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Fire Escape

Strange album here. Fire Escape were apparently a bunch of session musicians assembled by Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd, to cover a batch of 1960's standards (title track, "96 Tears", more).....the thing here is we are uncertain as to whom the performers were on this one, at all.....it is rumored that Fowley performed, also Sky Saxon of the Seeds and some others, but basically its been shrouded in mystery. However, listen to this, it's actually quite a find selection of good cover versions of good songs of the era.

To the best of my knowledge, there was never again a recording credited to (this version, at least) of Fire Escape.

Trust me on this one, a historical curiosity that is ALSO worth a couple of listens, these are obviously songs that translate well to cover versions.

PSYCHOTIC REACTION-01 Psychotic Reaction/02 Talk Talk/03 Love Special Delivery/04 The Trip/05 96 Tears/06 Blood Beat/07 Trip Maker/08 Journeys End/09 Pictures and Designs/10 Fortune Teller

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