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Remember The Coathangers? This is semi-amusing

Let's start my weekend posting binge off with a somewhat amusing post, MAYBE you won't find it as amusing as I do, but we need to start someplace.......The Coathangers are a pretty damn good chick-punk/pop combo, I did a post or two about some of their work a while back, probably still available if you are interested (I think they are from the Southeastern USA if I recall, but I don't care enough to look).....anyway, when someone comments on a post, it automatically sends me an e-mail.....now, I DOUBT anyone would see this, if I didn't post it (NO ONE looks at the "old' COMMENTS", so enjoy this, the online "robots''DO provide us some humor now and again:


Selina Dorsey has left a new comment on your post "The Coathangers": 

J.S. Hanger Coat Hangers from Bizarkdeal

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The hangers themselves are beautifully finished beechwood hangars. The arms of the hanger are rounded over the top, and the finish is completely smooth. Some lower quality wood hangars have rough spots or even exposed joints, but this hangar is smooth and finished well all around to avoid snagging on your nice clothes. The metal hanger on top swivels easily as well.
These are top quality hangers and certainly recommended. 

OH CHRIST it gets no better than THAT does it? NO FUCKING WIRE HANGERS, EVER, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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