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A new contribution from ERIC IMPAKT

(scott) Make no mistake, Eric Impakt is a valuable member of the club, he sent a great bunch of boots
a while ago, and sends a bunch more today.......He's been gracious enough to write them up, so take a look and see what he's put together for ya........more great stuff from the GBFAL TEAM!

Hey Growing Board, I'm Back!
    I've got 3 of my favorite live shows Buster Poindexter, Roger Miller, and Jim Croce. These are shows that are funny, personal... Just the kind of night you wish you were at and the stories during the shows are the best. Buster is a really fun one. The ultimate lounge act show and the band is great. Roger Miller is a funny country star known for King Of The Road but he wrote some ridiculous "children's" songs too. Chug A Lug got many a drinking party started. Jim Croce is another really fun one. If all you know are his greatest hits, this live show gives you a sense of how funny he could be. Jim definitely left us way to early but this is a nice little time capsule.  

    Next I've got a must have collectors bootleg. The Van Halen Zero album. These are the 8 track demos from New York that Gene Simmons recorded. The sound is killer for just 8 track recording! Gene shopped it around in 76 bought couldn't get them aDEAL. It has some great surprises. The sound effect that starts Running With The Devil is actually the ending of House Of Pain. Plus some of these songs got reworked before making it on to an album and some never saw the light of day until A Different Kind Of Truth and the reunion with Dave! 
    I got all these from SugarMegs and tracked them out, titled everything and clean up the sound or boosted the volume. Enjoy everybody, i listen to these all the time. The Buster Poindexter one is great for long road trips.

  Buster Poindexter Live at Bimbos 87
Cannibal, Big Fat Mama's Are Back In Style, Somebody Buy Me A Drink, Smack Dab In The Middle, Storytime Libby Holman, House Of The Rising Sun, Storytime Buster Auditions For Broadway, Hit The Road Jack, Something Cool W/ Suzie Tyrell, Oh Me, Oh My, Are You Lonely For Me Baby, Hot Hot Hot, Storytime Noel Coward & Eek A Mouse, Worst Beer That I've Ever Had, Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well, Screwy Music, Heart Of Gold

  Roger Miller Alexandria, VA 2-16-91
In The Summertime, England Swings, Fool For You, Billy Bayou, Dang Me, You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd, Husbands & Wives, Don't We All Have The Right, To Be Wrong Now And Then, Chug- A - Lug, Storytime w/ Roger, King Of The Road, Broken Heart, Robin Hood & Little John, Look Out For Me Muddy Water, River In The Rain/ Leavings Not The Only Way To Go, How About A Hand For The Hog!, It's Been A Long Time Leaving But I'll Be A Long Time Gone.

   Jim Croce Harper College Palatine, IL 2-2-73
Careful Man, Storytime Jim Needs Directions, Operator, Box #10, Storytime Jim Joins The Army, Ain't Got No Buisness Singing The Blues, It Doesn't Have To Be That Way, Next Time This Time, Storytime Jim Is A Joker On The Highway, Speedball Tucker, Storytime Jim Remembers The Coasters, I've Been Framed, Storytime Jim Drinks With Fat Girls, Roller Derby Queen, New York's Not My Home, One Less Set Of Footsteps, Storytime Jim Shares A History Lesson, Ball Of Kerrymuir (Hilarious!), You Don't Mess Around With Jim.

   Van Halen Zero Demos
On Fire, Woman In Love, House Of Pain, Running With The Devil, She's The Woman, Let's Get Rocked, Big Trouble, Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Babe, Don't Leave Me Alone, Put Out The Lights.

Buster Poindexter

Roger Miller

Jim Croce

Van Halen Zero

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