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Brian - This Is A Hijacking!

(Brian here)

Since I'm briefly at the helm of Growing Bored, I want to stump for some old links of mine, including some comedy that was hidden. But first something Scott wanted put up...

"Day Of The Dead" comp

Three disc set of Grateful Dead covers from 4AD Records. While Scott and I aren't Deadheads at all, this is a great listen. I mean, it's 4AD! Check it out.

When I did that P Covers post awhile ago, this was one of the files that I'd hidden a link for. It is a compilation of P songs from all over: B-Sides, movie tracks, odd mixes, latter day singles....there's also him doing a live version of R•diohe•d's "Creep" at Coachella. Please check this one out.

Adam S - They're All Gonna Laugh At You!
Great comedy album from back when he was funny.

Stevens & Grodnic - Somewhere Over The Radio
Great 70's comedy album based around FM radio. A lost classic.

David Brenner - Excuse Me Are You Reading That Paper?
Funny shit. Kind of a comedy concept album about growing up in Philly.

Roy Orbison - Greatest Monument Hits
You all need more Roy in your life, so get to it.

Redd Foxx - 2 Albums
The ultimate smartass.

G.G. Allin Compilation
That ugly little masterpiece I made. I listen to this one on shitty days. Give the world the finger.

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