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Part 2 of Jonder's Collection of Iggy Collaborations

(Scott)-Once again this evening, I am planning on posting quite a bit of good stuff for you, my plan of
slacking off once I returned to work didn't quite go anything like that, for a variety of reasons. In the lead off slot ala Rickey Henderson (it's a BASEBALL reference for gawd's sake!) is one of our splendid regulars, following up his previously posted set of Iggy Pop collaborations with this, which spotlights Mr. Osterburg taking on various other genres......things are about to get strange.......
There is a sophisticated side to Iggy Pop.  He is fond of jazz, and speaks French.  He has recorded readings of William S. Burroughs, Walt Whitman, and Edgar Allen Poe.  He has done voice work for the film Persopolis, an opera about the Manson Family, and the TV show Lil' Bush.   And he has lent his rich baritone to a surprising variety of other artists' songs.

Thanks to my Grow Bored bro Brian for "We Have All The Time In The World",  part of Brian's cool James Bond compilation, which you can still download here:growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/03/brian-strikes-back-with-james-bond-007.html.

Thanks to left-and-to-the-back.blogspot.com for the Upholstered Eldorados track.  A commenter suggested the Raindogs track, and ihatethe90s.blogspot.com found it for me.  Thank you both!  "Dance Of The Freaks" starts with a verse from a "pimp toast" of the same name, which Iggy repeats mid-song.  If you want to know more about the oral tradition of toasts, here is a link to the book "Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me":  tinyurl.com/GitchaA

I shortened "Nothin But Time", a painfully long Cat Power song from her breakup album, Sun.  She wanted David Bowie to sing on it, and she was clearly going for a "Heroes" vibe, but the Ig got the gig.  

Iggy has also appeared on records by the reunited New York Dolls, Kesha, The Cult, Jemina Pearl, Was Not Was, Joe Jackson, Hole, Bill Laswell, Mogwai, and (of course) David Bowie.  This is my second set of Iggy guest spots.  The first was posted here:  growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/06/jonders-iggy-collaborations-post.html

IGGY SWINGS:  tinyurl.com/1gSw1ngz

01 Stray Dog (with New Order)
02 Risky (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
03 We Have All The Time In The World (with David Arnold)
04 I'll Be Seeing You (with Françoise Hardy)
05 La Dernière Pluie (with Emmanuelle Seigner)
06 Initial BB (with Lulu Gainsbourg)
07 La Uva (with Le Butcherettes)
08 Daw da Hiya (with Ofra Haza)
09 My Love Is Bad (with Les Rita Mitsouko)
10 Well, Did You Evah (with Debbie Harry)
11 Evil California (with the Low Note Quintet)
12 In The Deathcar (with Goran Bregovic)
13 I Wanna Talk Like Iggy Pop (by the Upholstered Eldorados)
14 He's Frank (Slight Return) (with The BPA)
15 Punkrocker (Squeak E. Clean Remix) (with Teddybears)
16 Nothin But Time (with Cat Power)
17 Dance Of The Freaks (with the Raindogs)
18 Milk Cow Blues
19 Asshole Rules The Navy (with A Hack And A Hacksaw


Thanks again to Jonder for another highly imaginative, informative AND entertaining creation......as always, I hope it inspires others to strive for similar creations. Thanks to Jonder, a great contributor!

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