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Full-tilt Electric Orange Part 1

OK, I was previously somewhat familiar with Electric Orange before John N sent me a link which I posted a
while back, even before the submission I enjoyed their modern take on the classic kraut-psych sounds of the early 1970's.....a great concept, actually, modernizing those incredible sounds.

However, John N comes through in GIGANTIC form like he has done many times before. I had no idea, none, that Electric Orange had such a wealth of material.....John N has sent me a HUGE collection of their stuff, I am going to break it down into 3 or 4 parts. My commentary will be limited, as I have only carpet bombed (at most) these albums, but I'll stand on my recommendation anyway......always a huge fan of the early 70's kraut-psych, and updating that sound is nothing BUT okay with me.

It's kind of hard to manage posts of this size, sometimes, but I do like doing them......the recent Beastie Boys post was kind of cumbersome as will this one be, but I think breaking this one down a bit will benefit everyone. For today, let us go with:

The 1993 debut, which no question harkens back to the golden era of Amon Duul/Krokodile/Tangerine Dream, et al, this is a fine album that is really overlooked. It also comes with a special bonus disc of previously unreleased material, I know, it may be a bit early to begin absorbing rarities and the like from this band if you are unfamiliar with them, but I'm posting this WHOLE THING eventually if it kills me.

"Orange Commutation" (1996) is a cool remix EP featuring a lot of stuff from the debut (my head is spinning: remix versions of modernized kraut-psych? wow)....."Cyberdelic" (1996) shows the attempt at updating the 1970's sound of the early work, shorter songs and simply a more "modern" sound.

"Rote Sonne" was the first Electric Orange attempt at placing a huge number of songs on a single track, sometimes this works out, sometimes not, in this field/genre, I don't think it's a bad idea......seems to work pretty well here, at least in "carpet bomb" mode.

We'll wrap up today's Electric Orange onslaught with a 2001 "Sessions Nebanan", a collection of live takes that I think is fairly hard to locate......anyway, whether it is or isn't, it's here.

OK, let me know what you think of these....I AM going to put all of this material up, it's maybe a little
different than what the other blogs do, but you know I roll how I roll.......Electric Orange is bad ass, you MAY get sick of them (ala The Doors), but the stuff is GONNA be here......

Thanks again to John N, we'll be hitting this one a few times (maybe 4-5 times) before we wrap this one up!

ELECTRIC ORANGE-01 Reflections of 2072 and Everywhere/02 Sysyphus's Revenge Parts I-X/03 Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows in Space/04 The Return of Eugene, Be Careful/05 Electripity Chapter XVI/06 Baby Cake Walk/07 Soul Shadows/08 Back In Strange World

ELECTRIC ORANGE (BONUS DISC)-01 Borrowed Toothpaste Paranoia/02 Space Junk/03 Wet Rotation/04 Verheerende Folgen/05 Wellensallat/06 Krautwerk/07 Stillstand/08 Disposition/09 Magick Case/10 Fairy Tale

ORANGE COMMUTATION-01 Electripity Chapter 99/02 Journey Through Weird Scenes Featuring Cows In Space (Cud Chewer Mix)/03 The Return of Eugene, Be Careful (Murderistic Mix)/04 Back in Strange World (Forbidden Mix)/05 Reflections of and Everywhere (Mirror Mix)

CYBERDELIC-01 Cyberdelic/Unaffected Fruit/02 A Vaporized Dance/03 Funny In the Bathroom/04 Kirschen/
05 Sweet Absurd/06 B Movie/07 Steal No Egg/08 Mother's Cake/09 Tartisma Zemini/10 She-Wah/11 More 

ROTE SONNE-01 I. Born To Be Wild/II Dasselbe/III Verfuhrung/IV Syd is Back/V Honey Love/VI Supermarkt/
VII Jazz Hat Keinen Platz/VIII Sonic/IX Take a Little/X Das Urmutterteil/XI Drop Out/XII Einheitlicher Stil/XII
Hallo/XIV Brosel

SESSIONS NEBENAN DISC 1-01 Schwerer Anfang/02 Schwierigkeiten/03 Swingt Leicht/04 Noch Verhalten
05 Gewagt

SESSIONS NEBENAN DISC 2-01 Versucht/02 Etwas Befreiter/03 Entspannt/04 Erneutes Versuchen

OK, that's it for today......thanks again to John N, and most likely this is the most comprehensive 
collection of material ever assembled from this under appreciated band.......fans of Krautrock, of prog, of 
psych......please give these albums the chance they deserve, more to come in a day or two and over the 
next couple weeks or so......

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