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Another Jon S Super-post, this time REM

(scott)-Just about anything you could want from REM appears below, like the Smiths and Sonic Youth, etc,
it is foolish for me to comment on a submission like this.....thanks Jon S, another piece of great, hard work. Please anyone sampling this offer him at least a word of thanks.

Tyrone's O.C. Athens GA 5/12/81

01 Hey! Hey! Nadine/02 Burning Down/03 Dangerous Times/04 There She Goes Again/05 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/06 Body Count/07 Just A Touch/08 Sitting Still/09 Permanent Vacation/10 Get On Their Way/11 Shaking Through/12 Romance/13 Laughing/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 That Beat/16 Stumble/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/19 Skank/20 Windout/21 Gardening At Night/22 White Tornado

Tyrone's O.C. Athens GA 9/23/81

01 Just A Touch/02 Ages Of You/03 1,000,000/04 Get On Their Way/05 There She Goes Again/06 Action/07 Wait/08 Sitting Still/09 Permanent Vacation/10 Mystery To Me/11 White Tornado/12 I Can't Control Myself/13 Burning Down/14 Shaking Through/15 Laughing/16 Romance/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 That Beat/19 Stumble/20 Radio Free Europe/21 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/22 The Lion Sleeps Tonight/23 Skank/24 Gardening At Night/25 Windout/26 9-9/27 unknown/28 Sitting Still/29 1,000,000 (soundcheck)/30 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (soundcheck)

Charlotte, NC 11/7/81

01 Just A Touch/02 Burning Down/03 Shaking Through/04 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/05 There She Goes Again/06 Permanent Vacation/07 Pretty Persuasion/08 That Beat/09 Mystery To Me/10 Carnival Of Sorts/11 Ages Of You/12 I Can't Control Myself/13 Ha (We Get Paid For It)/14 Laughing/15 Romance/16 Sitting Still/17 Wolves, Lower/18 Gardening At Night/19 9-9/20 Windout/21 1,000,000/22 Radio Free Europe

Chronic Town (1982)

01 Wolves, Lower/02 Gardening at Night/03 Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)/04 1,000,000/05 Stumble

Greensboro, NC 1/22/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 9-9/03 Wind Out/04 A New Song/05 There She Goes Again/06 Sitting Still/07 That Beat/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 Mystery To Me/10 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/11 Ages Of You/12 Catapult/13 Shaking Through/14 Laughing/15 Romance/16 Ghost Riders In The Sky/17 Permanent Vacation/18 1,000,000/19 Wolves, Lower/20 Radio Free Europe/21 All The Right Friends/22 Wait!/23 Body Count

Charlotte, NC 1/23/82

01 Ages Of You/02 Catapault/03 Shaking Through/04 Laughing/05 Romance/06 Sitting Still/07 Permanent Vacation/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 That Beat/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 1,000,000/13 Wolves, Lower/14 Radio Free Europe/15 White Tornado/16 Stumble/17 Ghost Riders In The Sky

Madison, WI 4/24/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 99/03 Ages of You/04 Shaking Through/05 Laughing/06 Romance/07 Sitting Still/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 That Beat/10 Catapult/11 Radio Free Europe/12 Wolves, Lower/13 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/14 White Tornado/15 West Of The Fields/16 Skank/17 There She Goes Again

The Old Waldorf, San Francisco 8/24/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 9-9/03 Wolves, Lower/04 We Walk/05 Pilgrimage/06 Laughing/07 Sitting Still/08 1000000/09 Catapult/10 Moral Kiosk/11 West of the Fields/12 Radio Free Europe

Murmur (1983)

01 Radio Free Europe/02 Pilgrimage/03 Laughing/04 Talk About The Passion/05 Moral Kiosk/06 Perfect Circle/07 Catapult/08 Sitting Still/09 9-9/10 Shaking Through/11 We Walk/12 West Of The Fields/13 Laughing/14 Pilgrimage/15 There She Goes Again/16 7 Chinese Bros./17 Talk About The Passion/18 Sitting Still/19 Harborcoat/20 Catapult/21 Gardening At Night/22 9-9/23 Just A Touch/24 West Of The Fields/25 Radio Free Europe/26 We Walk/27 1,000,000/28 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/29 There She Goes Again

Paradise Rock Club, Boston 7/13/83

01 Intro/02 Gardening At Night/03 9-9/04 Happy Birthday/05 Moral Kiosk/06 Laughing/07 Pilgrimage/08 Seven Chinese Brothers/09 Talk About The Passion/10 Wolves, Lower/11 Harborcoat/12 Sitting Still/13 Pretty Persuasion/14 Catapult/15 Just A Touch/16 West of The Fields/17 Radio Free Europe/18 White Tornado/19 Ages Of You/20 We Walk/21 1,000,000/22 {radio break}/23 California Dreamin'/24 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Philadelphia 7/20/83

01 Wolves, Lower/02 Moral Kiosk/03 Laughing/04 Pilgrimage/05 7 Chinese Brothers/06 Talk About the Passion/07 Sitting Still/08 Harborcoat/09 Catapult/10 Pretty Persuasion/11 Gardening at Night/12 9-9/13 Windout/14 Just a Touch/15 West of the Fields/16 Radio Free Europe/17 White Tornado/18 Time After Time/19 We Walk/20 Eight Miles High/21 Roadrunner/22 1,000,000/23 Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)/24 Skank

Stitchcraft, Athens, GA 9/30/83

01 I Got You Babe/02 Second Guessing/03 Harborcoat/04 Pretty Persuasion/05 Pills/06 1,000,000/07 Camera/08 Talk About The Passion/09 Little America/10 All The Right Friends/11 Letter Never Sent/12 Just A Touch/13 Secret Agent Man/14 Hootenanny/15 Route 66/16 Windout/17 9-9/18 Six Stock Answers/19 My Roof Your Roof/20 Pale Blue Eyes/21 Tainted Obligation/22 Folsom Prison Blues/23 Rave On/24 20th Century Boy/25 Seven Chinese Brothers/26 Crazy/27 That Beat/28 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/29 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/30 Sweet Jane

Reckoning (1984)
01 Harborcoat/02 7 Chinese Brothers/03 Southern Central Rain/04 Pretty Persuasion/05 Time After Time (annElise)/06 Second Guessing/07 Letter Never Sent/08 Camera/09 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/10 Little America/11 Wind Out (With Friends)/12 Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)/13 White Tornado (Live in Studio)/14 Tighten Up/15 Moon River/16 Femme Fatale/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Gardening At Night/19 9-9/20 Windout/21 Letter Never Sent/22 Sitting Still/23 Driver 8/24 So. Central Rain/25 7 Chines Bros./26 Harborcoat/27 Hyena/28 Pretty Persuasion/29 Little America/30 Second Guessing31 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Lyon, France 4/18/84

01 Hello/02 Radio Free Europe/03 Catapault/04 Crazy/05 Letter Never Sent/06 Pilgrimage/07 Talk About The Passion/08 So. Central Rain/09 Just A Touch/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 Time After Time (Annelise)/13 Little America

Paris 4/20/84

01 Ghost Riders In The Sky/02 Moral Kiosk/03 Catapult/04 Pilgrimage/05 Letter Never Sent/06 So. Central Rain/07 Harborcoat/08 Sitting Still/09 Gardening At Night/10 9-9/11 Windout/12 Time After Time (Annelise)/13 Just A Touch/14 Little America/15 Pale Blue Eyes/16 Second Guessing/17 Radio Free Europe/18 We Walk/19 20th Century Boy/20 1,000,000/21 Walter's BBQ_Band Introduction/22 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/23 Talk About The Passion/24 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ 6/9/84

01 ...intro.../02 Pale Blue Eyes/03 Second Guessing/04 Hyena/05 Letter Never Sent/06 Harborcoat/07 Seven Chinese Brothers/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 So. Central Rain/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 Windout/13 Old Man Kensey/14 Sitting Still/15 Driver 8/16 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Little America

Seattle, WA 7/27/84

01 Moral Kiosk/02 Hyena/03 Camera/04 Pilgrimage/05 Talk About The Passion/06 7 Chinese Brothers/07 So. Central Rain/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 Gardening At Night/10 9-9/11 Windout/12 Old Man Kensey/13 Radio Free Europe/14 Little America/15 Burning Down/16 Pale Blue Eyes/17 1,000,000/18 So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star/19 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/20 Skank

Fables Of The Reconstruction (1985)

01 Feeling Gravitys Pull/02 Maps And Legends/03 Driver 8/04 Life And How To Live It/05 Old Man Kensey/06 Can't Get There From Here/07 Green Grow The Rushes/08 Kohoutek/09 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/10 Good Advices/11 Wendell Gee/12 Crazy/13 Burning Hell/14 Bandwagon/15 Driver 8 (Live)/16 Maps And Legends (Live)/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine) (The Athens Demos)/18 Bandwagon (The Athens Demos)/19 Cant Get There From Here (The Athens Demos)/20 Driver 8 (The Athens Demos)/21 Feeling Gravitys Pull (The Athens Demos)/22 Good Advices (The Athens Demos)/23 Green Grow The Rushes (The Athens Demos)/24 Hyena (The Athens Demos)/25 Kohoutek (The Athens Demos)/26 Life And How To Live It (The Athens Demos)/27 Maps And Legends (The Athens Demos)/28 Old Man Kensey (The Athens Demos)/29 Throw These Trolls Away (The Athens Demos)/30 Wendell Gee (The Athens Demos)

Paramount Theater - Seattle, WA 7/12/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Green Grow The Rushes/04 Maps And Legends/05 Laughing/06 Hyena/07 So. Central Rain/08 Have you Ever Seen The Rain_/09 West Of The Fields/10 Can't Get There From Here/11 Driver 8/12 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/13 Old Man Kensey/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 Life And How To Live It/16 Little America/17 Second Guessing/18 Talk About The Passion/19 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/20 1,000,000/21 Theme From Two Steps Onward/22 Gardening At Night/23 9-9/24 Radio Free Europe/25 post-show recap and the drive home

Radio City Music Hall, NYC 8/31/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Green Grow the Rushes/04 Skip A Rope/05 Hyena/06 Maps and Legends/07 Fall on Me/08 Driver 8/09 So. Central Rain/10 Have You Ever Seen the Rain/11 Pills/12 Can't Get There From Here/13 7 Chinese Bros./14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Old Man Kensey/16 Little America/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 Life and How to Live It/19 Second Guessing/20 (Don't Go Back to) Rockville/21 Behind Closed Doors/22 See No Evil/23 Theme From Two Steps Onward/24 Sitting Still/25 Time After Time (AnnElise)/26 Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)/27 Moon River/28 Windout

Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 10/2/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Sitting Still/04 Maps And Legends/05 Fall On Me/06 Green Grow The Rushes/07 Driver 8/08 Hyena/09 So. Central Rain/10 Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/11 Can't Get There From Here/12 King Of The Road/13 7 Chinese Brothers/14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Old Man Kensey/16 Little America/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 encore/19 Theme From Two Steps Beyond/20 Toys In The Attic/21 See No Evil/22 Second Guessing/23 encore 2/24 Ghost Riders In The Sky/25 (Dont Go Back To) Rockville/26 We Walk_Falling In Love Again_Behind Closed Doors/27 Paint It Black

Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany 10/18/85

01 Intro/02 Feeling Gravity's Pull/03 Harborcoat/04 Maps And Legends/05 Driver 8/06 Green Grow The Rushes/07 Gardening At Night/08 Fall On Me/09 Pretty Persuasion/10 So. Central Rain/11 Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/12 There She Goes Again/13 Radar Love/14 Ghost Riders In The Sky/15 Can't Get There From Here/16 Seven Chinese Brothers/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/18 Old Man Kensey/19 Life And How To Live It/20 Theme FromTwo Steps Onward/21 We Walk_Falling In Love Again_Behind Closed Doors_Tired Of Singing Trouble_After Hours/22 Toys In The Attic/23 20th Century Boy/24 Second Guessing/25 Femme Fatale/26 See No Evil

Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)

01 Begin The Begin/02 These Days/03 Fall On Me/04 Cuyahoga/05 Hyena/06 Underneath The Bunker/07 The Flowers Of Guatemala/08 I Believe/09 What If We Give It Away?/10 Just A Touch/11 Swan Swan H/12 Superman/13 Tired Of Singing Trouble/14 Rotary Ten/15 Toys In The Attic/16 Just A Touch [Live In Studio]/17 Dream (All I Have To Do)/18 Swan Swan H (Acoustic Version)/19 Fall On Me/20 Hyena/21 March Song (King Of Birds)/22 These Days/23 Bad Day/24 Salsa (Underneath The Bunker)/25 Swan Swan H/26 The Flowers Of Guatemala/27 Begin The Begin/28 Cuyahoga/29 I Believe/30 Out Of Tune/31 Jazz (Rotary Ten)/32 Two Steps Onward/33 Just A Touch/34 Mystery To Me/35 Wait/36 All The Right Friends/37 Get On Their Way (What If We Give It Away?)

Athens, GA 1/20/86
01 Intro/02 Radio Free Europe/03 Second Guessing/04 Moral Kiosk/05 Fall On Me/06 Maps And Legends/07 Hyena/08 Dream (All I Have To Do)/09 Driver 8/10 Swan Swan H/11 Time After Time (Annelise)/12 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/13 Tired Of Singing Trouble/14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Seven Chinese Brothers/16 Sitting Still/17 Just A Touch/18 Pretty Persuasion/19 See No Evil/20 Strange/21 Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight/22 Pills/23 Little America/24 Ain't No Sunshine/25 So. Central Rain/26 Wild Thing/

Felt Forum, NYC 11/7/86

01 These Days/02 Sitting Still/03 Hyena/04 Talk About the Passion/05 Driver 8/06 Cuyahoga/07 Feeling Gravity's Pull/08 Flowers of Guatemala/09 White Tornado/10 Tired of Singing Trouble/11 I Believe/12 Swan Swan H/13 Superman/14 Can't Get There From Here/15 Spooky/16 Pretty Persuasion/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/18 Just A Touch/19 Fall On Me/20 Begin the Begin/21 Pills/22 Oddfellows Local 151/23 Lightnin' Hopkins/24 Funtime/25 The One I Love/26 So. Central Rain

Document (1987)

01 Finest Worksong/02 Welcome To The Occupation/03 Exhuming McCarthy/04 Disturbance At The Heron House/05 Strange/06 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/07 The One I Love/08 Fireplace/09 Lightnin' Hopkins/10 King Of Birds/11 Oddfellows Local 151/12 Finest Worksong (Other Mix)/13 Last Date/14 The One I Love (Live)/15 Time After Time Etc (Live)/16 Disturbance At The Heron House (Live)/17 Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)/18 Finest Worksong/19 These Days/20 Lightnin' Hopkins/21 Welcome To The Occupation/22 Driver 8/23 Feeling Gravitys Pull/24 I Believe/25 The One I Love/26 Exhuming McCarthy/27 Wolves, Lower/28 Fall On Me/29 Just A Touch/30 Oddfellows Local 151/31 Little America/32 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/33 Begin The Begin/34 Disturbance At The Heron House/35 Moral Kiosk/36 Life And How To Live It/37 So. Central Rain

Complete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982-1987

01 Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)/02 Sitting Still (Original Hib-Tone Single)/03 White Tornado/04 Gardening At Night (Different Vocal Mix)/05 Gardening At Night (Acoustic)/06 All The Right Friends (Live In Studio)/07 Moon River (Live in Studio)/08 Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)/09 There She Goes Again (Live in Studio)/10 Tighten Up (Live In Studio)/11 Ages Of You (Live)/12 We Walk (Live)/13 1,000,000 (Live)/14 Gardening At Night (Electric Demo)/15 Just A Touch (Live in Studio)/16 King Of The Road (Live in Studio)/17 Pale Blue Eyes (Live In Studio)/18 Voice Of Harold/19 Walter's Theme (Live in Studio)/20 White Tornado (Live in Studio)/21 Wind Out/22 Wind Out (With Friends) (Live in Studio)/23 9-9 (Live)/24 Gardening At Night (Live)/25 Catapult (Live)/26 Ages of You/27 Bandwagon/28 Burning Down/29 Burning Hell/30 Crazy/31 Driver 8 (Live)/32 Bad Day/33 Femme Fatale (Live in Studio)/34 Hyena (Demo)/35 Mystery To Me (Demo)/36 Rotary Ten/37 Theme From Two Steps Onward (Demo)/38 Tired Of Singing Trouble/39 Toys in the Attic/40 Romance/41 Last Date/42 Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)/43 Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix)/44 Finest Worksong (Other Mix)/45 Maps and Legends (Live)/46 Disturbance at the Heron House (Live)/47 The One I Love (Live)/48 Swan Swan H (Acoustic)/49 (All I Have To Do Is) Dream/50 Time After Time, Etc. (Live)/

Green (1988)

01 Pop Song 89/02 Get Up/03 You Are The Everything/04 Stand/05 World Leader Pretend/06 The Wrong Child/07 Orange Crush/08 Turn You Inside-Out/09 Hairshirt/10 I Remember California/11 (Untitled)/12 Stand/13 The One I Love/14 Turn You Inside-Out/15 Belong/16 Exhuming McCarthy/17 Good Advices/18 Orange Crush/19 Cuyahoga/20 These Days/21 World Leader Pretend/22 I Believe/23 Get Up/24 Life And How To Live It/25 It's The Enf Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/26 Pop Song 89/27 Fall On Me/28 You Are The Everything/29 Begin The Begin/30 Low/31 Finest Worksong/32 Perfect Circle

Live In Greensboro (EP 1988)

01 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/02 Feeling Gravity's Pull/03 Strange/04 King of Birds/05 I Remember California

Orlando, FL 4/30/89

01 Pop Song 89/02 Exhuming McCarthy/03 Welcome To The Occupation/04 Disturbance At The Heron House/05 Turn You Inside Out/06 Orange Crush/07 Feeling Gravity's Pull/08 Swan Swan H/09 Begin The Begin/10 Pretty Persuasion/11 I Believe/12 King Of Birds/13 Crazy/14 Finest Worksong/15 You Are The Everything/16 Academy Fight Song/17 Stand/18 Perfect Circle/19 Get Up/20 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Great Woods, Mansfield, MA 9/15/89

01 Stand/02 The One I Love/03 So. Central Rain/04 Driver 8/05 Turn You Inside Out/06 Belong/07 Orange Crush/08 Feeling Gravity's Pull/09 Swan Swan H/10 Sitting Still/11 World Leader Pretend/12 I Believe/13 Fall On Me/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 Get Up/16 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/17 Its The End Of the World As We know It (And I Feel Fine)/18 Pop Song '89/19 Exhuming McCarthy/20 You Are The Everything/21 Begin the Begin/22 King Of Birds/23 See No Evil/24 Harpers/25 Ghostriders/26 Finest Work Song/27 Perfect Circle/28 After Hours

Out Of Time (1991)

01 Radio Song/02 Losing My Religion/03 Low/04 Near Wild Heaven/05 Endgame/06 Shiny Happy People/07 Belong/08 Half A World Away/09 Texarkana/10 Country Feedback/11 Me In Honey

Automatic For The People (1992)

01 Drive/02 Try Not To Breathe/03 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite/04 Everybody Hurts/05 New Orleans Instrumental No. 1/06 Sweetness Follows/07 Monty Got A Raw Deal/08 Ignoreland/09 Star Me Kitten/10 Man On The Moon/11 Nightswimming/12 Find The River

40 Watt Club Athens, GA 11/19/92

01 Drive/02 Monty Got A Raw Deal.mp3/03 Everybody Hurts/04 Man On The Moon/05 Losing My Religion/06 Country Feedback/07 Begin The Begin/08 Fall On Me/09 Me In Honey/10 Finest Worksong/11 Drive/12 Love Is All Around/13 Fun Time/14 Radio Free Europe/15 One/16 Hello In There

Monster (1995)

01 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 King of Comedy/04 I Don't Sleep, I Dream/05 Star 69/06 Strange Currencies/07 Tongue/08 Bang and Blame/09 I Took Your Name/10 Let Me In/11 Circus Envy/12 You

National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK 7/30/95

01 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 Drive/04 Turn You Inside Out/05 Try Not To Breathe/06 I Took Your Name/07 Undertow/08 Bang And Blame/09 I Don't Sleep, I Dream/10 Strange Currencies/11 Revolution/12 Tongue/13 Man On The Moon/14 Country Feedback/15 Half A World Away/16 Losing My Religion/17 Pop Song '89/18 Finest Worksong/19 Get Up/20 Star 69/21 Let Me In/22 Everybody Hurts/23 Fall On Me/24 Departure/25 Its The End Of The World As We Know It

The Omni, Atlanta 11/21/95

01 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 Drive/04 Fall On Me/05 Wake-Up Bomb/06 Undertow/07 Losing My Religion/08 Binky The Doormat/09 Bang And Blame/10 Zither/11 Strange Currencies/12 Revolution/13 Tongue/14 Man On The Moon/15 Country Feedback/16 Find The River/17 The One I Love/18 Pop Song 89/19 Get Up/20 Star 69/21 Nightswimming/22 Let Me In/23 Everybody Hurts/24 Java - Band Intro/25 So. Central Rain/26 Departure/27 Radio Free Europe/28 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/29 Wild Thing

New Adventures In Hi-Fi (1996)

01 How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us/02 The Wake-Up Bomb/03 New Test Leper/04 Undertow/05 E-Bow the Letter/06 Leave/07 Departure/08 Bittersweet Me/09 Be Mine/10 Binky the Doormat/11 Zither/12 So Fast, So Numb/13 Low Desert/14 Electrolite

Up (1998)

01 Airportman/02 Lotus/03 Suspicion/04 Hope/05 At My Most Beautiful/06 The Apologist/07 Sad Professor/08 You're in the Air/09 Walk Unafraid/10 Why Not Smile/11 Daysleeper/12 Diminished/13 Parakeet/14 Falls to Climb

Chastain Park, Atlanta GA 8/31/99

01 Lotus/02 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/03 So Fast, So Numb/04 Camera/05 Fall On Me/06 Suspicion/07 Jesus- New Test Leper/08 The One I Love/09 Daysleeper/10 Sweetness Follows/11 The Great Beyond/12 Begin The Begin/13 Country Feedback/14 At My Most Beautiful/15 Star 69/16 Losing My Religion/17 Man On The Moon/18 Walk Unafraid/19 encore break/20 tuning/21 Hope/22 Why Not Smile/23 Nightswimming/24 Crush With Eyeliner/25 Gardening At Night/26 Tongue/27 stage commentary/28 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Reveal (2001)

01 The Lifting/02 I've Been High/03 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)/04 She Just Wants To Be/05 Disappear/06 Saturn Return/07 Beat A Drum/08 Imitation Of Life/09 Summer Turns To High/10 Chorus And The Ring/11 I'll Take The Rain/12 Beachball


01 Half A World Away/02 Disturbance At The Heron House/03 Radio Song/04 Low/05 Perfect Circle/06 Fall On Me/07 Belong/08 Love Is All Around/09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/10 Losing My Religion/11 Pop Song 89/12 Endgame/13 Fretless/14 Swan Swan H/15 Rotary 11/16 Get Up/17 World Leader Pretend

18 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)/19 Electrolite/20 At My Most Beautiful/21 Daysleeper/22 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/23 Losing My Religion/24 Country Feedback/25 Cuyahoga/26 Imitation Of Life/27 Find The River/28 The One I LOve/29 Disappear/30 Beat A Drum/31 I've Been High/32 I'll Take The Rain/33 Sad Professor

Around The Sun (2004)

01 Leaving New York/02 Electron Blue/03 The Outsiders/04 Make It All Okay/05 Final Straw/06 I Wanted To Be Wrong/07 Wander Lust/08 The Boy In The Well/09 Aftermath/10 High Speed Train/11 The Worst Joke Ever/12 The Ascent Of Man/13 Around The Sun

R.E.M. - R.E.M. Live (2005)

01 I Took Your Name/02 So Fast, So Numb/03 Boy in the Well/04 Cuyahoga/05 Everybody Hurts/06 Electron Blue/07 Bad Day/08 The Ascent of Man/09 The Great Beyond/10 Leaving New York/11 Orange Crush/12 I Wanted to Be Wrong/13 Final Straw/14 Imitation of Life/15 The One I Love/16 Walk Unafraid/17 Losing My Religion/18 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/19 Drive/20 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/21 I'm Gonna DJ/22 Man on the Moon

Kingpin's Bowling Alley, Athens GA 10/8/05 

01 Sitting Still/02 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/03 Wolves, Lower/04 Begin The Begin/05 The One I Love/06 Permanent Vacation/07 Radio Free Europe

Accelerate (2008)

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 Man-Sized Wreath/03 Supernatural Superserious/04 Hollow Man/05 Houston/06 Accelerate/07 Until The Day Is Done/08 Mr. Richards/09 Sing For The Submarine/10 Horse To Water/11 I'm Gonna DJ

Live At The Olympia (2008)

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 Second Guessing/03 Letter Never Sent/04 Staring Down The Barrel Of The Middle Distance/05 Disturbance At The Heron House/06 Mr. Richards/07 Houston/08 New Test Leper/09 Cuyahoga/10 Electrolite/11 Man-Sized Wreath/12 So. Central Rain/13 On The Fly/14 Maps And Legends/15 Sitting Still/16 Driver 8/17 Horse To Water/18 I'm Gonna DJ/19 Circus Envy/20 Drive/21 Feeling Gravitys Pull/22 Until The Day Is Done/23 Accelerate/24 Auctioneer/25 Little America/26 1,000,000/27 Disguised/28 The Worst Joke Ever/29 Welcome To The Occupation/30 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/30 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/32 Wolves, Lower/33 I've Been High/34 Kohoutek/35 West Of The Fields/36 Pretty Persuasion/37 Romance/38 Gardening At Night/39 These Days

Berlin 7/16/08

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 West Of The Fields/03 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/04 Star 69/05
Man Sized Wreath/06 Ignoreland/07 Begin The Begin/08 Hollow Man/09 Imitation Of Life/10 Houston/11 Electrolite/12 So. Central Rain/13 Auctioneer/14 The Great Beyond/15 The One I Love/16 Pretty Persuasion/17 Fall On Me/18 Let Me In/19 Horse To Water/20 Bad Day/21 I'm Gonna DJ/22 Orange Crush/23 Supernatural Superserious/24 Losing My Religion/25 Driver 8/26 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/27 Man On The Moon/

Collapse Into Now (2011)

01 Discoverer/02 All The Best/03 UBerlin/04 Oh My Heart/05 It Happened Today/06 Every Day Is Yours To Win/07 Mine Smell Like Honey/08 Walk It Back/09 Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter/10 That Someone Is You/11 Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I/12 Blue

 R.E.M. - Atlanta 2/20/81 (video)

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