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Fuzz from Fuzz

(scott) From Studkid, the great and under appreciated Ty Segall with his fab new band Fuzz....a pair
of albums for you to ingest here, I've heard em and they are DEF worth the while. I have a TON of boots etc from Ty I need to get up some time......thanks studkid!


        Fuzz - Fuzz
1."Earthen Gate" 5:01
2."Sleigh Ride" 3:12
3."What's In My Head?" 3:55
4."HazeMaze" 5:50
5."Loose Sutures" 6:13
6."Preacher" 2:21
7."Raise" 3:43
8."One" 6:06

 Fuzz - II      
1."Time Collapse II/The 7th Terror" 7:06
2."Rat Race" 2:45
3."Let It Live" 5:20
4."Pollinate" 3:45
5."Bringer of Light" 4:41
6."Pipe" 3:20
7."Say Hello" 4:49
8."Burning Wreath" 4:48
9."Red Flag" 1:48
10."Jack the Maggot" 4:09
11.NEW Flesh" 2:31
12."Sleestak" 2:34
13."Silent Sits the Dust Bowl" 5:58
14."II" 13:48

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