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Hoosier Hotshots

But a single disc this date, a surprisingly good set of garage relics from the state to my left (on the
map, I mean), Indiana....home of, well, the Indy 500, the Pacers, the Colts......Lord, what else? I saw REM play there once, won tickets and hotel accomodations in a radio call-in thing, of all the concerts I have attended (I'd estimate 500+), these were without question the best seats I've ever had, about the 7th-8th row, incredible......not much of an REM fan, but the opener? A little-known (at the time) British act called, get this, RADIOHEAD, who I loved at the time and still do.......1995.....I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.......

This is  decent set, I'm getting low on "regions" (have a few left I think), but for as unknown as most of these acts are, you may be surprised by the quality......The Backdoor Men ("Evil"), the Idle Few's cover of "Farmer John", Blue Inc. and the XL's turn in quality efforts.....really a surprisinly good set from a state without, at least an "acknowledged" "scene".........

Hope you guys are still digging this shit.....I reviewed the download numbers and they are OFF THE CHARTS since I started the
obscure "Nugget Rock" kinda shit. Gotta lot more of it yet, I just cannot BELEIVE that the download numbers are SO much higher for this kind of thing than, for example, when I'd put up a huge post on Adam & the Ants, or Fiery Furnaces, or UFOMammut, or whomever.....we'll see what happens.....I have the attention span of a spazzed-out 7 year old, so ya never know....I may bore of this stuff at some point......but for now, it is very obvious that you guys LIKE this stuff, the download/view count numbers do not lie, and for a while at least I will attempt to give the people what they want. Again, until I get bored.....then, the hell with ya........

01 THE XL's-Secomd Choice/02 THE XL's-Mary Jane/03 THE CIRKIT-Yesterday We Laughed/04 SHOOTING STARS-I Love Her Anyway/05 THE FERRIS WHEEL-Come Back Baby/06 SIR WINSTON & THE COMMONS-One Last Chance/07 TEEN TONES-Long Cold Winter/08 BLUES INC-Tell Me Girl/09 THE ENDD-Come Into My World/10 THE TIKIS-Careful What You Say/11 WILD THINGS-I'm Not For You/12 THE CIRKIT-I Was Wrong/13 THE BACKDOOR MEN-Evil/14 THE DUKES-Take Your Love/15 IDLE FEW-Farmer John/16 MERE IMAGE-Gettin' Stoned (Goin' Out Tonight)

Interested in your take on this set, I think it is pretty damn good, all things considered (Indiana, after all)........comments are welcome as always, as, of course, are requests! Love ya all!

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