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Brian-Joy Division/New Order Cover Project Plus Factory records Goodies

(scott)- Another fab covers project from Brian who works dillignetly on them.......once again another awesome one, I'll be surprised if the numbers aren't HUGE for this one.

It's COVERS MONTH, GUYS! About a year ago, I started doing these comps, and you guys seem to dig 'em. Over the next few weeks, I've got several different projects coming, but I wanted to kick things off with this one, which I'm really proud of!

This has been brewing for quite a while. I remember I first attempted it last fall, and I didn't get very far. Don't know why, really; just two weeks ofWORK putting it together this time. And oh man, did I find some great covers!

I shouldn't have to break down Joy Division or New Order to anyone who reads this blog. Suffice to say, they were two of the most influential groups ever. Their stamp has been all over music ever since Unknown Pleasures came out. I knew I'd find good covers of both groups. I was thinking it would be half and half, but it's more a 2/3 split leaning towards JD. I think I sequenced it pretty good, spacing out the New Order songs.

Things start out with Luis and The Wildfires' version of "Digital". They're an old school rock(abilly) band, and I think this track helps show JD's ties to 50's rock, believe it or not. The Killers add a nice bit of alterna-glitz to "Shadowplay". Low do an aenesthitized, crawling cover of TRANSMISSION" that I like a lot. The Trouble are a band from Chicago, and their cover of "Insight" rocks like hell!!! (don't tell anybody, but I think it's better than the original).

The Girl and The Robots' version of "Perfect Kiss" is faithful to the electro-pop aspects of New Order's, even down to theVIDEO of the live performance I've taken this audio from. Look 'em up on YouTube. Greg Laswell's great version of "Disorder" might even be more lost and wistful than JD's original. Neurosis - a fave metal band of mine - effectively grind their way through "Day Of the Lords". And you haven't lived 'til you've heard Grace Jones's robo-reggae version of "She's Lost Control"!

Bush's sensual, dreamy cover of "In A Lonely Place" is from the Crow: City Of Angels soundtrack. I've loved it for a long time. R•diohead's amazing cover of "Ceremony" is from a 2007 webcast. It's a good rarity some of you might not have. Crimson Scarlet's version of "Interzone" is ripped from a YouTube vid of a cassette tape of theirs. I think it's unbelievably good! The Horrors' cover of "No Love Lost" carries the same guitar crunch as the original, while also adding some new touches. The Canvas Waiting's "Bizarre Love Triangle" is a nice, poppy update. Damn, this stuff is good!

Codeine's warmly sad cover of "Atmosphere" strongly bears their stamp. I love that guitar tone! From the White Birch sessions. Telekinesis' version of "The Drawback" is a great garage rock raveup. Nice to see the Warsaw songs don't get ignored. Nine Inch Nail's cover of "Dead Souls" is from the original Crow soundtrack. It may seem an obvious choice, but it's here because thatTRACKis singlehandedly responsible for me being a Joy Division fan. I've always thought it sounded like it was from the Broken period, especially since he'd done some other covers at that time.

The acoustic version of "True Faith" that is here is from an Unknown Artist. The MP3 was listed under an album by Dashboard Confessional, though I don't think it's them, especially as the singer is female. It's a beautiful take, though. Therapy?'s cover of "Isolation" really fucking rocks! Nine Inch Nails returns for a killer live version of "Twenty Four Hours", with Peter Murphy on vocals! Really good.

English indie-folksters Comet Gain deliver a great "Love Vigilantes", alleviating some of the sadness of it. I originally thought I'd put Moby's version of "New Dawn Fades" here - long a favorite - but decided to go with this faithful goth cover by Sun Devours Earth. And one more obvious choice: Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday". Sorry, but I've always thought this song sounds better with crunchy guitars!

The Envy Corps'"Age of Consent" is as breezy and racing as the original. And we're ofCOURSEgonna end the comp with "Love Will Tear Us Apart", undoubtedly JD's most covered song. There were many versions to choose from (including that one Yat-Kha did that I gave you before). I ended up going with this great one by Calexico. You guys are gonna LOVE this comp!

Covered In Substance

1. Luis & The Wildfires - Digital
2. The Killers - Shadowplay
4. The Trouble - Insight
5. The Girl and the Robots - Perfect Kiss
6. Greg Laswell - Disorder
7. Neurosis - Day Of the Lords
8. Grace Jones - She's Lost Control
9. Bush - In A Lonely Place
10. R•diohead - Ceremony
11. Crimson Scarlet - Interzone
12. The Horrors - No Love Lost
13. The Canvas Waiting - Bizarre Love Triangle
14. Codeine - Atmosphere
15. Telekinesis - The Drawback
16. NIN - Dead Souls
17. Unknown - True Faith (acoustic)
18. Therapy? - Isolation
19. NIN & Peter Murphy - Twenty Four Hours
20. Comet Gain - Love Vigilantes
21. Sun Devoured Earth - New Dawn Fades
22. Orgy - Blue Monday
23. The Envy Corps - Age of Consent
24. Calexico - Love Will Tear Us Apart

---Factory Comps

I don't remember which post it was, but someone had asked about a rare item from Factory Records. While I don't have what they asked for, I do have these three things I want to slide your way, and a link to a boxSET....

A Factory Sample was a 2x7 inch release put out by the label in 1978.OPENING with Joy Division's "Digital" and "Glass", it's one of the strongest statements of intent by a record label, ever. Also features two tracks each by Cabaret Voltaire, John Dowie, and the Duritti Column. Some of this music you have already, but this is still a cool configuration to have around. Includes full art.

(Palatine Cover)
Palatine - The Factory Story Vol. 1: With Tears In Their Eyes was part of a four volume series that came out in the early 90's. I can't get ahold of the other three, but I've had this one for a long time. Shows off other great groups that were on the label. In this folder with Sample and Palatine, I also put an MP3 of the video version of New Order's "Perfect Kiss". I've always preferred it over the album version.

And the last goodie I wanna give you is their live album "Les Baines Douches". It's long been a favorite of mine, and it's pretty damn rare, so have at it.

If anyone wishes to dive headfirst into the four disc Factory Records: Communications boxSET, feel free to go to this blog entry -

And if you wanna fill any other holes in your Joy Division discography (including some boots), go here -

That blog has sturdy Mediafire links. If you get the "Permission Denied" prompt, just keep trying.THE FILES are there.

Well, there's a pile of Joy Division stuff for ya. Happy digging! One love, everybody...

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