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Jon S with the B0wie B0x

(scott) Never can have too much Bowie, I haven't read the Wikipedia article yet, but I'm sure it explains the
selections, ("David Live"?).....anyway, wonderful stuff here, of course, let me tack a warning on here, you MIGHT want to act fast, maybe not, but just sayin'........anyway, Jon S continues to amaze AND includes an awesome bonus with the post......what more could you want?

David Bowie - Who Can I Be Now? (2016 Boxed Set)

Diamond Dogs

1-01 Future Legend/1-02 Diamond Dogs/1-03 Sweet Thing/1-04 Candidate/1-05 Sweet Thing (Reprise)/1-06 Rebel Rebel/1-07 Rock 'N' Roll With Me/1-08 We Are The Dead/1-09 1984/1-10 Big Brother/1-11 Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family

David Live

2-01 1984/2-02 Rebel Rebel/2-03 Moonage Daydream/2-04 Sweet Thing/2-05 Changes/2-06 Suffragette City/2-07 Aladdin Sane/2-08 All The Young Dudes/2-09 Cracked Actor/2-10 When You Rock N' Roll With Me/2-11 Watch That Man/2-12 Knock On Wood/2-13 Diamond Dogs/2-14 Big Brother/2-15 Width Of A Circle/2-16 Jean Genie/2-17 Rock N' Roll Suicide

David Live

3-01 1984/3-02 Rebel Rebel/3-03 Moonage Daydream/3-04 Sweet Thing/3-05 Changes/3-06 Suffragette City/3-07 Aladdin Sane/3-08 All The Young Dudes/3-09 Cracked Actor/3-10 Rock 'n' Roll With Me/3-11 Watch That Man/3-12 Knock On Wood/3-13 Here Today Gone Tomorrow/3-14 Space Oddity/3-15 Diamond Dogs/3-16 Panic In Detroit/3-17 Big Brother/3-18 Time/3-19 The Width Of A Circle/3-20 The Jean Genie/3-21 Rock 'N' Roll Suicide

The Gouster (scott: Thanks also to John N who sent a copy of "The Gouster"

4-01 John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)/4-02 Somebody Up There Likes Me/4-03 It's Gonna Be Me/4-04 Who Can I Be Now?/4-05 Can You Hear Me?/4-06 Young Americans/4-07 Right

Young Americans

5-01 Young Americans/5-02 Win/5-03 Fascination/5-04 Right/5-05 Somebody Up There Likes Me/5-06 Across The Universe/5-07 Can You Hear Me?/5-08 Fame

Station To Station

6-01 Station To Station/6-02 Golden Years/6-03 Word On A Wing/6-04 TVC 15/6-05 Stay/6-06 Wild Is The Wind

Station To Station

7-01 Station To Station/7-02 Golden Years/7-03 Word On A Wing/7-04 TVC 15/7-05 Stay/7-06 Wild Is The Wind

Live Nassau Coliseum '76

8-01 Station To Station/8-02 Suffragette City/8-03 Fame/8-04 Word On A Wing/8-05 Stay/8-06 Waiting For The Man/8-07 Queen Bitch/8-08 Life On Mars?/8-09 Five Years/8-10 Panic In Detroit/8-11 Changes/8-12 TVC15/8-13 Diamond Dogs/8-14 Rebel Rebel/8-15 The Jean Genie

ReCall 2

9-01 Rebel Rebel (Original Single Mix)/9-02 Diamond Dogs (Australian Single Edit)/9-03 Rebel Rebel (US Single Version)/9-04 Rock 'n' Roll With Me (Promotional Single Edit)/9-05 Panic in Detroit (Live)/9-06 Young Americans (Original Single Edit)/9-07 Fame (Original Single Edit)/9-08 Golden Years (Single Version)/9-09 Station to Station (Original Single Edit)/9-10 TVC 15 (Original Single Edit)/9-11 Stay (Original Single Edit)/9-12 Word on a Wing (Original Single Edit)/9-13 John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) (1975) (Single Version)



Forgive the sound quality - not terrible, not great - of these: an early recording with some favorite early songs, and his last concert. Both worth a listen for sentimental or historic reasons.

Aylesbury Friars Club, UK

01 Intro/02 Fill Your Heart/03 Buzz The Fuzz/04 Space Oddity/05 Amsterdam/06 The Supermen/07 Oh! You Pretty Things /08 Eight Line Poem/09 Changes/10 Song For Bob Dylan/11 Andy Warhol/12 Queen Bitch/13 Looking For A Friend/14 Around And Around/15 Waiting For The Man

Hurricane Festival, Scheessel Germany 6/25/04

01 Intro/02 Rebel Rebel/03 Fame/04 Battle For Britain/05 Sister Midnight/06 New Killer Star/07 Cactus/08 All The Young Dudes/09 China Girl/10 Modern Love/11 Station To Station/12 The Man Who Sold The World/13 Changes/14 The Lonliest Guy/15 Under Pressure/16 Ashes To Ashes/17 Quicksand/18 I'm Afraid Of Americans/19 Heroes/20 Life On Mars?/21 Suffragette City/22 Ziggy Stardust

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