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Sonic Youth from Jon S

(scott)-this is another of those instances in which I am REALLY speechless/dumbfounded......without the
slightest bit of exaggeration, most likely this is the most comprehensive Sonic Youth collection ever assembled in one place......really. Sonic Youth has, over the years, been one of the most innovative and experimental bands out there, and this puts it ALL into perspective, believe me.....love/like Sonic Youth? Guarantee there is something here new and great for you. Hate Sonic Youth (and many do, I think most likely because of their "anything goes" approach)? Then, brother, have YOU landed in the wrong place today......what an incredible job of assembling a comprehensive post on a single, incredibly important and influential band. Thanks a million to Jon S, certainly does close up any gaps in MY Sonic Youth collection.

Sonic Youth (1982)

01 The Burning Spear/02 I Dreamed I Dream/03 She Is Not Alone/04 I Don't Want To Push It/05 The Good And The Bad/06 Hard Work (Live 2-1 - 1981)/07 Where The Red Fern Grows (Live 2-1 - 1981)/08 The Burning Spear (Live 2-1 - 1981)/09 Cosmopolitan Girl (Live 2-1 - 1981)/10 Loud And Soft (Live 2-1 - 1981)/11 Destroyer (Live 2-1 - 1981)/12 She Is Not Alone (Live 2-1 - 1981)/13 Where The Red Fern Grows (Early Studio)

Kill Yr Idols (1983)

01 Protect Me You/02 Shaking Hell/03 Kill Yr. Idols/04 Brother James/05 Early American

Confusion Is Sex (1983)

01 (She's In A) Bad Mood/02 Protect Me You/03 Freezer Burn-I Wanna Be Your Dog/04 Shaking Hell/05 Inhuman/06 The World Looks Red/07 Confusion Is Next/08 Making The Nature Scene/09 Lee Is Free

Venlo, Holland 12/27/83

01 World Looks Red/02 She's In A Bad Mood/03 Brother James/04 Kill Yr Idols/05 Early American/06 Burning Spear/07 Confusion Is Next/08 Shaking Hell/09 Making The Nature Scene/10 Inhuman

Bad Moon Rising (1985)

01 Intro/02 Brave Men Run (In My Family)/03 Society Is A Hole/04 I Love Her All The Time/05 Ghost Bitch/06 I'm Insane/07 Justice Is Might/08 Death Valley '69/09 Satan Is Boring/10 Flower/11 Hallowe'en/12 Echo Canyon

The Melkweg, Amsterdam 3/31/85

01 Halloween/02 Death Valley 69/03 Brave Men Run/04 I Love Her All The Time/05 Ghost Bitch/06 I'm Insane/07 Brother James/08 Kill Yr Idols/09 Flower-Satan Is Boring

Smart Bar Chicago 8/11/85

01 Hallowe'en/02 Death Valley '69/03 Intro _ Brave Men Run (In My Family)/04 I Love Her All The Time/05 Ghost Bitch/06 I'm Insane/07 Kat 'n' Hat/08 Brother James/09 Kill Yr Idols/10 Secret Girl/11 Flower/12 The Burning Spear/13 Expressway To Yr Skull/14 Making The Nature Scene

Walls Have Ears (1985)

01 C.B./02 Green Love/03 Brother James/04 Kill Yr. Idols/05 I Love Her All The Time/06 Expressway To Yr. Skull/07 Spahn Ranch Dance/08 Blood On Brighton Beach/09 Burning Spear/10 Death Valley '69/11 Speed Jamc/12 Ghost Bitch/13 I'm Insane/14 The World Looks Red/15 The Word (E.V.O.L.)/16 Brother Jam-Z/17 Killed + Kicked Off

EVOL (1986)

01 Tom Violence/02 Shadow of a Doubt/03 Star Power/04 In the Kingdom #19/05 Green Light/06 Death to Our Friends/07 Secret Girl/08 Marilyn Moore/09 Expressway to Your Skull/10 Bubblegum

Made In USA (1986)

01 Mackin' For Doober/02 Full Chrome Logic/03 Secret Girl/04 Cork Mountain Incident/05 Moustache Riders/06 Tuck N Dar/07 Moon In the Bathroom/08 Thought Bubbles/09 Rim Thrusters/10 Lincoln's Gout/11 Coughing Up Tweed/12 Pre-Poured Wood/13 Hairpiece Lullaby 1 & 2/14 Pocketful of Sen-Sen/15 Smoke Blisters 1 & 2/16 The Velvet Plug/17 Giggles/18 Tulip Fire 2/19 The Dynamics of Bulbing/20 Smoke Blisters 3 & 4/21 O.J.'s Glove or What?/22 Webb of Mud 1, 2 & 3/23 Bachelors in Fur!

Spinhead Sessions (1986)

01 Ambient Guitar & Dreamy Theme/02 Theme with Noise/03 High Mesa/04 Unknown Theme/05 Wolf/06 Scalping/07 Theme 1 Take 4

Live At The Continental Club (Austin, TX 4/12/86)
01 Tom Violence/02 Shadow Of A Doubt/03 Starpower/04 Secret Girls/05 Death To Our Friends/06 Green Light/07 Kill Yr Idols/08 Ghost Bitch/09 Expressway/10 World Looks Red/11 Confusion/12 Exit Stage-Applause/13 Outro

Sister (1987)

01 Schizophrenia/02 (I Got A) Catholic Block/03 Beauty Lies In The Eye/04 Stereo Sanctity/05 Pipeline-Kill Time/06 Tuff Gnarl/07 Pacific Coast Highway/08 Hot Wire My Heart/09 Cotton Crown/10 White Cross/11 Master-dik

Master Dik (1987)

01 Master=Dik/02 Beat on the Brat/03 Under The Influence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain (Live On Suisse Radio July 87)/04TICKET To Ride-Master=Dik (Version)- Introducing The Stars/05 Ringo-He's On Fire-Florida Oil Drums-Westminster Chimes/06 Chinese Jam/07 Vibrato Guitar Li- Funky Fresh/08 Our Backyard/09 Traffik

Hold That Tiger (Chicago 1/14/87)

01 Intro/02 Schizophrenia/03 Tom Violence/04 White Cross/05 Kotton Krown/06 Stereo Sanctity/07 Brother James/08 Pipeline-Kill Time/09 Catholic Block/10 Tuff Gnarl/11 Death Valley '69/12 Beauty Lies in the Eye/13 Expressway to Yr. Skull/14 Pacific Coast Hiway/15 Loudmouth/16 I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/17 Today Yr. Love, Tomorrow The World/18 Beat on the Brat

Zivi v Ljubljani (1985-87)

01 Halloween/02 Brother James/03 Kill Yr. Idols/04 Into the Groovey (Madonna)/05 I Love Her All the Time/06 Schizophrenia/07 Expressway to Yr. Skull/08 Pacific Coast Highway/09 Stereo Sanctity/10 Tom Violence/11 White Cross/12 Hot Wire My Heart (Crime)

Daydream Nation (1988)

01 Teen Age Riot/02 Silver Rocket/03 The Sprawl/04 'Cross the Breeze/05 Eric's Trip/06 Total Trash/07 Hey Joni/08 Providence/09 Candle/10 Rain King/11 Kissability/12 The Wonder/13 Hyperstation/14 Eliminator Jr./15 Eric's Trip [Demo]/16 The Sprawl [Live]/17 'Cross the Breeze [Live]/18 Hey Joni [Live]/19 Silver Rocket [Live]/20 Kissability [Live]/21 Eric's Trip [Live]/22 Candle [Live]/23 The Wonder [Live]/24 Hyperstation [Live]/25 Eliminator Jr. [Live]/26 Providence [Live]/27 Teen Age Riot [Live]/28 Rain King [Live]/29 Totally Trashed [Live]/30 Total Trash [Live]/31 Within You, Without You/32 Touch Me I'm Sick/33 Computer Age/34 Electricity

Stick Me Donna Majick Momma (1988)

01 Stick Me Donna Majick Momma/02 Making the Nature Scene

The Whitey Album (1989)

01 Needle Gun/02 (Silence)/03 G - Force/04 Platoon II/05 Macbeth/06 Me And Jill-Hendrix Cosby/07 Burnin' Up/08 Hi ! Everybody!/09 Children Of Satan-Third Fig/10 Two Cool Rock ChicksLISTENINGto Neu/11 Addicted To Love/12 Moby-Dick/13 March Of The Ciccone Robots/14 Making The Nature Scene/15 Tuff Titty Rap/16 Into The Groovey/17 Macbeth (Instrumental)

Vilnius Palace, Lithuania 4/5/89

01 White Cross/02 Candle/03 Kissability/04 Silver Rocket/05 Eric's Trip/06 The Sprawl/07 Cross The Breeze/08 Teen Age Riot/09 Hey Joni/10 The Wonder-Hyperstation-Eliminator Jr

Goo (1990)

01 Dirty Boots/02 Tunic (Song For Karen)/03 Mary-Christ/04 Kool Thing/05 Mote/06 My Friend Goo/07 Disappearer/08 Mildred Pierce/09 Cinderella's Big Score/10 Scooter + Jinx/11 Titanium Expose/12 Tunic/13 Number One/14 Titanium Exposé/15 Dirty Boots/16 Corky/17 My Friend Goo/18 Bookstore/19 Animals/20 DV2/21 Blowjob_/22 Lee #2/23 Dirty Boots (Single Edit)

4 Tunna Brix (1990)

01 My New House/02 Rowche Rumble/03 Psycho Mafia/04 Victoria

Dirty (1992)

01 100%/02 Swimsuit Issue/03 Theresa's Sound World/04 Drunken Butterfly/05 Shoot/06 Wish Fulfillment/07 Sugar Kane/08 Orange Rolls, Angels Spit/09 Youth Against Fascism/10 Nic Fit/11 On The Strip/12 Chapel Hill/13 JC/14 Purr/15 Crème Brulée/16 Stalker/17 Genetic/18 Hendrix Necro/19 The Destroyed Room/20 Is It My Body/21 Personality Crisis/22 The End Of The End Of The Ugly/23 Tamra/24 Little Jammy Thing/25 Lite Damage/26 Dreamfinger/27 Barracuda/28 New White Kross/29 Guido/30 Stalker/31 Moonface/32 Poet In The Pit/33 Theoretical Chaos/34 Youth Against Fascism

CBGB 3/7/92

01 Teenage Riot/02 Burning Spear/03 Dirty Boots/04 Drunken Butterfly/05 Theresa's sound world/06 Youth Against Fascism/07 Swimsuit Issue/08 Orange Rolls angel Spit/09 100%/10 Sugar Kane/11 Expressway To Yr Skull

Brixton Academy, London 12/14/92

01 100%/02 Dirty Boots/03 Kool Thing/04 Swimsuit Issue/05 Genetic/06 Theresa's Sound World/07 Tom Violence/08 Sugar Kane/09 Schizophrenia/10 Drunken Butterfly/11 Youth Against Fascism/12 JC

Whores Moaning (1993)

01 Sugar Kane (edit)/02 Personality Crisis/03 The End of the Ugly/04 Is It My Body/05 Tamra

The Warfield Theatre, San Francisco 3/5/93

01 Tom Violence/02 Burning Spear/03 100%/04 Swimsuit Issue/05 Kool Thing/06 Drunken Butterfly/07 Sugar Kane/08 Genetic/09 JC/10 Teenage Riot/11 Theresa's Sound World/12 Shoot/13 Catholic Block/14 Schizophrenia

Blastic Scene (Lisbon, Portugal 7/14/93)

01 (SY Next)/02 Cotton Crown/03 Bull in the Heather/04 In The Mind of the Bourgeois Reader/05 Pacific Coast Highway/06 100%/07 Skink/08 Starfield Road/09 Candle/10 Stereo Sanctity/11 Self Obsessed and Sexxee/12 Secret Girl/13 Flower/14 Drunken Butterfly/15 Theresa's Sound World/16 Sugar Kane/17 Tokyo Eye

Experimental, Jet Set, Trash And No Star (1994)

01WINNER'S Blues/02 Bull In The Heather/03 Starfield Road/04 Skink/05 Screaming Skull/06 Self-Obsessed And Sexxee/07 Bone/08 Androgynous Mind/09 Quest For The Cup/10 Waist/11 Doctor's Orders/12 Tokyo Eye/13 In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader/14 Sweet Shine

TV Shit (1994)

01 No Song 2 (Part 1)/02 No Song 2 (Part 2)/03 No Song 2 (Part 3)/04 No Song 2 (Part 4)

Washing Machine (1995)

01 Becuz/02 Junkie's Promise/03 Saucer-Like/04 Washing Machine/05 Unwind/06 Little Trouble Girl/07 No Queen Blues/08 Panty Lies/09 Thumb/10 Skip Tracer/11 The Diamond Sea

SYR1 (1997)

01 Anagrama/02 Improvisation Ajoutee/03 Tremens/04 Mieux De Corrosion

SYR2 (1997)

01 Slaapkamers Met Slagroom/02 Stil/

West 54th St. Studios, NYC 6/12/97

01 Intro/02 Anagrama/03 The Ineffable Me/04 Wildflower Soul/05 Stil/06 Female Mechanic Now on Duty/07 Hits of Sunshine

A Thousand Leaves (1998)

01 Contre Le Sexisme/02 Sunday/03 Female Mechanic Now On Duty/04 Wildflower Soul/05 Hoarfrost/06 French Tickler/07 Hits of Sunshine (for Allen Ginsberg)/08 Karen Koltrane/09 The Ineffable Me/10 Snare Girl/11 Heather Angel

Silver Session for Jason Knuth (1998)

01 Silver Panties/02 Silver Breeze/03 Silver Flower/04 Silver Wax Lips/05 Silver Loop/06 Silver Shirt/07 Silver Son/08 Silver Mirror

SYR3 (1998)

01 Invito Al Cielo/02 Hungara Vivo/03 Radio-Amatoroj

SYR4 (1999)

01 Edges (1969)/02 Six (1991)/03 Six for New Time (1999)/04 +- (1987)/05 Voice Piece for Soprano (1961)/06 Pendulum Music (1968)/07 Having Never Written a Note for Percussion (1971)/08 Six (1991)/09 Burdocks (1971)/10 Four6 (1992)/11 Piano Piece #13 (Carpenter's Piece) (1962)/12 Pièce Enfantine (1951)/13 Treatise (1961)

NYC Ghosts & Flowers (2000)

01 Free City Rhymes/02 Renegade Princess/03 Nevermind (What It Was Anyway)/04 Small Flowers Crack Concrete/05 Side2side/06 StreamXsonic Subway/07 NYC Ghosts & Flowers/08 Lightnin'

SYR5 (2000)

01 Olive's Horn/02 International Spy/03 Neu Adult/04 Paperbag_Orange Laptop/05 Stuck On Gum/06 Fried Mushroom/07 What Do You Want_ (Kim)/08 Lemonade/09 We Are The Princesses/10 Take Me Back/11 Take It To The Hit

In The Fishtank 9 (2001)

01 III/02 IV/03 V/04 VI/05 II/06 VIII/07 IX/08 X

Murray Street (2002)

01 The Empty Page/02 Disconnection Notice/03 Rain On Tin/04 Karen Revisited/05 Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style/06 Plastic Sun/07 Sympathy for the Strawberry/08 Street Sauce

Kali Yug Express (2002)

01 Derniere Minute Electrifee/02 Le Paysage Zim Zum/03 Coca Neon Kamera Sutra

Demonlover (2002)
01 Move Away/02 Control Freak/03 Safe In Hell/04 Electric Noisefield/05 Slambient Desire/06 Melodikim/07 Teknikal Illprovisation/08 Superdead

Sonic Nurse (2004)

01 Pattern Recognition/02 Unmade Bed/03 Dripping Dream/04 Kim Gordon & The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream/05 Stones/06 Dude Ranch Nurse/07 New Hampshire/08 Paper Cup Exit/09 I Love You Golden Blue/10 Peace Attack/11 Kim Chords (UK Bonus Track)

Hidros 3 (2004)

01 Part 1 Intro/02 Part 2 Voice/03 Part 3 Contrabass Sax/04 Part 4 Voice/05 Part 5 Processed Voice/06 Part 6 Voice/07 Part 7 Contrabass Sax/08 Part 8 Processed Voice/09 Part 9 Voice

Avalon Ballroom, Boston 8/14/04

01 Burning Spear/02 talk/03 Pattern Recognition/04 Disconnection Notice/05 Mote (intro)/06 Mote/07 New hampshire/08 talk/09 Dude Ranch Nurse/10 talk/11 Sugar Kane/12 Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream/13 talk/14 Stones/15 I Love You Golden Blue/16 talk/17 Paper Cup Exit/18 noise/19 White Cross/20 tuning/21 Unmade Bed/22 talk/23 Pacific Coast Highway/24 encore/25 talk/26 Expressway To Your Skull

SYR6 (2005)

01 Pirmasis dalis/02 Antras dalis/03 Trecias dalis

Rather Ripped (2006)

01 Reena/02 Incinerate/03 Do You Believe in Rapture?/04 Sleepin Around/05 What a Waste/06 Jams Run Free/07 Rats/08 Turquoise Boy/09 Light Out/10 The Neutral/11 Pink Steam/12 Or/13 Helen Lundeberg/14 Eyeliner/15 Do You Believe in Rapture_ (Psychedelic Mix)

The Destroyed Room (2006)

01 Fire Engine Dream/02 Fauxhemians/03 Razor Blade/04 Blink/05 Campfire/06 Loop Cat/07 Kim's Chords/08 Beautiful Plateau/09 Three-Part Sectional Love Seat/10 Queen Anne Chair/11 The Diamond Sea

SYR7 (2008)

01 J'Accuse Ted Hughes/02 Agnes B Musique

SYR8 (2008)

01 Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth

Hits Are For Squares (2008 Compilation)

01 Bull In The Heather/02 100%/03 Sugar Kane/04 Kool Thing/05 Disappearer/06 Superstar/07 Stones/08 Tuff Gnarl/09 Teenage Riot/10 Shadow of a Doubt/11 Rain on Tin/12 Tom Violence/13 Mary-Christ/14 World Looks Red/15 Expressway To Yr Skull/16 Slow Revolution

The Eternal (2009)

01 Sacred Trickster/02 Anti-Orgasm/03 Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)/04 Antenna/05 What We Know/06 Calming the Snake/07 Poison Arrow/08 Malibu Gas Station/09 Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn/10 No Way/11 Walkin Blue/12 Massage The History/13 Pay No Mind/14 No Garage

Sensational Fix (2009)

01 Rats/02 Song for Reverse Karaoke/03 Aerosol/04 Ivan

Terminal 5, New York 11/21/09

01 Intro/02 No Way/03 Sacred Trickster/04 Calming The Snake/05 Stereo Sanctity/06 Anti-orgasm/07 Walkin Blue/08 Shadow Of A Doubt/09 Antenna/10 talk/11 Malibu Gas Station/12 talk/13 Leaky Lifeboat/14 Poison Arrow/15 talk/16 Silver Rocket/17 talk/18 Massage The History/19 talk/20 The Sprawl/21 Cross The Breeze/22 encore/23 What We Know/24 White Kross

Music Hall of Williamsburg 11/24/09
01 Sacred Trickster/02 No Way/03 Calming The Snake/04 Hey Joni/05 Malibu Gas Station/06 Anti-Orgasm/07 Poison Arrow/08 Walkin' Blue/09 Catholic Block/10 Antenna/11 Leaky Lifeboat/12 Massage The History/13 encore/14 Tom Violence/15 Schizophrenia/16 What We Know/17 encore/18 Shadow Of A Doubt/19 Silver Rocket

SYR 9 (2011)

01 Thème de Jérémie/02 Alice et Simon/03 Les Anges au piano/04 Chez Yves (Alice et Clara)/05 Jean-Baptiste à la fenêtre/06 Thème de Laetitia/07 Escapades/08 La Cabane au Zodiac/09 Dans les bois _ M. Rabier/10 Jean-Baptiste et Laetitia/11 Thème de Simon/12 Au Café/13 Thème d_Alice

The Covers

Black Candy/Burning Farm/Ca Plane Pour Moi/Computer Age/Electricity/European Son/Hallowed Be Thy Name/I Am Right/I Know Theres an Answer/Is It My Body/Mama You've Been on My Mind/Moist Vagina/Personality Crises/Santa Doesn't Cop Out on Dope/Simpsons Theme/Sittiing on a Barbed Wire Fence/Superstar/That's All I Know/Touch Me I'm Sick/Within You Without You

Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn 8/12/11

01 Brave Men Run/02 Death Valley '69/03 Cotton Crown/04 Kill Yr Idols/05 Eric's Trip/06 Sacred Trickster/07 [banter]/08 Calming the Snake/09 [banter]/10 Starfield Road/11 I Love Her All the Time/12 Ghost Bitch/13 Tom Violence/14 [banter]/15 What We Know/16 [banter]/17 Drunken Butterfly/18 [encore break 1]/19 Flower/20 Sugar Kane/21 [encore break 2]/22 Psychic Hearts/23 [encore break 3]/24 Inhuman

São Paulo, Brazil 11/14/11 (Final Show)

01 Brave Men Run/02 Death Valley '69/03 Sacred Trickster/04 Calming the Snake/05 Mote/06 Cross the Breeze/07 Schizophrenia/08 Drunken Butterfly/09 Starfield Rd/10 Flower/11 Sugar Kane/12 Teenage Riot

Lee Ranaldo

Between The Times & The Tides (2012)

01 Waiting On A Dream/02 Off The Wall/03XTINA AS I Knew Her/04 Angles/05 Hammer Blows/06 Fire Island (Phases)/07 Lost (Plane T Nice)/08 Shouts/09 Stranded/10 Tomorrow Never Comes

Last Night On Earth (2013)

01 Lecce, Leaving/02 Key-Hole/03 Home Chds/04 The Rising Tide/05 Last Night On Earth/06 By TheWINDOW/07 Late Descent #2/08 Ambulancer/09 Blackt Out

Maxwells, Hoboken 7/30/13

01 [intro_wedding proposal]/02 Stranded/03 Waiting on a Dream/04 [banter - irish wake]/05 Tomorrow Never Comes/06 Off The Wall/07 Angles/08 [Xtina intro]/09 Xtina as I Knew Her/10 Keyhole/11 Hammer Blows/12 Lost/13 [Shouts intro]/14 Shouts/15 Last Night on Earth/16 Everybody's Been Burned/17 Thank You For Sending Me an Angel/18 Fire Island/19 She Cracked/20 Lecce Leaving/21 [encore break]/22 Home Courts/23 Genetic/24 Revolution Blues

Bell House, Brooklyn 1/11/14

01 KeyHole/02 Last Night On Earth/03 Lecce Leaving/04 By the Window/05 Ambulancer/06HOMEChds/07 [The Rising Tide intro]/08 The Rising Tide/09 Off The Wall/10 Angles/11 Late Descent/12 Everybody's Been Burned [Byrds]12 Everybody's Been Burned [Byrds]/13 [banter - thanks]/14 Xtina as I Knew Her/15 [encore break]/16 Fragile [Wire]/17 Mannequin [Wire]/18 Blackt Out

Union Pool, Brooklyn 4/24/14

01 Key_Hole/02 Lecce, Leaving/03 Everybody_s Been Burned [David Crosby]/04 Last Night on Earth/05 Angles/06 Home Chds/07 The Rising Tide/08 Late Descent #2/09 Stranded/10 Ambulancer/11 Xtina as I Knew Her/12 (Encore Call)/13 Mannequin [Wire]/14 Blackt Out

Trans-Peco, Queens NY 11/13/15

01 Let's Start Again/02 Right as Rain/03 [tech break]/04 [new song]/05 Off the Wall/06 Key_Hole/07 [banter]/08 Skeleton/09 Xtina as I Knew Her/10HOME Chds/11 Ambulancer/12 The Rising Tide/13 Lecce, Leaving/14 Revolution Blues

MARKETHotel 12/16/15

01 Lee Ranaldo noise show

Trans-Peco, Queens NY 3/29/16

01 [intro]/02 Let's Start Again/03 Circular/04 Electric Trim/05 Last Looks/06 Thrown Over the Wall

Thurston Moore

Psychic Hearts (1995)

01 Queen Bee And Her Pals/02 Ono Soul/03 Psychic Hearts/04 Pretty Bad/05 Patti Smith Math Scratch/06 Blues From Beyond The Grave/07 See-Through PlayMate/08 Hang Out/09 Feathers/10 Tranquilizer/11 Staring Statues/12 Cindy (Rotten Tanx)/13 Cherry's Blues/14 Female Cop/15 Elegy For All The Dead Rock Stars

Trees Outside The Academy (2007)

01 Frozen Gtr/02 The Shape Is In A Trance/03 Honest James/04 Silver_Blue/05 Fri_End/06 American Coffin/07 Wonderful Witches + Language Meanies/08 Off Work/09 Never Light/10 Free Noise Among Friends/11 Trees Outside The Academy/12 Thurston@13

Demolished Thoughts (2011)

01 Benediction/02 Illuminine/03 Circulation/04 Blood Never Lies/05 Orchard Street/06 In SilverRAIN WITH A Paper Key/07 Mina Loy/08 Space/09 January

Music Hall Of Williamsburg, Brooklyn 5/20/11

01 intro/02 Mina Loy/03 Blood Never Lies/04 Never Day/05 [banter]/06 January/07 Space/08 Orchard Street/09 [banter]/10 Benediction/11 Illuminine/12 [banter]/13 In Silver Rain With A Paper Key/14 Circulation/15 [encore break]/16 Psychic Hearts

Chelsea Light Moving (2013)

01 Heavenmetal/02SLEEPING Where I Fall/03 Alighted/04 Empires of Time/05 Groovy & Linda/06 Lip/07 Burroughs/08 Mohawk/09 Frank O'Hara Hit/10 Communist Eyes

Chelsea Light Moving - 285 Kent, Brooklyn 9/12/12

01 Groovy and Linda/02 Burroughs/03 [tuning]/04 Frank O'Hara Hit/05 Empires of Time/06 Sleeping Where I Fall/07 I Come to Get Wasted/08 [instrumental]/09 [banter]/10 Too Fucking Bad

Chelsea Light Moving - Maxwells, Hoboken NJ 3/2/13

01 [intro]/02 Burroughs/03 Sleeping Where I Fall/04 Alighted/05 [banter1/06 WP/07 Frank O'Hara Hit/08 [banter2]/09 Groovy + Linda/10 No Go/11 Sunday Stage/12 [banter3]/13 Empires of Time/14 [encore break]/15 Staring Statues

The Best Day (2014)

01 Speak To The Wild/02 Forevermore/03 Tape/04 The Best Day/05 Detonation/06 Vocabularies/07 Grace Lake/08 Germs Burn

St. Vitus, Brooklyn 10/21/14

01 Forevermore/02 Speak To the Wild/03 Germs Burn/04 Detonation/05 [banter]/06 The Best Day/07 Grace Lake/08 [encore break]/09 Psychic Hearts/10 Pretty Bad

The Bowery Ballroom, NYC 8/6/15

01 [Intro]/02 Forevermore/03 Speak to the Wild/04 [banter]/05 Germs Burn/06 Turn On/07 Detonation/08 [banter]/09 The Best Day/10 [banter]/11 Grace Lake/12 [encore break]/13 Cease Fire/14 [encore break]/15 Aphrodite

Rough Trade, Brooklyn 4/28/16

01 Speak to the Wild/02 Cease Fire/03 Turn On/04 Germs Burn/05 Aphrodite/06 Psychic Hearts/07 [encore break]/08 Exalted/09 [encore break]/10 Ono Soul/11 [encore break]/12 Staring Statues/13 [encore break]/14 Pretty Bad

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