83.zippyshare.com/v/jnihGTSJ/file.html

Pure Gold is not on of Carlos' best albums but there are enough decent tracks on it to keep you interested.
 His gentle voice and upbeat music will always bring a smile to your face, even if it's not the greatest track.

TRACK LIST:01 sweet music/02 money and woman/03 sweet africa/04 too late to turn back/05 sattamasagana/ 06 stop fuss and fight/07 late night blues/08 better must come/09 tribulation/10 rivers of babylon

Link: http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/rKFDio6Z/file.html

Thanks a billion Cliff......I speak for all of us when I say DON'T EVER LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!

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