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That "State up North"

Meaning Michigan to a Buckeye like myself, some true blue Buckeye Nazis refuse to say
"Michigan"......some really dignified people around here, beleive me. Anyway, the Michigan scene has ALWAYS been a great one, looks at the likes of Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes, or the Bob Seger System, both of whom went on to eventual superstardom.......Alice Cooper, The Stooges, the MC5......true greats. And, as such, the lesser-known acts from the Wolverine State have been sometimes truly great as well......I CANNOT find my copy of "Where You Gonna Go" which contains a shitload of great older garage rock, pure Detroit sound......any "Friend of the Blog" happen to have a copy? I KNOW I have one but I just can't locate it right now.

So,what DO we have? Well, for some fairly obscure stuff that we can all enjoy, we have two discs of "Michigan Mayhem".....Disc 1 contains 28 tracks, of course we all know Terry knight & the Pack and the Rationals, but don't misson the Psychotics, Sweet Cherry, The Quests, the Undecided......Essential stuff. Disc 2 is full of goodies as well, The Marauders, The Underdogs, The Henchmen IV, The Friars of Youth.......again, essential for anyone who needs an understanding of the Michigan sound.....

Have also "Motor City's Burning"(Mine says Volume 1, I am unsure if any further Volumes exist.....calling "friends of the blog again....", this is THE epitome of the early 1970's Detroit sound, NOT EXACTLY the kind of thing that I've been posting but this is ALSO an essential sampler.....my favorite MC5 track "Looking at You" leads off the set, we are also treated to Iggy & the Stooges "Death Trip", the Rationals, The Up, local legends Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Sonic Smith of the MC5 who put out some magnificent stuff, I don't recall if I have done a post on them or not.....if not I should), they check in with the wonderful "Electrophonic Tonic".......Really not a stiff in the bunch, Bootsey X, John Sinclair (!), The Dirtys, Ramrods......get it and play loud.

And then we have "Michigan Mixture"......two discs of some of the most acid damaged guitar noise ever recorded, simply put. Some repeaters from "Michigan Mayhem", but this one is even MORE "out there"....check out Dick Rabbit, Pitche Blende, She Devils, Glass Sun, Soulbenders.....again hardly a dog track in the bundle.

And just as a lark, I'm going to give ya "Detroit Rock City-A Devilish Dozen Tracks of Motor City Maddness".....these are much more "modern" tracks, but they incorporate the Detroit sound so well I just thought I'd put this up as a point of reference......all pretty anonymous acts here, The Bill Bondsmen, Space Heaters, Whiskey Diaries......this is certainly worth a listen.

And, just to get this thing back on track, for those of you who wondered if I was going off on a
tangent with this one, let me present three discs of "The History of Michigan Garage Bands in the 60's".........LOADED with stuff that I'm certain noone outside of Michigan has ever heard of, gotta love this stuff, and the Michigan sound comes through loud and clear. Several bands are given a pretty thorough look, 5 or 6 tracks, check out the likes of The Lykes of Us, The Questors, House of Commons, Dearborn City Limits, Felix.......

I wish I could find "Where You Gonna Go", just listening to that one within the last few months, but I think this is a pretty comprehensive post......a little bit different from what I've been doing, I've deviated a bit from the strict 1960's garage/psych stuff and added some more modern stuff, as well as some "metal in it's infancy",but I am really a great fan of the Michigan sound......for further listening, go back to the Michigan versions of "Psychedelic States" and "Highs in the Mid 60's", as well as posts I did on Frijid Pink, MC5, ? and the Mysterians, Destroy All Monsters......I think I might have done a Stooges post and maybe Sonic's Rendezvous Band as well...........

Lotta stuff here today guys, lotta GOOD stuff......hope ya like it and anyone with a copy of "Where You Gonna Go" please either contact me or upload to the comments section!

Machine/03 ILLUSIONS-City of People/04 JAMES T & THE WORKERS-I Can't Stop/05 THE QUESTS-Scream Loud/06 OUTCRY-Can't You Hear/07 PSYCHOTICS-If U Don't Believe Me Don't/08 CHEVRONS-Hey Little Teaser/09 GRIFS-Catch a Ride/10 UNDECIDED-Make Her Cry/11 AARDVARKS-I'm Higher Than I'm Down/12 BLACK ROSE-Love Handles/13 PAGANS-Mystic Cloud/14 JAMMERS-You're Gonna Love Me Too/15 EBB-TIDES-Seance/16 TERRY KNIGHT & THE PACK-How Much More/17 OLIVERS-I Saw What You Did/18 QUESTS-I'm Tempted/19 9th STREET MARKET-I'm a Baby/20 BEAUBIENS-Times Passed/21 RATIONALS-Little Girls Cry/22 SWEET CHERRY-Funny Things Floating/23 9th STREET MARKET-You're Gone/24 RUBY-Confusion/25 THE OLD EXC SCOT RICHARD CASE-Get the Picture/26 RATIONALS-I Need You/27 ASCOTS-So Good/28 PLEASURE SEEKERS-What a Way To Die

MICHIGAN MAYHEM 2-01 THE PLAGUES-I've Been Through It All Before/02 THE FRIARS OF YOUTH-All You Wanted Was a Stand By/03 THE PICKWICK PAPERS-You're So Square/04 THE MARAUDERS-Nightmare/05 THE 4 OF US-You're Gonna Be Mine/06 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS-Never THought You'd Leave Me/07 THE GRIFS-Keep Dreamin/08 THE FABULOUS CHANTELS-Remain Unknown Girl/09 HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/10 THE UNDERDOGS-Surprise Surprise/11 THE BEAUX JENS-She Was Mine/12 THE MARAUDERS-Lovin/13 ROB KIRK & THE WORD-Girl Talk/14 THE LEE VI'S-Pictures On My Shelf/15 THE INNSMEN-Things Are Different Now/16 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Need You/17 THE FUGITIVES-I'll Hang Around/18 THE AARDVARKS-That's Your Way/19 THE MIXED EMOTIONS-My Back Door/20 THE ROYAL COACHMEN-You Can't Get Me Down/21THE CHENTELLS-Be My Queen/22 THE RUN-A-ROUNDS-I Couldn't Care Less/23 THE AARDVARKS-I Don't Beleive/24 THE ASCOTS-Who Will It Be/25 THE LEE VI'S-I Don't Know/26 THE CHESSMEN-You Can't Catch Me/27 THE HENCHMEN VI-Is Love Real/28 THE FUGITIVES-You Can't Blame That On Me/29 THE FRIARS OF YOUTH-Sparrleyy Maurpuss

MOTOR CITY'S BURNING-01 THE MC5-Looking at You/02 THE RATIONALS-Guitar Army/03
THE UP-Come On/04 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Death Trip/05 UPRISING-Long Hard Road/06 SONICS RENDEZVOUS BAND-Electrophonic Tonic/07 BOOTSEY X-Pusherman of Love/08 THE RAMRODS-I'm a Ramrod/09 THE SILLIES-Break Loose/10 THE MUTANTS-Boogers On You/11 BIG CHIEF-One Born Every Minute/12 INSIDE OUT-God's Shit List/13 JOHN SINCLAIR-Friday the 13th/14 MOTOR DOLLS-Hangover/15 DIRTYS-Asshole Boogie

MICHIGAN MIXTURE 1-01 THE UP-Just Like an Aboriginie/02 SWEET CHERRY-Eight Day BLues/03 PITCHE BLENDE-My World Has Stopped/04 THE GLASS SUN-Silence In the Morning/05 DICK RABBIT-You Come On Like a Train/06 POPCORN BLIZZARD-Once Upon a Time/07 SWEET CHERRY-Funny Things Floated/08 SHE DEVILS-Red The Signpost/09 RENAISSANCE FAIR-In Wyrd/10 THE ORANGE WEDGE-From the Womb to the Tomb/11 THE UP-Hassan I Sabbah/12 DICK RABBIT-Take Me To LA/13 PITCHE BLENDE-Stop/14 POPCORN BLIZZARD-Hello/15 THE GLASS SUN-Stick Over Me

MICHIGAN MIXTURE 2-01 CLINGING HYSTERIA-The In Sound/02 DICK RABBIT-Trip/03 9th STREET MARKET-I'm a Baby/04 RUBY-The Painter/05 CAMBRIDGE-I'm Coming Back/06 BC & THE CAVEMEN-As Long As I'm Around/07 THE CHEVRON'S V-I Lost You Today/08 RUBY-Confusion/09 THE HERD-Things Won't Change/10 THE SOULBENDERS-House of the Rising Sun/11 BOTTLE COMPANY-Lives or No One/12 DICK RABBIT-Love/13 9TH STREET MARKET-You're Gone/14 CAMBRIDGE-Lonely Lisa/15 THE RAINY DAYS-I Can Only Give You Everything/16 GEYDA-Third Side

DETROIT ROCK CITY-01 THE SIRENS-Hellraiser/02 THE VALENTINOS-Man of the Shadows/03 THE PAYBACKS-Strangers In the House/04 THE AVATARS-Honey Do/05 THE BILL BONDSMEN-Conquest For Pabst/06 THE AMINO ACIDS-Fear For the Future/07 EASY ACTION-Solitary Confinement/08 THE WHISKEY DIARIES-Soul City Rockers/09 TROY GREGORY & THE STEPSISTERS-Get That Luv Outta Here/10 THE SPACE HEATERS-Too Sweet/11 THE BEGGARS-Thieves/12 THE FRUSTRATIONS-Damaged Goods

Couldn't Care Less/02 THE COURIERS-Just Tell Me/03 THE HEARSEMEN-Christy Anne/04 THE LYKES OF US-7:30 Said/05 THE LYKES OF US-Tell Me Why Your Light Shines/06 THE TREES-Do You Think About It Now/07 THE TREES-The Only Life For Me/08 THE QUESTORS-The Last Time/09 THE KINGS COURT-Don't Put Me On/10 THE KINGS COURT-In the Midnight Hour/11 THE HEARSEMEN-I Get That Feeling/12 THE TEEN BEATS-I Shouldn't Love Her/13 THE TEEN BEATS-Dance Dance Dance/14 THE QUESTORS-Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl/15 THE PLAGUE-Big City/16 THE PLAGUE-Hootchy Cootchy Man/17 THE QUESTORS-Little Red Rooster/18 THE QUESTORS-She Was Mine/19 THE QUESTORS-We Gotta Get Out of This Place/20 THE QUESTORS-Tarantula '65

HISTORY OF MICHIGAN GARAGE BANDS IN THE 60's DISC 2-01 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Summertime/02 THE LOST SOULS-Diamond Head/03 THE LOST SOULS-On Broadway/04 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Here I Am/05 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Sally Put the Whammy/06 THE LOST SOULS-Come Home/07 THE QUESTORS-You Can't Sit Down/08 THE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT-A Winner Never Quits/09 THE MARLANS-Twist and Shout/10 THE MARLANS-Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/11 THE MARLANS-Treat Her Right/12 THE MARLANS-Bring It On Home To me/13 THE MARLANS-Ooh Poo Pa Doo/14 THE MARLANS-Unchained Melody/15 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Shake/16 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Come See About Me/17 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-Stay/18 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Till Tomorrow/19 THE HUMAN AFFAIR-Free Love/20 THE HUMAN AFFAIR-Forever Yours

Are Different Now/02 THE INNSMEN-I Don't Know/03 THE MARLANS-Love That Never Was/04 THE TREES-Fly Like an Angel/05 DEARBORN CITY LIMITS-I'm Not Sure Yet/06 THE MARLANS-Two Things/07 THE VEHICLE-Feelin Free/08 THE LOST SOULS-Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying/09 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-No Regrets/10 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Why i Worry About You/11 THE PAGANS-Mystic Cloud/12 THE PAGANS-Someone Like You/13 FELIX-Outside Woman Blues/14 FELIX-A Whiter Shade of Pale/15 SILVER HAWK-Awaiting On You All/16 SILVER HAWK-All I Can Do/17 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Here I Am/18 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-Love Is a Funny Thing/19 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-As I'm Walking/20 THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-It Comes and It Goes

There's a lotta stuff here.....probably should have split it up but didn't....end result is that the links
MIGHT not all be up until tomorrow evening. But this is a good one, hope you enjoy it......and anyone with a copy of "Where You Gonna Go" please contact me.

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