Glad you picked up on the Matthew Sweet song on the Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits as the post was a prelude to this. Girlfriend is one of my favorite albums, period. I've listened to it a million times and neverTIRE of it; in fact, it was listening to it yesterday that made me realize I didn't have some of his albums and that thought led me down the internet rabbit hole in search of... well, a lot of what's here.

Earth (1989)

01 Easy/02 When I Feel Again/03 Wind And The Sun/04 Children Of Time (Forever)/05 Love/06 Vertigo/07 Underground/08 The Alcohol Talking/09 Vixen/10 How Cool/11 Having a Bad Dream

Girlfriend (1991)

01 Divine Intervention/02 I've Been Waiting/03 Girlfriend/04 Looking At The Sun/05 Winona/06 Evangeline/07 Day For Night/08 Thought I Knew You/09 You Don't Love Me/10 I Wanted To Tell You/11 Don't Go/12 Your Sweet Voice/13 Does She Talk?/14 Holy War/15 Nothing Lasts/16 Superdeformed (Demo)/17 Teenage Female (Demo)/18 Good Friend (Demo)/19 Divine Intervention (Recorded Acoustically AtHOME 9_8_92)/20 Girlfriend (Recorded In London For BBC1 7_22_92)/21 Day For Night (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/22 Thought I Knew You (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/23 Looking At The Sun (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9_8_92)/24 Does She Talk (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/25 You Don't Love Me (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/26 Someone To Pull The Trigger (Recorded In London For BBC1 7_22_92)/27 I've Been Waiting (Recorded Live In Cleveland 3_26_92)/28 Winona (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9_8_92)/29 Girlfriend (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/30 Cortez the Killer (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8_28_92)/31 Isolation (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9_8_92)

Altered Beast (1993)

01 Dinosaur Act/02 Devil With The Green Eyes/03 The Ugly Truth/04 Time Capsule/05 Someone To Pull The Trigger/06 Knowing People/07 Life Without You/08 Intro/09 Ugly Truth Rock/10 Do It Again/11 In Too Deep/12 Reaching Out/13 Falling/14 What Do You Know?/15 Evergreen

Live In Chicago (1993)

01 Dinosaur Act/02 I Wanted To Tell You/03 Ugly Truth Rock/04 Someone To Pull The Trigger/05 Girlfriend/06 Do It Again/07 In Too Deep/08 Day For Night/09 Evangeline/10 Reaching Out/11 Devil With The Green Eyes/12 Knowing People/13 Divine Intervention/14 Does She Talk?/15 Time Capsule/16 Crippled Inside/17 I Want You

Son Of Altered Beast (1994)

01 Devil With The Green Eyes (remix)/02 Superdeformed (live)/03 Someone To Pull The Trigger (live)/04 Knowing People (live)/05 I Wanted To Tell You (live)/06 Don't Cry No Tears (Neil Young cover live)/07 Ultrasuede (unreleased outtake)

100% Fun (1995)

01 Sick Of Myself/02 Not When I Need It/03 We're The Same/04 Giving It Back/05 Everything Changes/06 Lost My Mind/07 Come To Love/08 Walk Out/09 I Almost Forgot/10 Super Baby/11 Get Older/12 Smog Moon

Blue Sky On Mars (1997)

01 Come To California/02 Back To You/03 Where You Get Love/04 Hollow/05 Behind The Smile/06 Until You Break/07 Over It/08 Heaven And Earth/09 All Over My Head/10 Into Your Drug/11 Make Believe/12 Missing Time

In Reverse (1999)

01 Millennium Blues/02 If Time Permits/03 Beware My Love/04 Faith In You/05 Hide/06 Split Personality/07 Future Shock/08 I Should Never Have Let You Know/09 Trade Places/10 What Matters/11 Write Your Own Song/12 Untitled/13 Worse To Live/14 Thunderstorm

キミがスキ・ライフ (2003)

01 Dead Smile/02 Morning Song/03 The Ocean In-Between/04 I Love You/05 I Don't Want To Know/06 Warning/07 Spiral/08 Love Is Gone/09 Hear This/10 Wait/11 Tonight We Ride/12 Through Your Eyes/13 Arigato

Living Things (2004)

01 The Big Cats Of Shambala02 You're Not Sorry/03 Dandelion/04 Push The Feelings/05 In My Tree/06 Cats vs. Dogs/07 I Saw Red/08 In My Time/09 Sunlight/10SEASON Is Over/11 Tomorrow

Sunshine Lies (2008)

01 Time Machine/02 Room To Rock/03 Byrdgirl/04 Flying/05 Feel Fear/06 Let's Love/07 Sunshine Lies/08 Pleasure Is Mine/09 Daisychain/10 Sunrise Eyes/11 Around You Now/12 Burn Through Love/13 Back Of My Mind

Modern Art (2011)

01 Oh, Oldendaze!/02 Ivory Tower/03 She Walks The Night/04 When Love Lets Go I'm Falling/05 Ladyfingers/06 A Little Death/07 Late Nights With The Power Pop/08 Baltimore/09 My Ass Is Grass/10 December Dark/11 Modern Art/12 Sleeping/13 Nowhere

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Under The Covers

Volume One - The 1960's

01 I See The Rain/02 And Your Bird Can Sing/03 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/04 Who Knows Where The Time Goes?05 Cinnamon Girl/06 Alone Again Or/07 Warmth Of The Sun/08 Different Drum/09 The Kids Are Alright/10 Sunday Morning/11 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere/12 Care Of Cell #44/13 Monday Monday/14 She May Call You Up Tonight/15 Run To Me/16 Village Green Preservation Society/17 I Can See For Miles

Volume Two - The 1970's

01 Sugar Magnolia/02 Go All The Way/03 Second Hand News/04 Bell Bottom Blues/05 All The Young Dudes/06 You're So Vain/07 Here Comes My Girl/08 I've Seen All Good People/09 Hello It's Me/10 Willin'/11 Back Of A Car/12 Couldn't I Just Tell You/13 Gimme Some Truth/14 Maggie May/15 Everything I Own/16 Beware The Darkness/17 Dreamin'/18 Marquee Moon/19 I Wanna Be Sedated/20 Baby Blue/21 You Say You Don't Love Me/22 (What So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding/23 You Can Close Your Eyes/24 Melissa/25 Killer Queen/26 A Song For You

Volume Three - The 1980's

01 Sitting Still/02 Girls Talk/03 Big Brown Eyes/04 Kid/05 Free Fallin'/06SAVE It for Later/07 They Don't Know/08 The Bulrushes/09 Our Lips Are Sealed/10 How Soon Is Now?/11 More Than This/12 Towers of London/13 Killing Moon/14 Trouble/15 Train In Vain/16 You're My Favourite Waste Of Time/17 I Would Die 4 U