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The final word on the Ramones thing

(scott)-OK I still haven't listened to it, and with all the bullshit that's came with it, maybe I won't......here is
the deal......some entitled folks out there were not pleased with Jon S' submission of the 40th Anniversary issue of The Ramones debut album........

OK, Jon S did not a goddamn thing wrong, in fact, he, like the rest of us here, was trying to get interesting new musical releases into your hands quickly.......that is NOT something for you or anyone else to bitch about......if the file is not the best, then the file is not the best, as I said I haven't listened yet, but I do know these facts: 1) it IS the fucking Ramones, it's hardly like Alan parsons or someone was producing, 2) according to the notes, there are a lot of demos, mono mixes, live tracks which are very likely audience recordings, and on and on......please do NOT act entitled to ANYTHING, that can be the RUINATION of what we are attempting to do here.

John N, who is as respected here as is Jon S, ALSO sent me the same set, I used Jon S' simply because I recieved it first.......fine, here is a link for John N's submittal, if you like it better, then you come out ahead, right?


And, also, despite everyone criticizing him and all, Jon S actually finds out of the goodness of his heart, the submission of the 2001 expanded/remastered re-release of the album, which someone (I forget who, with all the cast of characters who have been involved in this silly, petty arguement) said was a "better" reissue than the recent release......maybe it is judge for yourself, I am to the point that I simply DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Jon S seems to have gotten over his anger, great, I'm not sure I have though......DO NOT disrespect ANYONE here....ESPECIALLY not my blogger team, but just don't disrespect ANYONE. We are not fucking curing cancer here. We are not solving any world problems, we are not really doing ANYTHING truly constructive......we are sharing some goddamn Ramones or Descendents or whomever's albums, if one of them falls short of your personal standards, give me a fucking break.......it happens. It's happened to me before, it's happened with guest links, it fucking happens. I am NOT going to begin a tradition of posting multiple versions of the same thing, but in THIS ONE CASE ONLY I am going to.....you guys have a few options now, do what you want with them, frankly, I don't care what you do.
The Ramones - Ramones (2001 Expanded and Remastered Reissue)

01 Blitzkrieg Bop/02 Beat On the Brat/03 Judy is a Punk/04 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/05 Chain Saw/06 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue/07 I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement/08 Loudmouth/09 Havana Affair/10 Listen to My Heart/11 53rd & 3rd/12 Let's Dance/13 I Don't Wanna Walk Around with You/14 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/15 I Wanna be Your Boyfriend (Demo)/16 Judy is a Punk (Demo)/17 I Don't Care (Demo)/18 I Can't Be (Demo)/19 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (Demo)/20 I Don't Wanna be Learned _ I Don't Wanna be Tamed (Demo)/21 You Should Never Have Opened that Door (Demo)/22 Blitzkrieg Bop (Mono Single Version).mp3


Let us not have this happen again. I happen to like the fact that this place that I created is a sanctuary for
music lovers, and more, more like lovers of pop culture, or God knows what, but EVERYONE HERE GETS ALONG, and that is IMPORTANT......we're sharing music here. Nothing more. If you think something (anything) else is going on here, you are mistaken and in the wrong place.

There are now THREE versions of the re-issued first Ramones album here. Jon S' original post, Jon S' re-post of the 2001 release, and John N's posting of the same volume sent by Jon S in the first place. Try them all, I don't care. or try none of them, I still won't care. This situation became kind of ridiculous, because of readers who (this is the ONE problem I have had over the years with readers) feel that they are entitled, who feel that I (and the rest of us) are a their disposal like some fucking utliity (I've used that term before but it fits).......

Please behave yourselves....trust me, we REALLY DO work hard on this thing, I know for a fact that I DO......we ask nothing in return, but please just act civilized, there is nothing else you even need to do.......act civil, contribute stuff if you want, comment constructively, but please do not bitch about anything that anyone offers up here.....remember, they (we) are doing it for YOU.

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