Vivadixiesubmarinetransmission plot (1995)

01 Homecoming Queen/02 Weird Sisters/03 850 Double Pumper Holley/04 Rainmaker/05 Spirit Ditch/06 Tears On Fresh Fruit/07 Saturday/08 Cow/09 Little Bastard Choo Choo/10 Hammering the Cramps/11 Most Beautiful Widow in Town/12 Heart of Darkness/13 Ballad of a Cold Lost Marble/14 Someday I Will Treat You Good/15 Sad & Beautiful World/16 Gasoline Horseys

Chords I've Known (EP 1996)

01 Heart of Darkenss (Wiggly)/02 Almost Lost My Mind/03 Midget in a Junkyard/04 Dead Opera Star/05 The Hatchet Song

Good Morning Spider (1998)

01 Pig/02 Painbirds/03 Saint Mary/04 Good Morning Spider/05 Sick Of Goodbyes/06 Box of Stars, Pt. 1/07 Sunshine/08 Chaos Of The Galaxy_Happy Man/09 Hey, Joe/10 Come On In/11 Maria's Little Elbows/12 Cruel Sun/13 All Night Home/14 Ghost Of His Smile/15 Hundreds Of Sparrows/16 Box of Stars, Pt. 2/17 Junebug

Distorted Ghost (EP 2000)

01 Happy Man (Memphis Version)/02 Waiting For Nothing/03 Happy Place/04 My Yoke Is Heavy/05 Gasoline Horseys (Live)/06 Happy Pig (Live)

It's A Wonderful Life (2001)

01 It's a Wonderful Life/02 Gold Day/03 Piano Fire/04 Sea of Teeth/05 Apple Bed/06 King of Nails/07 Eyepennies/08 Dog Door/09 More Yellow Birds/10 Little Fat Babies/11 Devil's New/12 Comfort Me/13 Babies on the Sun

Gold Day (Single 2001)

1-01 Gold Day/1-02 Heloise/1-03 Devil's New/1-04 Maxine

Chest Full of Dying Hawks (Compilation 2001)

01 Spirit Ditch/02 Piano Fire/04 Waiting For Nothing/05 Pig/06 Painbirds/07 Sea of Teeth/08 Little Bastard Choo Choo/09 Hammering the Cramps/10 London/11 Wish You Were Here (feat. Thom Yorke)/12 Sunshine

La Cigale, Paris 10/15/01

01_Wonderful Life/02_Apple Bed/03_Sea of Teeth/04_Pina Fire/05_Eyepennies/06_ Saturday/07_Weird Sisters/08_Sunshine/09_Morning Hollow/10_Ghost in the Sky/11_Yellow Birds/12_Pig/13_Devil's New/14_Homecoming Queen

Copenhagen 10/27/01

01 It's a Wonderful Life/02 Saturday/03 Cold Day/04 Piano Fire/05 Sad & Beautiful World/06 Apple Bed/07 Sunshine/08 More Yellow Birds/09 Untitled (Song #13)/10 Weird Sisters/11 Eyepennies/12 Homecoming Queen

Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of A Mountain (2006)

01 Don't Take My Sunshine Away/02 Getting It Wrong/03 Shade and Honey/04 See The Light/05 Return to Me/06 Some Sweet Day/07 Ghost in the Sky/08 Mountains/09 Morning Hollow/10 It's Not So Hard/11 Knives Of Summertime/12 Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain

Black Sessions (Paris, France 9/25/06)

01 Gold Day/02 Sad And Beautiful/03 Apple Bed/04 Hammering Cramps/05 Painbirds/06 It's Not So Hard/07 Eyepennies/08 Spirit Ditch/09 Weird Sisters/10 Ghost In The Sky/11 Don't Take My Sunshine Away/12 Someday I Will Treat You Good/13 Homecoming Queen/14 Chaos of the Galaxy_Happy Man

Stained Glass Tears (2006 Compilation)

01 Someday I Will Treat You Good/02 Spirit Ditch/03 Hammering The Cramps/04 Happy Man/05 Sick of Goodbyes/06Painbirds/07 Sunshine/08 Piano Fire/09 Dog Door

In the Fishtank 15 (EP with Fennesz 2009)

01 Music Box of Snakes/02 Goodnight Sweetheart/03 Shai-Hulud/04 If My Heart/05 Mark's Guitar Piece/06 NC Bongo Buddy/07 Christian's Guitar Piece

Dark Night Of The Soul (With Danger Mouse And Guests 2009)

01 Revenge (feat. The Flaming Lips)/02 Just War (feat. Gruff Rhys)/03 Jaykub (feat. Jason Lytle)/04 Little Girl (feat. Julian Casablancas)/05 Angel's Harp (feat. Black Francis)/06 Pain (feat. Iggy Pop)/07 Star Eyes (I Can_t Catch It) (feat. David Lynch)/08 Everytime I_m With You (feat. Jason Lytle)/09 Insane Lullaby (feat. James Mercer)/10 Daddy_s Gone (feat. Nina Persson)/11 The Man Who Played God (feat. Suzanne Vega)/12 Grim Augury (feat. Vic Chesnutt)/13 Dark Night of the Soul (feat. David Lynch)