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Northwest Battle of the Bands!

Gotta break away from the Southwest for a while, and drop in on another VERY fertile scene of the
1960's, the Northwest.....not so much psych, a kind of wierd garage/punk hybrid that stemmed, of course, from The Kingsmen's classic "Louie Louie" and built on that. Most all of the Northwest (Washington/Oregon for the most part) bands, to me, had a very identifiable sound, more so than any region. These discs are crammed with 30 tracks apiece, the obvious suspects (Sonics, Don and the Goodtimes, Springfield Rifle) are well represented, the charm of the set is in the lesser known, non-nationally known bands that appear....they just DRIP that "Northwest" sound, I really can't explain it other than say listen to it and see what I mean.

OK Disc one-kicks off witht he Sonics, appropriately enough, they were legends of the region, well-known enough to live on other than on regional comps. They are given three tracks here, and to the credit of the programmer, these are NOT their best known stuff (not the readilly available "Strychnine" or "He's Waiting")....Don and the Goodtimes turn in three tracks as well, and if your into this scene a bit you likely know of Rocky & the Riddlers and Sir Raleigh & the Cupons. the real gems are the lesser-knowns, of course, The Moguls, The City Limits, The Juveniles......I just KNOW that some of these HAD TO BE explosive live acts, you can just sense it. Love to hear any stories any of you Northwesterners might have about any of them.

Disc 2 continues to showcase Don & the Goodtimes
and the Sonics (I am assuming label obligations prevent Paul Revere & the Raiders and the Kingsmen and the Wailers from turning up, but so it is......Springfield Rifle appear here with a couple pretty good ones, Jack Horner & the Plums give us a pretty tight "Who Do You love", other than that, a generous assortment of obscure-o's: The Brave New World, Purple Gang, Magic Fern, The Bumps. A quality set, mixing the obscure with the obligatory.

OK, Disc 3.....haven't had these discs out in a few years, and for whatever reason Disc 1 came from a different source than the other three.......thusly, several tracks on Disc 3 already appeared on Disc 1, I have no idea why, there is still enough stuff here to make Disc 3 legit, but I don't recall why this is the way it is.......anyway, if it's that big a thing, just program your own version eliminating the duplications. Sorry, what do you want for nothing? Perfection?

And Disc 4.....Sonics and Goodtimes still sprinkled throughout, as are most of the more obscure bands from the previous discs, giving an excellent cross section of the scene. And a fine scene it must have been, too.......I truly wish it included some Raiders, Wailers, Kingsmen, and a few more, but we have what we have. Tomorrow the three disc "Northwest Killers" will expand on things a bit more.

DISC 1-THE SONICS-Like No Other Man/02 THE COUNTS-Trick Bag/03 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Take a Look at Me/04 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Flash and Crash/05 THE BANDITS-Little Sally Walker/06 THE TROLLEY-Breakdown/07 THE MOGULS-Ski Bum/08 GEORGE WASHINGTON & THE CHERRY
BOMBS-Crisco Party/09 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Turn on/10 THE LIVE FIVE-Lets Go Lets Go Lets Go/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-I Told You Once Before/12 THE MERCY BOYS-Long Tall Shorty/13 SIR RALEIGH & THE CUPONS-Tomorrows Gonna Be ANother Day/14 THE JUVENILES-Bo Diddley/15 THE DYNAMICS-I'll Be Standing There/16 THE NEW YORKERS-Mr Kirby/17 THE BARDS-The Owl & the Pussycat/18 THE DIMENSIONS-She's Boss/19 THE CITY LIMITS-Tossin & Turnin/20 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Money/21 THE BARDS-Light of Love/22 THE NEW YORKERS-Seeds of Spring/23 THE DIMENSIONS-Penny/24 THE SONICS-Maintaining My Cool/25 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Little Latin Lupe Lu

DISC 2-01 DON & THE GOODTIMES-You Were a Child/02 THE GALAXIES-Along Comes the Man/03 THE CEPTORS-I Can't Make It/04 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-You WEren't Using Your Head/05 THE BUMPS-Please Come Down/06 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-100 Or Two/07 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Please Help The Man/08 BRAVE NEW WORLD-I See/09 THE RAYMARKS-Hard Times/10 THE LIVE FIVE-Move Over and Let Me Fly/11 THE SONICS-High Time/12 THE DIMENSIONS-Knock You Flat/13 JACK HORNER & THE PLUMS-Who Do You Love/14 THE HEIRS-You Better Slow Down/15 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Alice Designs/16 THE LONDON TAXI-Feelin Down/17 GIL BATEMAN-My Daddy Walked In Darkness/18 THE EXPRESS-You Gotta Understand/19 THE MERCY BOYS-Lost and Found (alt version)/20 THE MOGULS-Try me/21 NOISES N SOUNDS FEATURING TERRY DALE-How Much Lovin/22 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Runnin Not Walking/23 THE BARDS-My
Generation/24 THE NEW YORKERS-Lazy Meadow/25 BRAVE NEW WORLD-It's Tomorrow/26 THE SPINDLE-Little Lies/27 THE PURPLE GANG-I Know What I AM/28 THE MENAGERIE-About Him/29 THE MAGIC FERN-High Flyer/30 SPRINGFIELD RIFLE-Nordstrom

DISC 3-ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Flash & Crash/02 THE RAYMARKS-No Name/03 DON & THE GOODTIMES-I'm Real/04 THE ACCENTS-I Want Your Love/05 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Jim's Milk Song/06 THE MOGULS-Ski Bum/07 THE DIMENSIONS-Penny/08 THE LIVE FIVE-Hunose/09 THE SONICS-Maintianing My Cool (Audio Recording Version)/10 THE HEIRS-Do you Want Me/11 MR LUCKY & THE GAMBLERS-Take a Look at Me/12 THE ABNDITS-Just Can't Go To Sleep/13 TOM THUMB & THE CASUAL-Go Go Time/14 THE OTHER TWO-Look ARound/15 THE BEACHCOMBERS-Farmer John/16 THE JUVENILES-Bo Diddley/17 THE TEMPESTS-Our Loving Ways/18 THE NEW YORKERS-Again/19 ROCKY & HIS FRIENDS-You're Not Wrong/20 THE SCOTSMEN-Tuff Enough/21 THE PAGE BOYS-I'll Be There/22 TEH SONICS-Lost Love/23 GEORGE WASHINGTON  & THE CHERRY BOMBS-It Takes Love/24 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Get Yourself Home/25 TYMES CHILDREN-Beaver Patrol/26 THE BAG-Incubatin' Middle of the Night Gyratin' Blues/27 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Train Kept a Rollin/28 LITTLE JOHN & THE MONKS-Too Many People/29 SECRET AGENT & THE VICE SQUAD-Things Happen/30 THE DYNAMICS-What Kind of Day Is This

YORKERS-Mr Kirby/03 THEE UNUSUALS-I'm Walkin Babe/04 THE STAGS-You Know He Did/05 THE RAYMARKS-Feelin No Good/06 THE BUMPS-Hey Girl/07 MERILEE & THE TURNABOUTS-Would I/08 JACK HORNER & THE PLUMS-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/09 THE BANDITS-I Remember The Girl/10 THE MERCY BOYS-The Way I Am/11 THE CEPTORS-I Need Her/12 THE BEACHCOMBERS-Help Yourself Baby/13 BRAVE NEW WORLD-Fire Girl/14 THEE XPRESS-Long Green/15 THE ROCK N SOULS-Got No Love/16 THE COUNTS-Come Now/17 ROCKY & THE RIDDLERS-Batman/18 DON & THE GOODTIMES-You Did It Before/19 THE LIBERTY PARTY-Its Not Too Late/20 THE RAYMARKS-I Beleived/21 THE LIVE FIVE-Anyhow, Anyway, Anywhere/22 TOM THUMB & THE CASUALS-The Draft/23 THE EMERGENCY EXIT-Happy Song/24 THE NEW YORKERS-She's Gone/25 THE OTHER TWO-I Have FOund Another Girl/26 THE DYNASTYS-Forever and a Day/27 THE HEIRS-Don't You love Me/28 DON & THE GOODTIMES-Stop Telling Lies/29 THE SONICS-Going Home/30 THE DYNAMICS-High

Lemme know whatcha think bout this set, more Northwest stuff coming up for tomorrow.

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