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Brian - Return Of The Disco

It's the Disco sequel you didn't know was coming. Hell, I didn't even know it was coming! But while I've got several cover projects brewing to celebrate a year of doing them, I've been spinning some interesting disco albums lately. I found all of these on Song365.   And compared to my previous disco post (growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/02/brians-got-some-disco-oddities.html), this one is a lot bigger. But, before we get to the studio band obscurities, let's get to the famous names in this post...

Isaac Hayes - Disco Connection (1976)
Among all the soul/funk stars to try their hand at disco, I think it was easiest on Isaac Hayes, due to his already masterful writing for strings. Plenty of good Stax-flavored funk to be found here.

James Brown - Jam/1980's (1978)
The Godfather returns for another slice of disco, one titled "1980's" even though it was released two years before. And look at that cover; my man is a superhero! Kidding aside, this is a great funky album, though the 18 minute "Jam" does wear out it's welcome. Plenty of other great funky disco, though. From a slightly crackly but very warm vinyl rip.

The J.B.'s - Jam II Disco Fever (1978)
Following James's example, his backing band The J.B.'s turned out a disco album too. Though it lacks some originality - every song has the word "disco" in the title - there's some fairly good jams.  But...."I Wanna Hug My Baby At the Disco"? Sounds like it could've been on one of the Sesame Street disco albums!

Van McCoy - Disco Baby (1975)
One of the ground floor disco albums. Has the perennial song "The Hustle", as well as a good version of the Ohio Player's "Fire", and several others. A good club disc - it's more than just the hit single.

Disco Rock Machine - Time to Love (1978)

Can't find any info on these guys. Appears to be one of those studio band albums - I'm sure the gal on the cover has nothing to do with it. Has two interesting covers - one of Stevie Wonder's "Living For the City", and one of The Kinks'"You Really Got Me". The original "Time To Love" is anthemic in that kind of way that late 90's techno was. "Loving Styles" is a bit too poppy for me. All four tracks are 7 minute dance edits, so get your boogie shoes on!

Magic Disco Machine - Disc-O-Tech (1975)

Apparently there was more than one "disco machine" back in the day! I think this came out on Motown. Well played stuff.

D.D. Sound - Disco Delivery (1977)

Man, doesn't that cover scream Seventies? D.D. Sound was a German studio outfit that only made this one LP. Might be my fave out of all the "studio band" albums.

Haven't done a comedy bonus in quite awhile. This one is a two disc album by the best black comic of the 70's. I'm not gonna say his name. Enjoy.

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