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Setting my watch by the great Jon S

(scott)-The legend that is Jon S sends a bunch of stuff for your approval.....like I said
yesterday, this guy is nothing if not unpredictable as to his fab submissions, and also has NEVER EVER disappointed. Check below as he submits more R*dioh*ad, and other Jon S-related classics from the likes of Girl Band and the incredible Car Seat Headrest....thanks som much Jon S, much love from the blog your way as always!


Ok - a couple of new things, and some live stuff. 

Kino Kimino is a Kim Talon project, with Steve Shelly and Lee Ranaldo joining her in the studio, and Bait Is For Sissies has a fun, sharp 80's throwback sound.

Weaves have an angular post-pop-punk sound. Another fun album, this and Kino Kimino I'd call good summer riding in theCAR records.

A couple of recent Car Seat Headrest live recordings - one is from their recent Pitchfork Festival show and the other is short, in studio set. Both feature a cover of David Bowie's song Blackstar and are pretty cool.

A threesome of Girl Band recordings, also featuring their recent Pitchfork Festival show.

And finally, a soundboard recording of Radiohead from a few weeks ago - soundboards being a rarity so far on this tour.

Kino Kimino - Bait Is for Sissies (2016)

01 Passion/02 Pale Calico/03 Blood Bath/04 Rosy Rudiger/05 Loincloth/06 Caste Out/07 Chalk Like/08 Hide Your Kin/09 Grapes/10 Lace Them Out 

Weaves - Weaves

01 Tick/02 Birds & Bees/03 Candy/04 Shithole/05 Eagle/06 Two Oceans/07 Human/08 Coo Coo/09 Sentence/10 One More/11 Stress

Car Seat Headrest

Pitchfork Music Festival 7/15/16

01 Fill In The Blank/02 Blackstar_Times To Die/03 Vincent/04 Drunk Drivers_Killer Whales/05 1937 State Park/06 Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)/07 Something Soon

The Current Session 7/18/16 (Live in studio)

01 Stop Smoking/02 Fill In The Blank/03 Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)/04 Blackstar

Girl Band

The Casbah, San Diego 3/24/15

01 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?/02 Lawman/03 The Cha Cha Cha/04 Sexy Wife/05 De Bom Bom/06 Paul

The Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco 3/27/15

01 Sexy Wife/02 De Bom Bom/03 Lawman/04 Why They Hiding Bodies Under My Garage/05 Paul/06 The Cha Cha Cha

Pitchfork Music Festival 7/15/16

01 Pears For Lunch/02 De Bom Bom/03 Baloo/04 Fucking Butter/05 In Plastic/06 Lawman/07 Paul


OpenAir Festival, Switzerland 7/2/16

01 Burn the Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Ful Stop/06 Lucky/07 Talk Show Host/08 Lotus Flower/09 No Surprises/10 Pyramid Song/11 The Numbers/12 Identikit/13 Weird Fishes_Arpeggi/14 Everything in Its Right Place/15 Idioteque/16 Bodysnatchers/17 Street Spirit (Fade Out)/18 Bloom/19 ParanoidANDROID/20 Nude/21 2 + 2 = 5/22 There There/23 Exit Music (for a Film)/24 Karma Police

and ALSO for R*dioh*ad fans:

a fantastic 1080p 50fps concert on youtube -  NOS Alive Festival 2016

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