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Scott's Beastie Boys Blow-out

I've been relying on guest material of late, which is a fine thing (means people WANT to contribute, also means LESS WORK for me), but, as you know I still on occasion like to drag out a mega-post kind of thing, just to amaze you all with my talents.....I have a BUNCH of Beastie Boys stuff here, and I gonna TRY to get it all in one post, if I can it will be LOADED, it'll look like a Jon S post!

From the one and only New York City, ca. 1980, came The Beastie Boys, aka vocalist/drummer Mike D, vocalist/bassist Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz on guitar/vocals.....really, in 1980.....how many LEGIT, CAUCASIAN hip hop groups were around? I might give you House of Pain as well, if the timeing/era lines up, but the Beastie Boys were TRUE originals, advocating, as they did, fun stuff like smoking crack, PCP, and lots of other vile stuff sure to scare your grandmother away.

And it is here that out story begins.....originally a punk band, the Boys cashed in (smartly) on the then-current hip hop trends, and took it to the bank. "Licensed To Ill" (original title: "Don't Be a Faggot") is a classic of the era, TRUST ME sounds like nothing else released at the time.....the samples overload, the attitude, the WHITENESS....it was ALL new then, and this is a classic album. "Rhymin' and Stealin'", the notorious "Fight For Your Right to Party", as well as classics "She's Crafty" and "No Sleep Til Brooklyn"

The follow-up, "Paul's Boutique" was an incredible follow up, one of the true classic five star efforts of the era......it's a classic, no doubt, layering wall upon wall of fab sampling, the hip hop world (imo, I'm not an expert) is still trying to catch up to this. take it as a whole, pointing out highlights on thsi one is redundant.

Album #3, and, to me, the last of the classics, is "Check Yer Head", on which the lads return toplaying their own instruments, I do enjoy the results, in particular the dope-ass single "So What You Want?"......another must have album.

After that, myself and the Beasties part ways a bit, I do have a ton more material you can check, but, to me, these three discs are the ultimate. The remaining studio discs are here, it is up to your individual tastes how far you venture into this......we have "Ill Communication" from 1994, I thought myself that the novelty was wearing off even now, 1998's "Hello Nasty, 2004's "To the Five Boroughs", which is something of a comeback, a cool trib to NYC, 2007's "The Mix Up" is sort of a strange collection of instrumental versions of some of thier stuff, and thier final album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" was recorded and released during/after the cancer infliction of Adam "MCA", who passed away a few years back......as of now only "part 2" has been released.

There is PLENTY more here though if you are a Beasties fan......for one thing, "Check Your Head", "Ill Communication", and "Hello Nasty" all come with bonus discs, which should be a huge thing for Beasties-fanatics.....I also have a slew of compilation albums..."Hip Hop Sampler"(1994) is EXACTLY that......."Some Old Bullshit" is also titled accurately, flashing back to the punk days.....worthwhile for completists/fanatics for sure. "Tour Shot" dishes out some live stuff, the two-disc "Anthology-The Sounds of Science", is a career retrospective that may interest dabblers. "Some New Shit" is another effort to give you some live works, and "Solid Gold Hits" is a mishmash that I'd think most would likely avoid.

NOW believe it or not, I have an enormous slew of their EP's/singles as well....why? well, you never know, but likely I downloaded the whole thing off the Bay a while back........they are packaged as I have them, I thought of bunching them up on a few big discs, but who am I?......

LOTTA STUFF HERE! work your way through as need be, LONG track list ahead, but pick and choose carefully and you can have damn near EVERYTHING you'll EVER need from the Beastie Boys.......let me know how ya like this one, it's been a while since Ive done one of these, I hope it is popular!


LICENSED TO ILL-01 01 Rhymin and Stealin/02 The New Style/03 She's Crafty/04 Posse In Effect/05 Slow Ride/06 Girls/07 (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)/08 No Sleep Til Brooklyn/09 Paul Revere/10 Hold It Now, Hit It/11 Brass Monkey/12 Slow and Low/13 Time to Get Ill

PAULS BOUTIQUE-01 To All the Girls/02 Shake Your Rump/03 Johnny Ryall/04 Egg Man/05 High Plains Drifter/06 The Sounds of Science/07 3-Minute Rule/08 Hey Ladies/09 5-Piece Chicken Dinner/10 Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun/11 Car Thief/12 What Comes Around/13 Shadrach/14 Ask For janice/15 B-Boy Boullibaisse

CHECK YER HEAD-01 Jimmy James/02 Funky Boss/03 Pass the Mic/04 Gratitude/05 Lighten Up/06 Finger Lickin Good/07 So What'cha Want/08 The Biz Vs The Nuge/09 Time for Livin/10 Something's Gotta Give/11 The Blue Nun/12 Stand Together/13 POW/14 The Maestro/15 Groove Holmes/16 Live at PJ's/17 mark on the Bus/18 Professor Booty/19 In 3's/20 Namaste

ILL COMMUNICATION-01 Sure Shot/02 Tough Guy/03 B-Boys makin with the Freak Freak/04 Bobo Down on the Corner/05 Root Down/06 Sabotage/07 Get It Together/08 Sabrosa/09 The Update/10 Futterman's Rule/11 Alright Hear This/12 Eugene's Lament/13 Flute Loop/14 Do It/15 Ricky's Theme/16 Heart Attack/17 The Scoop/18 Shambala/19 Bodhisattva/20 Transitions

HELLO NASTY-01 Super disco Breakin/02 The Move/03 remote Control/04 Song For the man/05 Just a Test/06 Body Movin/07 Intergalactic/08 Sneakin Out the Hospital/09 Putting Shame in Your Game/10 Flowin Prose/11 And Me/12 Three Mc's and One DJ/13 The Grasshopper Unit (Keep movin')/14 Song For Junior/15 I Don't Know/16 The Negotiation Limerick File/17 Electrify/18 Picture This/19 Unite/20 Dedication/21 Dr Lee, PHD/22 Instant Death

TO THE FIVE BOROUGHS-01 Ch-Check it Out/02 Right Right Now Now/03 3 the Hard Way/04 It Takes Time to Build/05 Rhyme the Rhyme Well/06 Triple Trouble/07 Hey Fuck You/08 Oh Word?/09 That's It That's All/10 All Lifestyles/11 Shazam!/12 An Open Letter to NYC/13 Crawlspace/14 The Brouhaha/15 We Got the

THE MIX UP-01 B For My Name/02 14th St.Break/03 Suco de Tangerina/04 The Gala Event/05 Electric Worm/06 Freaky Hijiki/07 Off the Grid/08 The Rat Cage/09 The Melee/10 Dramastically Different/11 The Cousin of Death

HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART 2-01 Make Some Noise/02 Nonstop Disco Powerpack/03 OK/04 Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version)/05 Say It/06 The Bill harper Collection/07 Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win/08 Long Burn the Fire/09 Funky Donkey/10 The Larry Routine/11 Tadlock's Glasses/12 Lee Majors Come Again/13 Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament/14 Here's a Little Something for Ya/15 Crazy Ass Shit/16 The Lisa Lisa/Full Force Routine

CHECK YOUR HEAD BONUS DISC-01 Dub the Mic (instrumental)/02 Pass the mic (pt. 2 Skills to Pay the Bills)/03 Drunken Praying Mantis Style/04 Gala Event/05 Electric Worm/06 Freaky Hijiki/07 So What Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)/08 Groove Holmes (Live vs the Biz)/09 So What Cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)/10 Stand Together (live)/11 Finger Lickin Good (Government Cheese Remix)/12 Gratitude (live)/13 Honky Rink/14 Jimmy James (Original Original Version)/15 Boomin Granny/16 Drinkin Wine

ILL COMMUNICATION BONUS DISC-01 Root Down (Resolution Mix)/02 Resolution Time/03 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/04 Dope Little  Song/05 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix)/06 Heart Attack Man (unpluggged)/07 The Vibes/08 Atwater Basketball Association File No. 172-c/09 Heart Attack man (Live)/10 The Maestro (Live)/11 Mullet Head/12 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Instrumental)

HELLO NASTY BONUS DISC-01 Description of a Strange Man/02 Dirt Dog/03 Intergallactic (Colene and Webb Remix)/04 Dr Lee PHD (Dub Mix)/05 Switched On/06 Body movin (Fatboy Slim remix)/07 Auntie Jackie Poom Poom Delicious/08 Putting Shame In Your Game (Prunes Remix)/09 Stink Bug/10 Peanut Butter and Jelly/11 Piano Jam/12 Happy to Be In that perfect Headspace/13 The Negotiation Limerick File (41 Small Stars remix)/14 The Drone/15 20 Questions Version/16 The Biz Garasshopper Experiment/17 Hail Sagan (Special K)/18 Body Movin' (Kut Masta Kurt Remix)/19 Creepin'/20 Learning Remote Control/21 Oh My Goodness This Record's Incredible


HIP HIP SAMPLER-01 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix Clean)/02 Get It Toegether (Buckwild Clean Remix)/03 Shake Your Rump/04 Pass the Mic (LP Version)/05 Hold It Now Hit It/06 Sure Shot (Nardone  Remix Clean)/07 Skills to Pay the Bills/08 Bodhisattva Vow Long Version)/09 33 Percent God/10 Root Down/11 Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix Clean)/12 So What Cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix version)/13 Flute Loop/14 Shadrach/15 Get It Together/16 Sure Shot (LP Version)/17 Paul Revere/18 Do It/19 Finger Lickin Good/20 Alright Hear This/21 She's On It (Video Mix)

SOME OLD BULLSHIT-01 Egg Raid on Mojo (Demo)/02 Beastie Boys/03 Transit Cop/04 Jimi/05 Holy Snappers/06 Riot Fight/07 Ode Too...../08 Michelle's Farm/09 Egg Rid on Mojo/10 Transit Cop (Demo)/11 Cooky Puss/12 Bonus Batter/13 Beastie Revolution/14 Cooky Puss (censored version)

TOUR SHOT-01 Sure Shot/02 Sure Shot (Large Professor Mix)/03 Mullet Head/04 Sure Shot (Prunes Mix)/05 The Vibes/06 Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)/07 Sabotage (Live)/08 Sabrosa (Live)/09 Sure Shot (Live)

THE IN SOUND FROM WAY OUT-01 Groove Homes/02 Sabrosa/03 Namaste/04 Pow/05 Son of a Neckbone/06 In 3's/07 Eugene's Lament/08 Bobo on the Corner/09 Shambala/10 Lighten Up/11 Ricky's Theme/ 12 Transitions/13 Drinkin Wine

SOUNDS OF SCIENCE DISC 1-01 Beastie Boys/02 Slow and Low/03 Shake Your Rump/04 Gratitude/05 Skills to Pay the Bills/06 Root Down/07 Believe Me/08 Sure Shot/09 Body Movin/10 Boomin Granny/11 Fight For Your Right/12 Country Mike's Theme/13 Pass the Mic/14 Something's Got to Givve/15 Bodhisattva Vow/16 Sabrosa/17 Song For the Man/18 Soba Violence/19 Alive/20 Jimmy James (original Version)/21 Three MC's and One DJ

SOUNDS OF SCIENCE DISC 2-01 The Biz vs the Nuge/02 Sabotage/03 Sharach/04 Brass Monkey/05 Time For Livin/06 Dub the Mic/07 Benny and the Jets/08 The Negotiation Limerick File/09 I Want Some/10 She's On It/11 Son of Neckbone/12 Get it Together/13 Twenty Questions/14 Remote Control/15 Railroad Blues/16 Live Wire/17 So What Cha Want/18 Netty's Girl/19 Egg Raid On Mojo/20 Hey ladies/21 Intergalactic

SOME NEW LIVE SHIT-01 The Biz Vs The Nuge / The Move/02 Sure Shot/03 Sure Shot (the Final part)/04 Skills to pay the Bills/05 Beastie Boys Suggestion/06 Time to Get Ill/07 Time to Get Ill (Different Beat)/08 Shake Your Rump (Take One)/09 Shake Your Rump (Take Two)/10 Sabrosa/11 Time For Livin/12 Ride My Bike (Riot Fight)/13 Remote Control/14 Super Disco Breakin'/15 Flute Loop/16 Putting Shame In Your Game/17 Alright Hear This/18 Slow And Low/19 Listen Up (With Monkey Noise)/20 Song for the Man/21 Egg Raid On Mojo/22 Tough Guy/23 Root Down/24 Body Movin'/25 Three MC's and One DJ/26 Something's Got To Give/27 Ricky's Theme/28 Mix Master Mike/ Gratitude

SOLID GOLD HITS 01 So Whatcha Want/02 Brass Monkey/03 Ch-Check it Out/04 No Sleep Till Brooklyn/05 Hey Ladies/06 Pass the Mic/07 An Open Letter to NYC/08 Root Down/09 Shake Your Rump/10 Intergalactic/11 Sure Shot/12 Body Movin/13 Triple trouble/14 Sabotage/15 Fight For Your Right


POLLY WOG STEW EP-01 Beastie Boys/02 Transit Cop/03 Jimi/04 Holy Snappers/05 Riot Fight/06 Ode To.../07 Michelle's Farm/07 Egg Raid on Mojo

COOKY PUSS-01 Cooky Puss/02 Bonus Batter/03 Beasty Revolution/04 Cooky Puss (Censored version)

SHE'S ON IT-01 She's On It/02 Sloe & Low

IT'S THE NEW STYLE/PAUL REVERE EP-01 Its the New Style/02 It's the New Style (Instrumental)/03 Paul Revere/04 Paul Revere (instrumental)

AN EXCITING EVENING AT HOME WITH SHADRACH, MESHACH, AND ABADNEGO-01 Shadrach/02 Caught In the Middle of a 3-Way Mix/03 And What You Give Is What You Get/04 Car Thief/05 Some dumb Cop Gave Me two Tickets Already/06 Your Sister's Def/07 Some Dumb Cop Gave Me two Tickets Already (45 version)

LOVE AMERICAN STYLE EP-01  Shake Your Rump/02 Hey Ladies/03 33% God/04 Dis Yourself in 89 (Just Do It)

GRATITUDE-01 Gratiitude (LP Version)/02 Stand Together (Live)/03 Finger Lickin Good (Government Cheese Mix)/04 Gratitude (Live)/05 Honky Rink

JIMMY JAMES EP-01 Jimmy James (Single Version)/02 The Maestro/03 Jimmy James (LP Version)/04 Boomin Granny/05 Jimmy James (original Original version)/06 Drinkin Wine

PASS THE MIC-01 Pass the Mic (LP Version)/02 Dub the Mic (Instrumental)/03 Drunken Praying mantis Style/04 pass the Mic (Part 2 Skills to Pay the Bills)/05 Netty's Girl

SO WHAT CHA WANT EP-01 So What Cha Want (Single Version)/02 The Skills to Pay the Bills/03 So What Cha Want (Soul Assassins Remix Version)/04 Groove Holmes (LP Version)/05 So What Cha Want (Butt Naked Version)/06 Groove Holmes (Live vs the Biz)/07 SO What Cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)

GET IT TOGETHER-01 Get it Together (LP version)/02 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/03 Resolution Time/04 Get It Togther (Buck Wild Instrumental)/05 Get It Together (ABA Remix)/06 Sabotage (LP Version)/07 Dope Little Song/08 Get it Together (ABA Instrumental)

PRETZEL NUGGET-01 Sabotage/02 Heart Attack Man/03 Tough Guy/04 Mullet Head/05 Futtrman's Rule/06 Get it Together

SABOTAGE/GET IT TOGETHER-01 Sabotage (LP Version)/02 Get it Together (LP Version)/03 Resolution Time/04 Get it Together (Buck Wild Remix)/05 Dope Little Song/06 Get it Together (ABA Remix)

SURE SHOT 1-01 Sure Shot (LP Version)/02 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)/03 Mullet Head/04 The Vibes/05 Sure Shot (Nardone Remix)/06 Son of Neckbone/07 Sure Shot (european B-Boy mix)

SURE SHOT 2-01 Sure SHot/02 Sure Shot (European B-Boy mix)/03 Sure Shot (Nardone Mix)/04 Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)/05 Sure Shot (Instrumental)

AGLIO E OLIO-01 Brand New/02 Deal With It/03 Believe Me/04 Nervous Assistant/05 Square Wave In Unison/06 You Catch a Bad One/07 I Can't Think Straight/08 I Want Some

ROOT DOWN-01 Root Down (Free Zone Mix)/02 Root Down (Ill Communication Mix)/03 Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)/04 Time To Get Ill/05 Heart Attack Man/06 The Maestro/07 Sabrosa/08 Flute Loop/09 Time For Livin/10 Something's Got to Give/Hidden Track

BODY MOVIN-01 Body movin (LP Version)/02 Body movin (Movin In Kent Remix)/03 Dr Lee PHD (Dub Mix)

INTEGALACTIC-01 Intergalactic (Album)/02 Intergalactic (Prisons of technology remix)/03 Intergalactic (The Strawberry bath and Jelly Soles Instrumental Mix)/04 Intergalactic (Fuzzy logic Remix)/05 Hail Sagan (Special K)/06 Intergalactic (Instrumental)


ALIVE EP DISC 1-01 Alive/02 You + Me Together/03 Big Shot (Live)

ALIVE EP DISC 2-01 Alive/02 Alive BRA Remix/03 Start!

BODY MOVIN-01 Body Movin (Movin In Kent vocal)/02 Body Movin (Deep In Kent Anti Vocal)

REMOTE CONTROL/3 MC's 1 DJ-01 Remote Control/02 3 Mc's and 1 DJ (LP Version)/03 Putting Shame in Your Game (The Prunes remix)/04 The Negotiation Limerick File (The handsome Boy Modelling School Makeover)/05 Three MC's and 1 DJ (Video version)


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