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I don't think I've ever put these guys up before, Italian stoner metal of fairly recent (2000's) vintage.....guitarist Massimo Gajer, singer Jacob Bredahl, bassist Roberto Gelli, and drummer Stefano Longhi turned out three very passable albums of a sort of Kyuss/Black Sabbath melding, not an uncommon style, really, but not an unpleasant one either. I'm not really crazy about the nearly death metal vocals, but they are tolerable, at least.

First up from 2005 is the debut effort, "Inferno Museum"......a fair effort, and if you listen to the lyrics you hear some fairly odd shit ("Who's Gonna Kill My Lady?" and my fave "God is Laughing").......not too bad at all really.

The follow up shows some growth, released in 2007  "Pain is the Game" in my opinion features tighter playing, better vocals, and still a generous amount of oddball lyrics ("Superhero Motherfucker Superman", "King of Pain" (NOT the Police classic))......if you only want I say go here.

The final effort before disbanding was "Breath Your Soul", which features cover versions of both King Crimson and Black Sabbath and frankly sounds a bit thrown together, but still, as a whole, the world will never have too many stoner metal bands, in my estimation. These boys were middle-of-the-pack, but still not to be totally ignored

INFERNO MUSEUM-01 Perfect man/02 Your Savior Is Here/03 Ego Te Absolvo/04 Miss M./05 Inferno Museum/06 Who's Gonna Kill My Lady?/07 God Is Laughing/08 Nervous Titter/09 Gettin' Closer/10 Devil's Kiss

PAIN IS THE GAME-01 Ar You Ready? (Ready for Your Massacre)/02 Superhero Motherfucker Superman/03 hey J/04 I'm Not the One/05 Demon's Town/06 Soul man/07 Big Money Sweet Money/08 The Devil, Me Myself and I/09 Hell On Earth/10 The King of Pain/11 Amen

BREATH YOUR SOUL-01 Intro/02 Face to Face With the Devil/03 The Eye of Despair/04 Step By
Step/05 The Black Jar/06 My Medicine/07 Bloodtrip/08 21st Century Schizoid Man/09 I Will Rise Again/10 I'm the Zero/11 Into My Head/12 The Bible Babylon/13 Into the Void/14 Profondo Rosso/Deep Red

Been a LITTLE while, at least, since we've tried to throw you a bit of lesser-known stoner rock, enjoy......that Electric Orange thing will be coming this weekend, at least PART of it, that thing is gigantic.....

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