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More Sonic Youth from the Lorcanwhite collection

(scott), man, you just have to love all these guest contributors, when I first started this thing five years ago or
so, this is how I would have envisioned a perfect scenario, with lots of people contributing hards to get things, to help us to ALL have, eventually "our" personal "world's best" record collection. Today another batch of Sonic Youth-related stuff from lorcanwhite, great stuff.......
SONIC YOUTH-DISAPPEARER-01  Disappearer (Edit)/02 Disappearer (8 Track Demo)/03 That's All I Know (Right Now) (Previously Unreleased)/04 Dirty Boots (8 Track Demo Long Version)

KIM GORDON 9/26/08-(Sorry, No Setlist was provided, or available in a Google search.....any help?)

SONIC YOUTH-DIRTY BOOTS PLUS FIVE LIVE-01 Dirty Boots (Edit)/02 White Kross (Live)/03 Eric's Trip (Live)/04 Cinderella's Big Score (Live)/05 Dirty Boots (Live)/06 The Bedroom (Live)

FREE KITTEN-INHERIT-01 Elected Girl/02 Surf's Up/03 Seasick/04 Free Kitten on the Mountain/05
Roughshot/06 Help Me/07 The Poet/08 Billboard/09 Bananas/10 Mountain's Eye/11 Sway

Yet another great of SY and related.......if anyone has the Kim Gordon set list, please hook us up!

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