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I don't want no baby that looks like THAT!!!!!

Catch your attention, did I, with the fab pistols lyric (from "Bodies" of course)?.......I've got about a
metric tonne of Pistols shit, really incredible for a band that released (officially) about 1.5 LP's worth of material......some of these have been posted before, some maybe not, but staying in compliance with my new "it's REALLY OK to repost shit" policy (I wonder why I've stuck so adamantly to that over the years.....and I really, to be honest, have been kind of a prick about it.......oh well, fuck it).

Obviously I don't want to do post here with all (or even NEARLY all) of my Pistols stuff, it would be a LOT of shit repeated over and over, a lot of BAD sounding live shit, some unlistenable demos, etc......but I do think maybe I have a jewel or two in the pile, that you may appreciate......let me go through this (large) stack, and we'll see what looks interesting.

From 1977 and fairly rare is "Party Til You Puke"......incorrectly listed sometimes as a "demo" recording, it is actually simply alternate versions of several of the songs on "Bollocks".....in fact the versions of "Bodies", "New York", "liar" and "EMI (second version)" are the same versions to appear on "Bollocks".....anyway, I wanted to add this quote from the album cover just for fun:

SID at his most VICIOUS! 

yeah fucking SHOCKING huh?

Ok, let's move on......"Spunk" was rush-released to beat "Bollocks" to the stores, there are various demo versions of some "Bollocks" tracks here, as well as some identical issues....this is/was my brother's album, I recall most of the tracks are titled incorrectly ("Anarchy in the UK" is labeled as "Nookie" (???????).......and more. No idea what that is all about, but there are a few different versions of a couple of them here for those of you that are desperate for some "different' Pistols tracks 40 years after the fact!

A HUGE fave of mine is "Some Product", which features NO MUSIC whatsoever, simply the Pistols being boorish and rude on various radio programs.....sample: Caller: "Do you think Iggy Pop is God?" Johnny: "I think he's an old WANKER"........caller: "Hey, what do you guys think of Kiss? (just asking for it wasn't he?)"....Pistols: "Ahhhh, they suck as well!""They can KISS my ASS!"......fantastic, and if you die before hearing the track entitled "Big Tits Across America", shame on you, it's a life changer!

I'm gonna leave it at that for now......as I said, I have a whole stack of this stuff, maybe 100 discs or so, but it would get FAR too repititious and redundant to post them all, as well a the fact that many of them sound like shit anyway.

So, here's a brief  Pistols sort-of rarities selection.......just for fun, but I HIGHLY recommend "Some Product", non-musical as I said, but unparalleled as comedy, it truly is uproarious and if you miss it AGAIN you will be sorry! A great (unintentionally so) album that will have you laughing your ass off.

PARTY TILL YOU PUKE-01 EMI/02 Sub Mission/03 Satellite/04 No Feelings/05 Seventeen (Lazy Sod)/06 Bodies/07 New York/08 Liar/09 EMI (2nd version)/10 Submission (2nd version)

notes- as stated before, tracks 6-9 are indentical to the official releases, the others are different in varying degrees

SPUNK-01 Seventeen/02 Satellite/03 Feelings ( No Feelings)/04 (Just Me) I Wanna Be Me/ 05 Submission/06 Nookie (Anarchy in the UK)/07 No Future (God Save the Queen)/08 Problems/09 Lots of Fun (Pretty Vacant)/10 Liar/11 Who Was it (EMI)/12 New York (Looking For a Kiss)/13 Anarchy in the UK (Denmark Street Demo July 1976)/14 Pretty Vacant (Denmark Street Demo July 1976)/15 No Fun (Unedited Version October 1976)

SOME PRODUCT-01 The Very Name 'Sex Pistols'/02 From Beyond the Grave/03 Big Tits Across America/04 The Complex World of Johnny Rotten/05 Sex Pistols Will Play/06 Is the Queen a Moron?/07 The Fucking Rotter

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