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Car Seat Headrest

Great submission from Jon S of a band with which I was, indeed, TOTALLY unfamiliar with.....I
took his advice and listened to "Teens of Denial", and find it totally fab.....so I did indeed look up their story on Wikipedia, quite interesting as well, they have a quite large volume of work, which was self-released on Bandcamp prior to their signing with Matador Records. Also checked a few of their YouTube videos......really good band, quite good......one of those that I can't really think of ANYTHING to compare them to right off the bat (maybe Pavement, but really only in attitude, not really in sound which is more rocking) and isn't that perhaps the ultimate compliment?

Thus far, I have listened to but the one album (plus the few videos), but based on these, I recommend this highly......hope to check out (or at least carpet bomb) the rest of their stuff at work tonight, but Jon S hasn't steered us wrong yet, so go ahead and check out this very good (so far), unknown (to ME at least) band, MORE potential "year end" list material, I'm pretty sure that "Teens of Denial" will be on there somewhere!


I'm going to try and make this easy on both of us. Listen to Teens of Denial by Car Seat Headrest, the best band you've never heard. If you like it, try Teens Of Style. If you like that, read the wikipedia entry for theHISTORY and maybe try some of the other things listed here - or all of them, its up to you.

Teens Of Denial (2016)

01 Fill in the Blank/02 Vincent/03 Destroyed by Hippie Powers/04 (Joe Gets Kicked out of School for Using) Drugs with Friends [But Says This Isn't aPROBLEM]/05 Just What I Needed...Not Just What I Needed/06 Drunk Drivers...Killer Whales.mp3/07 1937 State Park/08 Unforgiving Girl (She's Not An)/09 Cosmic Hero/10 The Ballad of the Costa Concordia/11 Connect the Dots (The Saga of Frank Sinatra)/12 Joe Goes to School

Teens Of Style (2015)

01 Sunburned Shirts/02 The Drum/03 Something Soon/04 No Passion/05 Times To Die/06 Psst, Teenagers, Take Off Your Clo/07 Strangers/08 Maud Gone/09 Los Borrachoes ( I Don't Have Any Hope Left, But The Weather Is Nice )/10 Bad Role Models, Old Idols Exhumed ( Psst, Teenagers, Put Your Clothes Back On )/11 Oh! Starving

CakeSHOP, NYC 10/15/15 (recorded by nyctaper.com)

01 The Ending of Dramamine/02 Times To Die/03 Something Soon/04 Oh! Starving

1 (2010)

01 tybee island horse ghosts/02 good sunday/03 big jacket/04 Cesare the somnambulist/05HAPPY_ugly/06 David Lynch versus the moon/07 his shinyCUSTOMERS/08 up all night/09 inside the bell jar/10 july new hey/11 kid war/12 you have to go to college/13 yes bulletin/14 mortgages for veterans/15 my dad just passed out/16 what does OUJ stand for

2 (2010)

01 smokezone/02 this one time I went to a coffee house because some guy I knew was playing and I just sat there for an hour and didn't talk to anyone and then I came home and wrote this song/03 we are in space/04 it's you, you're the asshole that made this/05 shoelaces/06 act suspicious/07 reversible jacket/08 the majesticHOTEL/09 90/10 fiction I/11 hanging out with my mom in women's apparel/12 ...then it will be exactly the same as earth

3 (2010)

01 no starving/02 portrait of the artist as a young fag/03 beach weak/04 foreign song/05 psst, teenagers, take off your clo/06 sun hot/07 beach fagz/08 summer bummer/09 ryan north by northwest/10 beach drugs/11 beach death/12 beach funeral/13 oh! starving

4 (2010)

01 a good bridge to never cross until there's no doubt that he's dead/02 who even knows/03 even the who knows/04 not _kidding_ around/05 heartless dick/06 dickless heart/07 feel like daniel johnston/08 the ghost of bob saget/09 around

Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them (2010)

01 leave together/02 I don't want you/03 I am afraid of literally everything/04 100 minutes of solitude/05 neon sign/06 samson's golden axe/07 I scream social/08 wachovia receipts/09 the singles song/10 get better get well/11 squid desert/12 ff/13 nothing/14 surf jerk/15 a pleasant sort of terror/16 total burn/17 when I'm here/18 the staying song/19 I CAN TALK WITH MY EYES SHUT/20 the vice president of google and et al/21 hot sun

My Back Is Killing Me Baby (2011)

01 the drum/02 happy news for sadness/03 sunburned shirts/04 stoop kid/05 something soon/06 no passion/07 father, flesh in rags/08 strangers/09 lawns/10 p.o.w./11 open-mouthed boy

Twin Fantasy (2011)

01 My Boy (Twin Fantasy)/02 Beach Life-In-Death/03 Stop Smoking/04 Sober To Death/05 Nervous Young Inhumans/06 Bodys/07 Cute Thing/08 High To Death/09 Famous Prophets MINDS)/10 Twin Fantasy (Those Boys)

Monomania (2012)

01 Romantic Theory/02 Misheard Lyrics (Feat. Nora Knight)/03 Times To Die/04 Overexposed (Enjoy)/05 Los Borrachos (I Don_t Have Any Hope Left, But The Weather Is Nice)/06 Souls/07 Maud Gone/08 Sleeping With Strangers/09 Anchorite (Love You Very Much)

Nervous Young Man (2013)

01 Boxing Day/02 We Can't Afford (Your Depression Anymore)/03 Don't Remind Me/04HOMES/05 Afterglow/06 Jerks/07 Broken Birds (Rest In Pieces)/08 The Gun Song/09 Goodbye Love/10 I Can Play The Piano/11 Crows (Rest In Bigger Pieces Mix)/12 I Wanna Sweat/13 Burning Man/14 Dreams Fall Hard/15 Plane Crash Blues (I Can't Play The Piano)/16 Big Jacket/17 Death At The Movies/18 Jus' Tired/19 Some Strange Angel/20 Knife In The Coffee

How To Leave Town (2014)

01 The Ending of Dramamine/02 Beast Monster Thing (Love Isn't Love Enough)/03 Kimochi Warui (When_ When_ When_ When_ When_ When_ When_)/04 I-94 W (832 mi)/05 You're In Love With Me/06 America (Never Been)/07 I Want You To Know That I'm Awake_I Hope That You're Asleep/08 is this dust really from the Titanic_/09 Hey, Space Cadet! (Beast Monster Thing in Space)

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