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A fairly difficult to locate, at least for me, band from Australia which is certainly one of the "Sons of Kyuss", making it a bit MORE difficult is that there are multiple bands that use this moniker. I have some stuff here from one of the "other" Wrench's, maybe at some point we'll host a battle of the Wrenches?

Anyway, here's what I have (not as much as I'd like) from the Wrecnh that I'm focusing on right now.....singer Nigel Ryan, bassist/keyboardist John McNichol, drummer Chris McNichol, and guitarist Craig Elliott......obviously they've heard a Kyuss record or two before, but there isn't a damn thing wrong with that. What I have is a fine album "Oscillator Blues" (2001), which features plenty of loud slamming numbers: "Gravitorn", Humanoid" and most every track here....

They have a few more albums that I don't happen to own (help, anyone?), but I do have an ancient internet creation that I grabbed YEARS ago, "Fuzzbox Finest Series", which featured about 7 or 8 great stoner bands, of which Wrench was one......there is a BIT of overlap with "Oscillator", but I really can't be too picky here.....good stoner band, If mark Eveleigh is still out there, he'd be a solid bet to have their other 2-3 albums. Mark?

OSCILLATOR BLUES-01 Gravitron/02 Humanoid/03 Twenty Times/04 Oscillator Blues/05 Free Ride/06 Drive On/07 Aloha Mama/08 Sleepy John/09 Avalanche/10 Headlight/11 Lights Came Down/12 Green Mars

FUZZBOX FINEST SERIES-01 Gravtron/02 Byproduct/03 Aloha Mama/04 King B/05 Thirty Mile Hop/06 Melt It/07 Green Lantern

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