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Mount Rushmore

Still (as always) got the taste for some of my favorite stuff, that wonderful early 1970's hard/heavy
psych/metal.......don't think I've put these up before, Mount Rushmore were a kind of second tier San Francisco band of this genre/era, still sounds great (at least to me) to listen to today........maybe a "poor man's Blue Cheer", as amusing as such a label is.

The first release, "High On Mount Rushmore" (oh, you clever lads) is a damn fine period piece, opening with the odd choice of Jimi Hendrix' "Stone Free", on which they fail miserably to capture the original's brilliance, nonetheless, it's still a hoot to listen to.......otherwise, there is lots of the hard rocking, blues-based, distortion filled material that dominated the era (AND made it great)....of special note is "I Don't Believe in Statues".

Afterwards, "Mount Rushmore '69" was released, I think (unconfirmed) that this material is older than that on the debut, but don't quote me......the stuff here is just a touch blusier perhaps, and for the fans of the era/genre (BOTH of us), these albums belong on the shelf beside god knows how many others, I've tried, slowly, but tried, to feature ALL of the albums of that style and time that mean something to me, there are more to come......it's a great untapped era of wonderful roots-stoner rock/psych-metal.....

HIGH ON MOUNT RUSHMORE-01 Stone Free/02 Without No Smog/03 Ocean/04 I Don't Believe In Statues/05 Looking Back/06 ('Cause) She's So Good To Me/07 Medley: Fannie Mae/Dope Song

MOUNT RUSHMORE '69-01 It's Just the Way I Feel/02 10:09 Blues/03 Toe jam/04 V-8 Ford Blues/05 Love is the Reason/06 I'm Comin' Home/07 King of Earrings/08 Somebody Else's Games-

By the way, both albums fit on one download link, and that's always a wonderful thing too....see comments for link. By the way, the band were vocalist Glenn Smith, guitarist Mike Bolan, bassist Terry Kimball, and drummer Travis Fullerton....

NOT exactly a "lost classic", but another pretty good representation of the style of hard rock of the era that I love so much.

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