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Jon S with Echo & the Bunnymen

(scott)- What can you say? It's the great Echo & the Bunnymen......would be worth it for the classic
"Crocodiles" album alone, but, well, EVERYTHING else is here too......if by some miracle you've never heard "Crocodiles", THAT needs correction ("Rescue", "Do It Clean", etc....), and THEN you will need to see how great the rest of this stuff is. Thanks Jon S for this great collection!

Crocodiles (1980)

01 Going Up/02 Stars Are Stars/03 Pride/04 Monkeys/05 Crocodiles/06 Rescue/07 Villiers Terrace/08 Pictures On My Wall/09 All That Jazz/10 Happy Death Men/11 Do It Clean/12 Read It In Books/13 Simple Stuff/14 Villiers Terrace (Early Version)/15 Pride (Early Version)/16 Simple Stuff (Early Version)/17 Crocodiles (Live)/18 Zimbo (Live)/19 All That Jazz (Live)/20 Over The Wall (Live)

Heaven Up Here (1981)

01 Show Of Strength/02 With A Hip/03 Over The Wall/04 It Was A Pleasure/05 A Promise/06 Heaven Up Here/07 TheDISEASE/08 All My Colours/09 No Dark Things/10 Turquoise Days/11 All I Want/12 Broke My Neck (Long Version)/13 Show Of Strength (Previously Unissued Live Version)/14 The Disease (Previously Unissued Live Version)/15 All I Want (Previously Unissued Live Version)/16 Zimbo (Previously Unissued Live Version)

Porcupine (1983)

01 The Cutter/02 The Back Of Love/03 My White Devil/04 Clay/05 Porcupine/06 Heads Will Roll/07 Ripeness/08 Higher Hell/09 Gods Will Be Gods/10 In Bluer Skies/11 Fuel/12 The Cutter (Alternate Version)/13 My White Devil (Alternate Version)/14 Porcupine (Alternate Version)/15 Ripeness (Alternate Version)/16 Gods Will Be Gods (Alternate Version)/17 Never Stop (Discotheque)

Zeche Bochum, Germany 3/5/83                                                                               

01 Going Up/02 With a Hip/03 Gods will be Gods/04 Show of Strength/05 Zimbo/06 The Cutter/07 Rescue/08 My White Devil/09 Porcupine/10 Crocodiles/11 All that Jazz/12 Back Of Love/13 Heads will Roll/14 Heaven up Here/15 Over the Wall/16 Do it Clean/17 Villiers Terrace

Ocean Rain (1984)

01 Silver/02 Nocturnal Me/03 Crystal Days/04 The Yo-Yo Man/05 Thorn Of Crowns/06 The Killing Moon/07 Seven Seas/08 My Kingdom/09 Ocean Rain/10 Angels And Devils/11 All You Need Is Love (Life At Brian's Sessions)/12 The Killing Moon (Life At Brian's Sessions)/13 Stars Are Stars (Life At Brian's Sessions)/14 Villiers Terrace (Life At Brian's Sessions)/15 Silver (Life At Brian's Sessions)/16 My Kingdom (Live)/17 Ocean Rain (Live)

Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo 1/17/84

01 Over The Wall/02 The Back Of Love/03 Star Are Stars/04 The Killing Moon/05 All That Jazz/06 The Cutter/07 Never Stop/08 Thorn Of Crowns/09 Crocodiles/10 All My Colours/11 Do It Clean

Toronto 8/23/84

01 Rescue/02 My Kingdom/03 Heads Will Roll/04 Crocodiles/05 Ocean Rain/06 Nocturnal Me/07 Killing Moon/08 All That Jazz/09 The Cutter/10 Thorn Of Crowns/11 Do It Clean

The Savoy, NYC 1984

01 Heads Will Roll/02 The Back of Love/03 Gods Will be Gods/04 All That Jazz/05 Stars Are Stars/06 The Killing Moon/07 Rescue/08 A Promise/09 All My Colours (Zimbo)/10 Thorn of Crowns/11 Never Stop/12 The Cutter/13 No Dark Things/14 Heaven up Here/15 Crocodiles/16 Do It Clean/17 Over the Wall

Echo & The Bunnymen (1987)

01 The Game/02 Over You/03 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo/04 All In Your Mind/05 Bombers Bay/06 Lips Like Sugar/07LOST AND FOUND/08 New Direction/09 Blue Blue Ocean/10 Satellite/11 All My Life/12 Jimmy Brown (Early Version Of Bring On The Dancing Horses)/13 Hole In The Holy/14 Soul Kitchen/15 The Game (Acoustic Demo)/16 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo (Original Version)/17 Over Your Shoulder/18 Bring On The Dancing Horses (Extended Mix)

Empire Theatre, Liverpool 1/11/88

01 Rescue/02 Heaven Up Here/03 With a Hip/04 Bombers Bay/05 All I Want/06 Back of Love/07 Crocodiles (The Doors _Light My Fire_ snippet)/08 All My Colours (Zimbo)/09 Seven Seas/10 Bedbugs and Ballyhoo/11 The Cutter/12 Show of Strength/13 Lips Like Sugar/14 Thorn of Crowns

Evergreen (1997)

01 Don't Let It Get You Down/02 In My Time/03 I Want To Be There (When You Come)/04 Evergreen/05 I'll Fly Tonight/06 Nothing Lasts Forever/07 Baseball Bill/08 Altamont/09 Just A Touch Away/10 Empire State Halo/11 Too Young To Kneel/12 Forgiven/13 People Are Strange/14 Villiers Terrace (22-08-79)/15 Read It In Books (22-08-79)/16 All That Jazz (22-05-80)/17OVER THE WALL (22-05-80)/18 All My Colours (12-11-80)/19 The Back Of Love (08-02-82)/20 Seven Seas (20-06-83)/21 Ocean Rain (24-10-83)/22 Nocturnal Me (24-10-83)/23 Rescue (16-09-97)

What Are You Going To Do With Your Life? (1999)

01 What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?/02 Rust/03 Get In The Car/04 Baby Rain/05 History Chimes/06 Lost On You/07 Morning Sun/08 When It All Blows Over/09 Fools Like Us

Flowers (2001)

01 King of Kings/02 SuperMellowMan/03 Hide and Seek/04 Make Me Shine/05 It's Alright/06 Buried Alive/07 Flowers/08 Everybody Knows/09 Life Goes On/10 An Eternity Turns/11 Burn for Me

Siberia (2005)

01 Stormy Weather/02 All Because of You Days/03 Parthenon Drive/04 In the Margins/05 Of a Life/06 Make Us Blind/07 Everything Kills You/08 Siberia/09 Sideways Eight/10 Scissors in the Hand/11 What If We Are?

The Fountain (2009)

01 Think I Need It Too/02 Forgotten Fields/03 Do You Know Who I Am?/04 Shroud Of Turin/05 Life Of 1,000 Crimes/06 The Fountain/07 Everlasting Neverendless/08 Proxy/09 Drivetime/10 The Idolness Of Gods

Meteorites (2014)

01 Meteorites/02 Holy Moses/03 Constantinople/04 Is This A Breakdown?/05 Grapes Upon The Vine/06 Lovers On The Run/07 Burn It Down/08 Explosions/09 Market Town/10 New Horizons

Killing Moon (2007 Compilation)

01 Pictures On My Wall/02 The Puppet/03 Do It Clean/04 Crocodiles/05 Rescue/06 All That Jazz/07 Villiers Terrace/08 Show of Strength/09 Over the Wall/10 A Promise/11 With a Hip/12 All My Colours/13 The Cutter/14 The Back of Love/15 Higher Hell/16 Gods Will Be Gods/17 Never Stop/18 Heads Will Roll/19 The Killing Moon/20 Silver/21 Angel and Devils/22 Ocean Rain/23 My Kingdom/24 Seven Seas/25 Crystal Days/26 Bring On the Dancing Horses/27 People Are Strange/28 Bed Bugs and Ballyhoo/29 The Game/30LOST AND FOUND/31 Thorn of Crowns/32 Lips LikeSUGAR/33 Zimbo [Live]/34 Do It Clean [Live]/35 Ocean Rain [Live]/36 The Killing Moon [Live]

Crystal Days 1979  -1999

01 Monkeys [Original Version]/02 The Pictures on My Wall [Original Single Version]/03 Read It in Books [Original Single Version]/04 Villiers Terrace [John Peel Session][Live]/05 Rescue/06 Simple Stuff [#]/07 Stars Are Stars/08 All That Jazz/09 Crocodiles/10 The Puppet/11 Do It Clean/12 Show of Strength/13 Over the Wall/14 A Promise/15 Heaven Up Here/16 All My Colours/17 Broke My Neck [Long Version]/18 No Hands [John Peel Session][Live][#]/19 Fuel [#]/20 The Subject [#]/21 The Back of Love/22 The Cutter/23 Way Out and Up We Go [#]/24 Clay/25 Heads Will Roll/26 Gods Will Be Gods [Alternate Version][#]/27 Never Stop [Discotheque][Version]/28 Watch Out Below [John Peel Session][Live][#]/29 The Killing Moon [All Night Version][#]/30 Silver (Tidal Wave) [#]/31 Angels and Devils [#]/32 Crystal Days/33 Seven Seas/34 My Kingdom/35 Ocean Rain/36 All You Need Is Love [#]/37 Bring on the Dancing Horses/38 Over Your Shoulder [#]/39 Lover, I Love You [#]40 Satisfaction [#]/41 New Direction [Original Version][#]/42 Ship of Fools [#]/43 All My Life/44 The Game/45BEDBUGS and Ballyhoo/46 Lips Like Sugar [Single Version]/47 People Are Strange/48 Rollercoaster [#]/49 Don't Let It Get You Down/50 I Want to Be There (When You Come)/51 Nothing Lasts Forever/52 Hurracaine [#]/53 Rust/54 What Are You Going to Do With Your Life_/55 The In the Midnight Hour [#]/56 Start Again [Live 1987][#]/57 The Original Cutter (A Drop in the Ocean) [#]/58 Heads Will Roll [Summer Version][#]/59 Bedbugs and Ballyhoo [Original Single Version][#]/60 Zimbo [Live, 1982]/61 Angels and Devils [Live, 1985][#]/62 She Cracked [Live, 1985][#]/63 It's All over Now, Baby Blue [Live, 1985][#]/64 Soul Kitchen [Live, 1985][#]/65 Action Woman [Live, 1985][#]/66 Paint It Black [Live, 1985][#]/67 Run Run Run [Live, 1985][#]/68 Friction [Live, 1985][#]/69 Crocodiles [Live, 1985][#]/70 Heroin [Live, 1983][#]/71 Do It Clean [Live, 1983][#]/72 Cutter [Alternate Version][#]

Ian McCulloch Solo Albums

Candleland (1989)

01 The Flickering Wall/02 The White Hotel/03 Proud To Fall/04 The Cape/05 Candleland/06 Horses's Head/07 Faith And Healing/08 I Know You Well/09 In Bloom/10 Start Again/11 Pots Of Gold/12 The Dead End/13 Toad/14 Fear Of The Known/15 Rocket Ship/16 Candleland (The Second Coming)/17 The World Is Flat

Mysterio (1992)

01 Magical World/02 Close Your Eyes/03 Dug For Love/04 Honeydrip/05 Damnation/06 Lover, Lover, Lover/07 Webbed/08 Pomegranate/09 Vibor Blue/10 Heaven's Gate/11 In My Head/12 White Hotel (Acoustic Version)/13 The Ground Below/14 Lover, Lover, Lover (Indian Dawn Remix)/15 Vibor Blue (Acoustic Version)/16 Pomegranate (Live)/17 Damnation (Live)

Slideling (2003)

01 Love in Veins/02 Playgrounds and City Parks/03 Sliding/04 Baby Hold On/05 Arthur/06 Seasons/07 Another Train/08 High Wires/09 She Sings (All My Life)/10 Kansas/11 Stake Your Claim

Pro Patria Mori (2012)

01 Different Trees/02 Empty As A House/03 Lift Me Up/04 Pro Patria Mori/05 Raindrop On The Sun/06 Fiery Flame/07 The Party's Over/08 Watch Me Land/09 Me And David Bowie/10 Somewhere In My Dreams

Holy Ghosts (2013)

01 Bring On The Dancing Horses/02 Rescue/03 The Idolness Of Gods/04 Bedbugs And Ballyhoo/05 Pro Patria Mori/06 Angels And Devils/07 Nothing Lasts Forever/08 Arthur/09 Candleland/10 The Killing Moon/11 All My Colours (Zimbo)/12 Watch Me Land/13 The Fountain/14 Somewhere In My Dreams/15 Lips LikeSUGAR

Live at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (2013)

01 Candeland/02 Rescue/03 Bring On The Dancing Horses/04 The Idolness Of Gods/05 The Fountain/06 Proud To Fall/07 Think I Need It Too/08 Fools Like Us/09 Start Again/10 Rust/11 All My Colours (Zimbo)/12 The Flickering Wall/13 Arthur/14 The Killing Moon/15 Nothing Lasts Forever/16 History Chimes/17 Somewhere/18 I'm Waiting For The Man/19 Lips LikeSUGAR

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