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Rare 60's Beat Classics Volume 1

Well, this set seems to have about a zillion volumes, of which I have a total of ONE, the first one......really, although this would "seem like" one I would have all of, I just really have no memory of it (other than this one disc) so likely it is one I missed.......and thus I ask for some help, if anyone out there has these I'd love to have as well as share them, as they (at least Volume 1 has some great stuff, and glancing at the track lists, so do the others) really DO have some rarely comped tracks on them......wonder what ever happened to my old buddy Psychlist, I guarantee he has them........BUT, if you happen to have one or all of these volumes, this would be a great share, so let's STEP UP!

That being said, this one volume does have some great tracks, judged both on quality and rarity......couple of tracks from The Bo Street Runners, the always kickass Nashville Teens, The Syndicats cool "Crawdaddy Simone", some Mickey Finn, who were recently profiled on this very site.......this is a good one, it can stand on it's own, no problem (normally I wouldn't post a single disc of a series in this manner, but I really DO think that even if none of the other volumes ever turn up, this collection is good enough and has enough rare material to make it worth our whiles).......

VOLUME 1-01 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-Bring it to Jerome/02 MICKIE MOST-Money Honey/03 CHEROKEES-Dig a Little Deeper/04 DAVID JOHN & THE MOOD-I Love To See You Strut/05 BO STREET RUNNERS-Just Wanna Make Love to You/06 MIKI DALLON-I'll Give You Love/07 NASHVILLE TEENS-Revived 45 Time/08 BO STREET RUNNERS-Lonely Avenue/09 MICKIE MOST-That's Alright/10 FIRING SQUAD-Bullmoose/11 SYNDICATS-Crawdaddy Simone/12 MICKEY FINN-Garden of My Mind/13 BO STREET RUNNERS-Bo Street Runners/14 FIRING SQUAD-Little Bit More/15 NASHVILLE TEENS-Forbidden Fruit/16 DUFFY POWER-I Saw Her Standing There/17 MICKEY FINN-Time to Start Loving You/18 BO STREET RUNNERS-Shame Shame Shame/19 ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY-Train Keep Rollin'/20 MOQUETTES-Right String But the Wrong Yo Yo/22 DUFFY POWER-Farewell Baby/23 ATTRACTION-Party Line/24 ARIZONA SWAMP COMPANY-Tennessee Woman/25 MICKEY FINN-Night Comes Down/26 ATTRACTION-She's a Girl

Haven't thrown out a "challenge" (so to speak) like this in a while, but wouldn't it be cool if we could actually assemble the whole collection? Back in the early days of this effort, we used to do stuff like that with some frequency and success.......let's see if we can do it again, this looks like a fairly essential series that somehow the big lad missed out on, or forgot about in a substance induced daze, or, uh, did I think something? Damn, what time is my date with Liz Phair again?

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