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Jonder's Iggy collaborations post

(scott)-Lots of folks have weighed in on Iggy here, seems on right that blog regular Jonder comes up with an
original concept, a series of collaborations that Mr. Osterburg has done with others, as well as a handfull of covers.....great stuff, this needed to be documented somewhere, personally I've always thought his collaboration with Peaches ("Kick It") was fab, and Black Flag, Buckethead, Boss Martians, and basically everyone here seems like a perfect compliment to Iggy.....keep in mind this is only part ONE (of two) and all thanks to Jonder for this fine piece of work!

Iggy Pop has collaborated with a surprising range of artists during the past 25 years.  Here are some of his guest appearances, as well as tracks from tribute albums.  I've got another set of Iggy collaborations coming, which will feature Mr. Pop's forays into jazz, blues, electronic and world music.  

Today's set focuses on the rock songs.  They're not all great, but if you're an Iggy fan you gotta hear "Mars Is For Martians" and his wicked version of  "Sookie Sookie".

We Are The Lilies is a project that involved Sergio Dias from the Brazilian group Os Mutantes.  The BPA is another alias for Fatboy Slim, and "Superfrank" is a remix of a Monochrome Set cover ("He's Frank"). 

I combined Iggy's two songs with At The Drive In:  his surrealistic spoken intro to "Enfilade" segues into the blistering "Rolodex Propaganda".  I also shortened "Post Office Buddy" (sorry, Buckethead fans).

IGGY ROCKS:  tinyurl.com/1ggyRox

01 Mars Is For Martians (with the Boss Martians)
02 If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up (Betty Davis cover with the Zig Zags)
03 Kick It (with Peaches)
04 Miniskirt Blues (with the Cramps)
05 Punkrocker (with the Teddybears)
06 Superfrank (BPA remix of Monochrome Set cover)
07 Why? (with We Are The Lilies)
08 Let's Boot And Rally (with Bethany Consentino from Best Coast)
09 Sookie Sookie (Don Covay cover)
10 We're All Gonna Die (with Slash)
11 Fix Me (Black Flag cover)
12 Post Office Buddy (with Buckethead)
13 Enfilade intro/Rolodex Propaganda (with At The Drive-In)
14 Black Sunshine (with White Zombie)
15 Aisha (with Death In Vegas)
16 Supersonic (with the Nymphs)
17 Pain (with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse)
18 Lonely Boy (Black Keys cover with Ginger Baker)
19 You Better Run (Junior Kimbrough cover with the Stooges)
20 Nobody's City (Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover with Nick Cave)
21 C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran cover)

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