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The Ultimate Power Pop Guide part 2/2

Here are the other four discs of this collection, apparently, according to a couple of people, the first
post track lists don't line up with what is actually on the discs.....I'm going to try to investigate that a bit, hopefully I can square everything, but you never know.....I am going to go ahead and put volumes 6-9 up there, hopefully things come CLOSE at least to matching.....we'll see, but this set is so good that we can listen NOW, correct technicalities later, I guess......


Sixth part (126->150) of the unauthorized best of the ultimate power pop guide. A few items are tricky-to-find (R.F & The Radar AngelsTheChicaynes/Patriots), some others (NumbersThe PopThe Cryersand Dancing Hoods) which are not available in CD format can be foundALL around the blogs. Finally, some CD's (Jim Basnight & The MoberlysThe Hudson BrothersArtful Dodger and Blue) are not the easiest items to find. (Try ebay).

mp3 / 193 mb 
THE LIST(126 -> 150)
Rank Band - Album (Song)

126 Three Hour Tour - 1969 (Valentine's Day)
127 The Three O'Clock - Arrive Without Travelling... (Underwater)
128 RF & The Radar Angels -PICTURE Of Linda (The Heartbeat Song)
129 Jason Falkner - Necessity The 4-Track Years (ILIVE)
130 Tim Cullen - Fun Razor (Now It's Over)
131 The Hudson Brothers - So You Are A Star... (So You Are A Star)
132 The Cryers - The Cryers ((It's Gonna Be A) Heartbreaker)
133 The Pop - The Pop (Nobody's Toy)
134 Numbers - Add Up (Can't Take It)
135 The Tickets - The Tickets (I Don't Belong)
136 Dancing Hoods - 12 Jealous Roses (Impossible Years)
137 Swinger -HALF Day Road (Away)
138 The Bad Examples - Bad Is Beautiful (Ashes Of My Heart)
139 The Mockers - The Lonesome Death Of Electric... (Mola Guay OK)
140 Jim Basnight & The Moberlys - Seattle-New... (Alone With Her)
141 Artful Dodger - Rave On (A Girl (La La La))
142 Owsley - Owsley (The Homecoming Song)
143 The Click Five - Greetings From Imrie... (Angel To You (Devil To Me))
144 Chopper - Slogans And Jingles (She Exploded)
145 The Orgone Box - The Orgone Box (World Revolves)
146 Blue - Blue (Look Around)
147 The Blondes - SwedishHEAT (California Sunshine)
148 The Patriots - Second Thoughts_Pharaoh´s Land (She Loves You Too)
149 The Cowsills - Global (You've Got No Time)
150 The Mice - For Almost Ever Scooter (Bye Bye Kitty Cat)


PenultimatePART (151->175) of the unauthorized best of the ultimate power pop guide. Once again, a few items (Jack LeeHawks,) have never been reissued in CD format, so you'll have to blog around, try ebay, or even better any vinyl bargain bins. The Pleasers' CD isNOW out-of-print but has been remastered and is available thru itunes. Kenny Howes is also OOP (try ebay). The Roswells 's CD is just back in stock at Not Lame, so grab it as soon as possible.

mp3 / 190 mb

THE LIST(151 -> 175)
Rank Band - Album (Song)

151 Tal Bachman - Tal Bachman (Looks Like Rain)
152 The Sun Sawed In 1/2 - Fizzy Lift (Mary Celeste)
153 Jack Lee - Jack Lee (Why Am I So Lonely)
154 Bronco Bullfrog - OakAPPLE Day (I Don't Need The Sunshine)
155 Beagle - Sound On Sound (ADIFFERENT Sunday)
156 Jensen Bell - Modern Dating Tips (Kitsch Lorraine)
157 Kenny Howes - Second Album (Thought You'd Never Go)
158 The Searchers - The Sire Sessions 79-80 (It's Too Late)
159 The Dons - Dawn Of The Dons (It's Over Now)
160 The Pleasers - Thamesbeat (Troublemaker)
161 Teen Machine - After School Special (Sugarland)
162 Hawks - Hawks (It's All Right, It's O.K)
163 DL Byron - This Day And Age (Get With It)
164 Tommy Hoehn - Losing You To Sleep (Hey Polarity!)
165 Dodgy -FREE Peace Sweet (Jack The Lad)
166 E.I.E.I.O. - That Love Thang (Sea Of Light)
167 Enuff Z'Nuff - 1985 (I'll B The 1 2 Luv U)
168 Einstein's Sister - Learning Curves TOGETHER We're Alone)
169 The Roswells - The Roswells (Foul Weather Friend)
170 The Sneetches - Blow Out The Sun (What I Know)
171 The Nines - Wonderworld Of Colourful (Jennifer Smiles)
172 Matt Bruno - Punch & Beauty (Dancing)
173 Soul Engines - Closer Still (Tomorrow's Girl) 
174 Thurman - Lux (Strung Out)
175 The Masticators - Masticate (He's Coming Out)


And now the ultimate part of the Ultimate Power Pop Guide. Three albums (Ian NorthBeat Rodeo and Richard Barone) are not available in CD format. A few other ones (The SemanticsRed Letter DayThe Yum YumsLoveless ) areMORE or less tricky-to-find items (try ebay). The Buster's album has just been reissued in CD format by Airmail Recordings in Japan.

Special Note: i'd like to thank everybody for all the nice comments posted about this "huge" series...which could have some kind of a sequel...

mp3 / 193 mb
THE LIST(176 -> 200)                                                  

Rank Band - Album (Song)

176 Ian North - Neo (She Kills Me)
177 Lisa Mychols -LOST Winter's Dream LOST Winter's Dream)
178 The Wannadies - Aquanautic (Lucky You)
179 The Yum Yums - Singles 'n' Stuff (Be With Me)
180 The Brotherhood Of Lizards - Lizardland (The Happening Guy)
181 The Semantics - Powerbill (Coming Up Roses)
182 Loveless - A Tale Of Gin... (Sex, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll Are Dead)
183 Farrah - Me Too (He Gives An Inch)
184 The Bloody Chicletts - Presenting (Kaos)
185 Blue Ash - Around Again (Around Again)
186 Tremblers - Twice Nightly (She Was Something Else)
187 The Candyskins - Fun (Tired Of Being Happy)
188 Red Letter Day - Red Letter Day (She´s Varispeed)
189 E - A Man Called (E) (Nowheresville)
190 Beat Rodeo - Staying Out Late With (Just Friends)
191 The Carpet Frogs - Frog Curry (Lisa'sNEW Dress)
192 Brainpool - StayFREE (Here's A Boy)
193 Liquor Giants - Something For The Kids (Don't Ever Leave Me)
194 Richard Barone - Nuts & Bolts (Lost Like Me)
195 Pendletones - Nothing Happened, You Just... (Work It Out)
196 The Winnerys - And...The Winnerys (That Magical Wonder)
197 Buster - Buster (We Love Girls)
198 Barry Holdship Four - The Jesse Garon Project (Words Of Wisdom)
199 Chewy Marble - Bowl Of Surreal (Tiny World)
200 The Waking Hours - The Good Way (Jade)


Tributes or not tributes, you may like them or not. One way or another, powerpop has its roots in the past, and tributes albums willALWAYS be enjoyable in their own way. This is the 9th volume of the Ultimate Power Pop Guide, the one devoted to the tributes. Most of them are easy to purchase, only two are really tricky-to-find: Bobby Fuller (Our Favorite Texan) & The Left Banke (Shadows Breaking Over Our Heads). Both of them are out-of-print. Now for your info, The "Bobby Fuller Tribute" was only released in Japan, so try ebay...or powerpop criminal$ sooner or later.

mp3 / 192 mb
THE LIST(Tributes)
Rank Tribute - Band (Song)

The top 10 tributes (there are two Sir Paul tributes)
Right To Chews - Linus Of Hollywood (I Enjoy Being A Boy...)
Melody Fair -MATERIAL Issue (Run To Me)
Sing Hollies In Reverse - Tommy Keene (Carrie Anne)
Shoe Fetish - Jeffrey Foskett YOUR Very Eyes)
Come And Get It - Paranoid Lovesick (Icicles)
Lowe Profile - Bryan Shaddix (Couldnt Love You (Anymore Than I Do)
Coming Up - The Shazam (Helen Wheels)
Listen To What The Man Said - Sloan (Waterfalls)
Our Favorite Texan - Richard Barone (Nancy Jean)
10 Shadows Breaking Over Our Heads - Phenomenal Cats (I've Got...)
11 Substitution Mass Confusion - Johnny Monaco (Dangerous Type)

 Ten excellent tracks from tributes that didn't make the top 10
12 It Was 40 Years Ago - The Lackloves (Hey Bulldog)
13 What A Concept - Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings (About You)
14 The Stiff Generation - Bill Lloyd WHOLE Wide World)
15 Everyday Is A Holly Day - Shoes (Words Of Love)
16 He's A Rebel - Gail George (Mr Moon, Mr Cupid and I)
17 He Was Fab - Sparkle*Jets UK (Devil's Radio)
18 Preserved - The Rubinoos (Cruisin' Music)
19 What The World Needs Now - Splitsville (I'll Never Fall In Love Again)
20 Left Of The Dial - The Masticators (Bastards Of Young)
21 Bonograph - Skeletons (It's The Little Things)

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