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From Jon S, Record Club

(scott)- I don't know how many of you know what this (Record Club) is all about, a little hard to describe,
considering the fact that I was kind of warned to maybe not use a bunch of names on this one, not sure, so I'll just remain safe and give you the Wikipedia link that Jon S included when he sent the post originally:


....myself, I have heard these before, and they are nothing if not interesting.

Sorry for being so vague, just trying to make sure everybody is happy!
The Velvet Underground And Nico

01 Sunday Morning/02 Waiting For My Man/03 Femme Fatale/04 Venus In Furs/05 Run Run Run/06 All Tomorrow's Parties/07 Heroin/08 There She Goes Again/09 I'll Be Your Mirror/10 Black Angel's Death Song/11 European Son/12 Heroin (Alt. Version)

The Songs of Leonard Cohen

01 Suzanne/02 Master's Song/03 Winter Lady/04 Stranger Song/05 Sisters of Mercy/06 So Long, Marianne/07 Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye/08 Stories of the Street/09 Teachers/10 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong


01 Little Hands/02 Cripple Creek/03 Diana/04 Margaret-Tiger Rug/05 Weighted Down/06 War in Peace/07 Broken Heart/08 All Come To Meet Her/09 Books of Moses/10 Dixie Peach Promenade/11 Lawrence of Euphoria/12 Grey_Afro


01 Guns In the Sky/02 New Sensation/03 Devil Inside/04 Need You Tonight/05 Mediate/06 Loved One/07 Wild
Life/08 Never Tear Us Apart/09 Mystify/10 Kick/11 Calling All Nations/12 Tiny Daggers

Yanni Live At The Acropolis

01 Santorini/02 Keys To Imagination/03 Until The Last Moment/04 The Rain Must Fall/05 Acroyali_Standing In Motion/06 One Man's Dream/07 Within Attraction/08 Nostalgia/09 Swept Away/10 Reflections Of Passion



another great submission, Jon S!

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