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Betty Davis (Jon S)

(scott)- If I am not mistaken, I think Brian may have posted some Betty Davis here in the past, we are
moving into material here with which I have VERY little familiarity, but ANYTHING goes here, as long as it is interesting, and from what I know of Betty Davis' trademarked "slut-soul" it would seem to fit right in here......I have heard some, but am far from an expert, Jon S submits a Wikipedia link with full info on her
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Davis), and enjoy.......from my carpet bombing experienes, this is some pretty cool shit!
Betty Davis (1973)

01 If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up/02 Walkin Up The Road/03 Anti Love Song/04 Your Man My Man/05 Ooh Yea/06 Steppin In Her I. Miller Shoes/07 Game Is My Middle Name/08 In The Meantime/09 Come Take Me/10 You Won't See Me In The Morning/11 I Will Take That Ride

They Say I'm Different (1974)

01 Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him/02 He Was a Big Freak/03 Your Mama Wants Ya Back/04 Don't Call Her No Tramp/05 Git in There/06 They Say I'm Different/07 70's Blues/08 Special People/09 He Was A Big Freak (Record Plant Rough Mix)/10 Don't Call Her No Tramp (Record Plant Rough Mix)/11 Git In There (Record Plant Rough Mix)/12 70's Blues (Record Plant Rough Mix)

Nasty Gal (1975)

01 Nasty Gal/02 Talkin' Trash/03 Dedicated To The Press/04 You And I/05 Feelins/06 F.U.N.K./07 Gettin' Kicked Off, Havin' Fun/08 Shut Off The Light/09 This Is It!/10 The Lone Ranger

Is It Love or Desire? (1976)

01 Is It Love Or Desire/02 It's So Good/03 Whorey Angel/04 Crashin' From Passion/05 When Romance Says Goodbye/06 Bottom Of The Barrel/07 Stars Starve, You Know/08 Let's Get Personal/09 Bar Hoppin'/10 For My Man

Crashin' From Passion

01 quintessence of hip/02 crashin' from passion/03 hangin' out in hollywood/04 You Make Me Feel So Good/05 I Need A Whole Lot Of Love/06 Tell Me A Few Things/07 All I Do Is Think Of You/08 No Good At Falling In Love/09 You Take Me ForGRANTED/10 I've Danced This Dance Before/11 She's A Woman

Hangin Out In Hollywood

01 All I do is think of you/02 Crashin' from passion/03 Hangin In Hollywood/04 I need a whole lot of love/05 I've danced before/06 kill that roach/07 No good at falling in love/08 Quintessence of hip/09 She's a woman/10 You take me for granted

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