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The Hold Steady......Jon S is a MACHINE!

(scott)-really, if I wanted to, I could rely 100% on guest material and this blog wouldn't miss a beat in my
opinion......it is, of course, MY presence that makes it the world's best share blog, but, in all seriousness, where the hell would we be without Brian and Jonder's absolutely stunning covers projects? Without Jon S's posts that are so comprehensive they amaze me, and I thought I could get pretty damn comprehensive? Without John N's mind numbing volume of amazing submissions on a daily basis? Without Cliff's reggae specials, Studkid's off-the-wall hard rock posts, not to mention unique and great submissions from Madame Angela, Eric Impakt, MD Milner (having Sleater Kinney boots that I don't already have is accomplishment enough), plus old timers who pop in occasionally with fine additions, such as Andie James, Dave Sez, and Mark Eveliegh, not to mention the wonderful bands who FUCKING "GET IT" and submit their material here in an effort to broaden their listening audience? Also, the people who read, make requests, listen, make comments, call me names, etc.......integral parts of the blog as well.......I know I talk about it a bit, but I REALLY am grateful to everyone who has helped me, over the last 5 years, to make this blog what it is today, which, trust me, is FAR beyond what I ever imagined when I was just starting up.......I can't thank all of you NEARLY enough.

So, to topic, here we have another Jon S post of titanic proportions, like I really need to tell you it won't disappoint (this guy created, just off the top of my head, mind numbingly huge posts on Husker Du, The Smiths, The Replacements, Matthew Sweet, PJ Harvey, as well as dozens and dozens of other great posts....just wanting to say thanks!

The Hold Steady, of course, were a wonderful New York-based, pretty much straight up rock n roll band, and a DAMN good one (always thought "Boys and Girls in America" was a fine effort, also, a friend who saw them once has raved for years about their live chops, the live stuff here seems to bear witness to THAT (there is also a fan-created comp here, can't wait to hear that one myself)......fine, fine, rock n roll, the kind that doesn't need a "label" slapped on it to be relevant. Wonderful stuff, as usual, don't miss and be sure your Hold Steady stash is complete! Thanks again, Jon S, and also to everyone else who does what they do to make this blog (IMO at least), pretty good. You all do a miraculous job

One of the greatest shows I ever had the pleasure of seeing was The Hold Steady at the 40 Watt Club here in Athens in 2008. Have you ever felt like you were seeing a band at their absolute peak? That show was this band on that night; it seemed like everybody in the room knew it was going to be special from the first and no one left disappointed. Find a link to an excellent soundboard recording below. THS are always great live and there are several other great shows here, too. Enjoy!

Almost Killed Me (2004)

01 Positive Jam/02 The Swish/03 Barfruit Blues/04 Most People Are DJs/05 Certain Songs/06 Knuckles/07 Hostile, Mass./08 Sketchy Metal/09 Sweet Payne/10 Killer Parties

Separation Sunday (2005)

01 Hornets! Hornets!/02 Cattle & The Creeping Things/03 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/04 Banging Camp/05 Charlemagne In Sweatpants/06 Stevie Nix/07 Multitude Of Casualties/08 Don't Let Me Explode/09 Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night/10 Crucifixion Cruise/11 How A Resurrection Really Feels

Boys And Girls In America (2006)

01 Stuck Between Stations/02 Chips Ahoy!/03 Hot Soft Light/04 Same Kooks/05 First Night/06 Party Pit/07 You Can Make Him Like You/08 Massive Nights/09 Citrus/10 Chillout Tent/11 Southtown Girls/12 For Boston (Bonus Track)/13 Girls Like Status (Bonus Track)/14 Arms And Hearts (Bonus Track)/15 American Music (Bonus Track)

Stay Positive (2008)

01 Constructive Summer/02 Sequestered In Memphis/03 One For The Cutters/04 Navy Sheets/05 Lord, I'm Discouraged/06 Yeah Sapphire/07 Both Crosses/08 Stay Positive/09 Magazines/10 Joke About Jamaica/11 Slapped Actress/12 Ask Her for Adderall/13 Cheyenne Sunrise/14 Two Handed Handshake

A Positive Rage - Live (2009)

01 Intro/02 Stuck Between Stations/03 The Swish/04 Chips Ahoy/05 Massive Nights/06 Ask Her For Adderall/07 Barfruit Blues/08 Same Kooks/09 You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came With)/10 Lord I'm Discouraged/11 You Can Make Him Like You/12 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/13 Southtown Girls/14 Citrus/15 First Night/16 Girls Like Status/17 Killer Parties

Heaven Is Whenever (2010)

01 The Sweet Part Of The City/02 Soft In The Center/03 The Weekenders/04 The Smidge/05 Rock Problems/06 We Can Get Together/07 Hurricane J/08 Barely Breathing/09 Our Whole Lives/10 A Slight Discomfort/11 Touchless [Bonus Track]/12 Ascension Blues [Bonus Track]

Rags EP (2014)

01 All Through The City/02 Closer To The Stars/03 Hard Luck Woman/04 I Gotta Get Drunk/05 The Last Thing I Ever Wanted Was To Show Up And Blow Your Mind

Teeth Dreams (2014)

01 I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You/02 Spinners/03 The Only Thing/04 The Ambassador/05 On With the Business/06 Big Cig/07 Wait a While/08 Runner's High/09 Almost Everything/10 Oaks/11 Records & Tapes/12 Saddle Shoes/13 Look Alive

Desperate Pageant_ B-sides And Rarities (fan made comp)

01 Milkcrate Mosh/02 Hot Fries/03 Curves & Nerves/04 Modesto Is Not That Sweet/05 You Gotta Dance (With Who You Came To Dance With)/06 212 Margarita/07 For Boston/08 Girls Like Status/09 Arms And Hearts/10 American Music/11 Teenage Liberation/12 Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?/13 Ask Her For Adderall/14 Cheyenne Sunrise/15 Two-Handed Handshake/16 Atlantic City/17 40 Bucks/18 Spectres/19 Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Music Downtown Concert Series, NY 9/17/07

01 Hot Soft Light/02 Banging Camp/03 Chips Ahoy/04 Stuck Between Stations/05 Massive Nights/06 Party Pit/07 The Swish/08 You Can Make Him Like You/09 First Night/10 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/11 Southtown Girls/12 Most People Are DJs/13 Killer Parties

40 Watt Club Athens, GA 8/8/08

01 Constructive Summer/02 The Swish/03 Hot Soft Light/04 Chips Ahoy!/05 Sequestered In Memphis/06 212 Margarita/07 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/08 Hot Fries/09 One For The Cutters/10 You Can Make Him Like You/11 Joke About Jamaica/12 Barfruit Blues/13 Magazines/14 Southtown Girls/15 Lord, I'm Discouraged/16 Ask Her For Adderall/17 Yeah Sapphire/18 Stay Positive/19 Slapped Actress/20 Citrus/21 First Night/22 Stuck Between Stations/23 Most People Are DJs/24 Ballad of the Midnight Hauler/25 Killer Parties

Terminal 5, NY 11/6/08

01 Stay Positive/02 Cattle and The Creeping Things/03 Same Kooks/04 Stuck Between Stations/05 Constructive Summer/06 Sequestered in Memphis/07 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/08 Navy Sheets/09 Banging Camp/10 Massive Night/11 Joke About Jamaica/12 You Can Make Him Like You/13 Lord, I'm Discouraged/14 Yeah Sapphire/15 The Swish/16 Chips Ahoy/17 Magazines/18 Slapped Actress

The Bowery Ballroom, NY 4/17/10

01 Intro/02 Positive Jam/03 Same Kooks/04 Hurricane J/05 Cattle and the Creeping Things/06 Magazines/07 You Can Make Him Like You/08 Rock Problems/09 Sequestered in Memphis/10 Navy Sheets/11 Soft in the Center/12 Barfruit Blues/13 The Weekenders/14 Chips Ahoy!/15 Stuck Between Stations/16 A Slight Discomfort/17 Stay Positive/18 Southtown Girls/19 How A Resurrection Really Feels/20 encore/21 Massive Night/22 Slapped Actress

Music Hall Of Williamsburg 1/31/11

01 Intro/02 Ask Her for Adderall/03 The Swish/04 Magazines/05 Rock Problems/06 Hurricane J/07 Cattle and the Creeping Things/08 Barfruit Blues/09 The Sweet Part of the City/10 Same Kooks/11 Sequestered in Memphis/12 Barely Breathing/13 Lord, I'm Discouraged/14 Constructive Summer/15 Chips Ahoy!/16 Stuck Between Stations/17 Stevie Nix/18 First Night/19 Ascension Blues/20 Slapped Actress/21 [encore break]/22 Positive Jam/23 Southtown Girls/24 Most People Are DJs

Beekman Beer Garden NYC 9/17/11

01 Ask Her For Adderall/02 Massive Nights/03 Constructive Summer/04 Hot Soft Light/05 Hurricane J/06 Girls Like Status/07 Sequestered in Memphis/08 The Swish/09 The Sweet Part of The City/10 You Can Make Him Like You/11 Rock Problems/12 Magazines/13 Chips Ahoy/14 Stuck Between Stations/15 Stevie Nix/16 Lord I'm Discouraged/17 The Weekenders/18 Your Little Hoodrat Friend/19 Southtown Girls/20 Slapped Actress/21 [encore break]/22 Ride On [AC-DC]/23 Stay Positive/24 How a Resurrection Really Feels

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