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Jon S presents The Hotelier

(scott) Jon S either assaults the senses with awesomely gigantic posts on truly great bands, such as the
Pistols just yesterday, Husker Du, Matthew Sweet, etc, OR, he submits comprehensive looks at bands that are perhaps lesser know, but up until now, have not disappointed. Today he presents, from Worchester MA, The Hotelier, with whom I think I am totally unfamiliar, looking them up sounds pretty interesting, they sound like kind of a latter-day Emo revival kind of thing, I'll draw further conclusions upon actually listening to it, but for now I will invoke the "Jon S has NEVER steered me wrong" rule, and just go with that.....take my word on it, this guy will not sell you a lemon!
The Hotelier

Two Song Demo (2009)

01 Even the Keys Need To Be Locked Up/02 Named After an Inside Joke

We Are All Alone (2009)

01 The Sun Also Falls/02 Extinction/03 Southern Discomfort/04 Bird Brain/05 A Rhapsody in Black/06 A Rhapsody in Blue/07 Searching

It Never Goes Out (2011)
01 Our Lives Would Make A Sad, Boring Movie/02 Vacancy/03 Lonely Hearts Club/04 An Ode to the Nite Ratz
Club/05 Weathered/06 I'm Gone/07 Holiday/08 Still Water Spectacle/09 Title-Track (There Is A Light)

Home, Like Noplace Is There (2014)

01 An Introduction to the Album/02 The Scope of All of This Rebuilding/03 In Framing/04 Your Deep Rest/05 Among the Wildflowers/06 Life in Drag/07 Housebroken/08 Discomfort Revisited/09 Dendron

Goodness (2016)

01 N 43 59 38.927 W 71 23 45.27/02 Goodness Pt. 2/03 Piano Player/04 N 43 33 55.676 W 72 45 11.914/05 Two Deliverances/06 Settle The Scar/07OPENING Mail For My Grandmother/08 N 42 6 3.001 W 71 55 3.295/09 Soft Animal/10 Sun/11 You In This Light/12 Fear Of Good/13 End Of Reel

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