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The Psychedelic Avengers

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(scott) I am not familiar with this one, John N sends it with the zillions of great links he sends, I thought it sounded quite interesting, I guess we can all find out together....read the notes below, I personally thought it sounded like something that the crowd here might like to experience, I guess we will see......thanks John N, and here are the notes so you can decide if this is for you or not!
1-1 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Cactus Cooper / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer / Masta Cinobah*Q* In Which The 2nd Intergalactic Fleet Of The Decterian Blood Empire Materializes On The Eastern Edge Of The Milky Way
1-2 Urlaub In Polen / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s As Darkness Spreads
1-3 Vibravoid / E.stonji / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / *Q* Schiff Der Toten
1-4 Stonedudes / Bibi Passion / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sMasta Cinobah / Nebelherz The Call OfTHE PSYCHIC AVENGER
1-5 FreaKnob / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s The Tears Of The Lyehsis
1-6 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Julian Auringer / *Q* / Robustus In Which NAN-7 Sneaks Inside The Decterian Research Laboratories On Moon KU-03
1-7 Anders Becker / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Rotoskop No Love - Anthrozis Su'ube's Lament
1-8 Cactus Cooper / Didi - Hardest Soundworker In The Universe / Masta Cinobah Mit Dem Polyphonen Herold Durch Den Chromatischen Äther
1-9 Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Hypnos 69 A Spy Named Vela Brown
1-10 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Sölvi Silver's Warchestra Feat. Sgt. Renegade The Guardian Angel
1-11 Masta Cinobah / *Q* The Floyterian Mindexpander Is Still Working
1-12 Hamburgedelic Spacebabalooba - At The Psychedelic Avengers Academy
1-13 Zone Six / Sula Bassana / Cactus Cooper / Cyman Lee / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta Cinobah 1st Mission: Planet Mirgg
1-14 Cactus Cooper / Dryland / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Masta Cinobah / Misses Cinobah The Story Of Crüüb Pilot Hunter And Lt. Annifer Dubay
1-15 Cactus Cooper / Masta Cinobah Hunter's Despair
1-16 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Man vs Nature In Which The Colony On Penubis 5 Is Being Completely Annihilated By Decterian Blood Demons
Live Broadcast From The Psychedelic Avengers Space Experience At The "Hallenden Hangars Von Hanamond" On Topkap-IX
1-17 Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Robustus Disco Darlings - Transport Problems In Hyperspace
1-18 Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit - Speech
1-19 Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Bibi Passion /Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta Cinobah / Matmosphere / Nebelherz /Robustus Xentru Quinturrs And His Wobbling Hulloo Buulus - For The Freedom Of Our Galaxy
1-20 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Julian Auringer The Blood DemonsATTACK ON CAMP Doguath...
1-21 Anders Becker / FreaKnob / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s And The Tragic Fate Of Pilot Jessica Choxcovij
2-1 Sula Bassana / Stefan Koglek / Dark Sun (3) A Little Gravitron Tells It's Tale
2-2 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Anders Becker / Masta Cinobah Inside The Ancient Techamid Of The Mutant Monks
2-3 Anders Becker / Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings /Electric Orange / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer / *Q* / Robustus Die Chrono-Spatiale Rückkopplungsschleife Wird Entkoppelt
2-4 Angry Baboon God The Last Space Station
2-5 Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Sascha Kubiak Manhunt Through Junxtion Central
2-6 Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Liquid Sound Company /Masta Cinobah Dr.Bregury Accidentally Slips, Cervil Voluntarily Trips, Franky Astonishingly Lits And The Memeron Finally Fits
2-7 Cactus Cooper / Masta Cinobah / Sölvi Silver's Warchestra Feat. Sgt. Renegade The Flight Of The Silver Moon
2-8 Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Stonedudes /Anders Becker / Cyman Lee / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Robustus A Secret Meeting AtTHE HARBIIES ON Bebulas
From The Diary Of Jiun-Chaa
2-9 Cactus Cooper / Electric Orange / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer The Arc Of Light In The Eternal Dark Of Night, The Loneliness And The "Flirrende Weisse Sturm"
2-10 Gregor Hennig / Rene Gleitsmann / Sebastian Horn Voices In The Dark, The Madness And The Death Of An Immortal Sungod
2-11 Sula Bassana / E.stonji / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Masta Cinobah / Niag Aragain "Welcome" Said The Slubberian Slubber Gooze As It Smashed Mantilies Head To Pieces
2-12 Bibi Passion / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / *Q* They've Broken Through On The 20th Moon Of The Kaobigoo, Or As Captain Herb P.Croudak Lost His Mind
2-13 Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Dark Sun (3) / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s The Rage Of Of The Regris
2-14 Stonedudes / Nation Of Clang Big Whale's Burger
2-15 Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer The Gathering
2-16 Anders Becker / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s The PsychedelicAVENGERS Theme
2-17 Masta Cinobah / *Q* The "Flirrende Weisse Sturm" Is Being Unleashed
2-18 Sula Bassana / Marble Sheep / Masta Cinobah /Sebastian Horn Counterattack: Decterian Blood
2-19 Cactus Cooper / Didi - Hardest Soundworker In The Universe / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta Cinobah Mit Dem Polyphones Herold Durch Den Chromatischen Äther - Reprise
2-20 Knarf Rellöm & Die Ausserplanetarische Opposition* / Masta Cinobah Knarf Rellöm Trifft Den Polyphonen Herold

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