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From Jon S: "And You may Ask Yourself"....

(Scott) yes, I have been referring to my upcoming Talking Heads multi-part extravaganza, as usual, with a
band of which I REALLY love, I want to make sure I get it just right......Jon S provides some Talking Heads related stuff, as you can read about below, but most notable to me is one of my faves, David Byrne/brian Eno's fab "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts" (posted here long long ago) which would be worth the proce of admission for the amazing "America Is Waiting".......lotsa more worthwhile stuff here for you to get into before MY Talking Heads post knocks your ears off!
Scott, you've been threatening/promising a Talking Heads mega-post so allow me to offer a prelude. David Byrne solo, a few things with St. Vincent, 2 Eno collaborations, and a classic Talking Heads show on video.

David Byrne
The Catherine Wheel

01 Light Bath/02 His Wife Refused/03 Ade/04 Walking/05 Two Soldiers/06 Under The Mountain/07 Dinosaur/08 The Red House/09 Wheezing/10 Eggs In A Briar Patch/11 Poison/12 Cloud Chamber/13 Black Flag/14 My Big Hands (Fall Through The Cracks)/15 Combat/16 Leg Bells/17 The Blue Flame/18 Big Business/19 Dense Beasts/20 Five Golden Sections/21 What A Day That Was/22 Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)/23 Light Bath

David Byrne/Brian Eno
My Life In The Bush of Ghosts

01 American Is Waiting/02 Mea Culpa/03 Regiment/04 Help Me Somebody/05 The Jezebel Spirit/06 Very, Very Hungry/07 Moonlight In Glory/08 The Carrier/09 A Secret Life/10 Come With Us/11 Mountain Of Needles/12 Pitch To Voltage/13 Two Against Three/14 Vocal Outtakes/15 New Feet/16 Defiant/17 Number 8 Mix/18 Solo Guitar With Tin Foil

David Byrne/Brian Eno
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

01 Home/02 My Big Nurse/03 I Feel My Stuff/04 Everything That Happens/05 Life Is Long/06 The River/07 Strange Overtones/08 Wanted For Life/09 One Fine Day/10 Poor Boy/11 The Lighthouse

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Love This Giant

01 Who/02 Weekend In The Dust/03 Dinner For Two/04 Ice Age/05 I Am An Ape/06 The Forest Awakes/07 I Should Watch TV/08 Lazarus/09 Optimist/10 Lightning/11 The One Who Broke Your Heart/12 Outside Of Space & Time

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Brass Tactics (EP)

01 Cissus/02 I Should Watch Tv (M. Stine Remix)/03 Lightning (Kent Rockafeller Remix)/04 Marrow (Live)/05 Road To Nowhere (Live)

David Byrne/St. Vincent
Album De La Semaine 2013 (Live)

01 Who/02 Weekend In The Dust/03 Strange Overtones/04 I Am An Ape/05 Marrow/06 This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)/07 The Forest Awakes/08 Like Humans Do/09 Lightning/10 Wild, Wild Life/11 Cheerleader/12 I Should Watch TV/13 The Northern Lights/14 The One Who Broke Your Heart/15 Cruel/16 Burning Down The House/17 The Party/18 The Road To Nowhere

And, a bonus live St. Vincent show 

(if you don't know or don't like St. Vincent, do yourself a favor and at the very least listen to the monster performance of "Your Lips Are Red")

St. Vincent
Glastonbury 6/29/14

01 Rattlesnake/02 Digital Witness/03 Cruel/04 Marrow/05 Every Tear Disappears/06 Surgeon/07 Cheerleader/08 Prince Johnny/09 Regret/10 Birth in Reverse/11 Huey Newton/12 Bring Me Your Loves/13 Your Lips Are Red

Videos -

Talking Heads - Live in Rome 1980.mkv

David Byrne - Sessions At West 54th (November 15, 1997).mkv

David Byrne & St. Vincent  - Live NPR Music, Strathmore Music Center 10/30/12

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