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The Doors (Part 21 of, well, many, you believe me NOW right?)

Next up in our Doors series, w advance to part 21.....I think this is KINDA rare, not really sure, this is
known as "1969-71 The Lost Paris Tapes".....let's do this one this way, from Wikipedia:


The Lost Paris Tapes is the title given to a recordedCOLLECTION of unedited poems and songs by rock musician and poet Jim Morrison of The Doors. Although Morrison intentionally made the recordings, they are considered bootlegsbecause they were never officially released to the public in their unedited form by Morrison or his heirs.
The title of the collection is however a misnomer, because the bulk of the recordings were made in Los Angeles in February 1969; long before Morrison traveled to Paris. Morrison took these Los Angeles recordings with him to Paris,[1]where they were found among his belongings after his death.

That about sums it up, I couldn't do better.....there are 30-some tracks here, too much typing for the kid, so here's a copy/paste....be advised that at least according to what it says here, the first two tracks seem to be missing from my set......they are (1 "Session Start" and 2 "In That year (False Start)".....). Without listening to it, I don't know if they are ACTUALLY missing or they were swallowed up in the programming of the disc.....in either case, I hope you Doors fanatics get a thrill from this, hope it's a rarity you've been seeking, etc......

A few have wondered if I am nearly finished with the Doors mega-thing. Answer: No. there is a lot more, and it is in general NOT a bunch of repeated/regurgitated stuff, this is somewhat like my Hendrix series that spanned nearly the entire summer of 2014, the Doors were an important band (to say the least) and we may as well document whatever is available to us.

Track List (cut and pasted, sorry)                                                                          

1."Session Start" 1:06
2."In That Year... [False Start]" 1:02
3."In That Year..." 3:00
4."Bird of Prey" 1:55
5."Tape Noon" 2:22
6."Whiskey, Mystics & Men" 3:38
7."Orange County Suite" 5:34
8."All Hail the American Night" 5:57
9."The American Night" 0:34
10."The Holy Shay" 0:37
11."Hitler Poem" 0:44
12."Can We Resolve the Past" 1:55
13."Always a Playground Instructor" 1:32
14."There's a Belief..." 0:25
15."Indian, Indian..." 0:18
16."Woman in theWINDOW2:40
17."She's Selling News..." 1:11
18."Science of Night" 0:24
19."Tales of the American Night" 0:36
20."Now Listen to This" 0:46
21."Babylon Fading" 0:39
22."Thank You, O Lord" 

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