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The Joint: Fairly obscure UK 1960's psych

John N sends this one along, really not sure if I have/or am aware of it or not......it is "Freak Street" by The Joint, (UK 1967)......pretty sure I HAVE heard this one, check the short review below to see if it's something you are down with.....I'll have to refamiliarize myself with it, but I think (if i recall right) it's kind of an uncovered gem. See what ya think!

The Joint - Freak Street (1967 uk, proto progressive freak psych gem)

The Joint were created in July 1967 out of the Folkestone band The Lonely Ones, who had included in the early line up Noel Redding, who of course went of fame and fortune with Jimi Hendrix Experience, also Jim Leverton, who Played with The Yardbirds and Rick Davies who become famous as a member with the Supertramp

During European dates in 1967 the band made up with film writer David Llewelyn and director/composer George Moorse and went on to record soundtrack material for a series Munich underground movies in Germany, including “Jet Generation” and “Der Griller”.

Most of the recordings of The Joint were long presumed lost, this release has been taken from a ¼ inch demo tape, it has been degenerated over time and the sound quality suffers in some places as a consequence, but to bring this great lost band to light again -after almost 40 years- feel sure is worth it. 

1. Freak St (Williams, Moorse) - 5:10
2. Dinosaur (Llewelyn, Moorse) - 2:55
3. Runman Gunman (Williams, Moorse) - 3:53
4. Laura's (Llewelyn) - 3:24
5. On The Other Side (Davies, Moorse) - 4:24
6. Chariot Of Mercury (Andrews) - 3:58
7. No Sweat (Llewelyn) - 2:55
8. Cheap Freedom Joy (Llewelyn, Moorse) - 2:28
9. Turnstile (Llewelyn) - 8:07
10.Joint Melody (The Joint) - 1:51

The Joint
*John Andy Andrews - Lead Vocals
*Trevor Willians - Guitar, Vocals
*Rick Davies - Keyboard, Vocals
*Keith Bailey - Drums
*Martin Vinson/Steve Brass - Bass
*Tony Catchpole - Guitar

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