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From John N, a BUNCH of Lee Michaels stuff

(Scott) A while ago I posted Lee Michaels' first disc, which I love, and, once again, confessed to knowing
very little about the remainder of his output. Well, linkmeister John N was having none of that, and, generous soul that he is (THAT is no joke, believe me!) sends his entire discography......again, I cannot go into detail here, as these albums have not fallen upon these ears yet, but, once again, they WILL. Thanks to John N for these links, and thanks to everyone who contributes, I LOVE the contributions, they are awesome, and I hope they continue forever......I will keep posting every day, multiple posts, as long as my friends continue to send me fab material!

CARNIVAL OF LIFE-01 Hello/02 Another One/03 Streetcar/04 Love/05 Carnival of Love/06 Why/07
Tomorrow/08 Sounding the Sleeping/09 My Friends

RECITAL-01 If I Lose You/02 Time is Over/03 No part of It/04 Fell In Love Today/05 Blind/06 Grocery Soldier/07 What Can he Do/08 Basic Knowledge/09 Gonna Leave/10 The War/11 Spare Change

BARREL-01 Mad Dog/02 What Now America/03 Ummmmm My Lady/04 Thumbs/05 When Johnny Comes 
Marching Home/06 Murder In My Heart (For the judge)/07 Day of Change/08 Think I'll Cry/09 Games/10 
Didn't Know What I Had/11 As Long As I Can

5TH-01 Keep The Circle Turning/02 You Are What You Do/03 Willie & the Hand Jive/04 Didn't Have to Happen/05 Rock me Baby/06 Do You Know What I Mean/07 Ya Ya/08 Can I Get a Witness/09 Oak Fire/10 I Don't Want Her

SPACE AND FIRST TAKES-01 Own Special Way (As Long As)/02 First names/03 Hold Onto Freedom/04 
Space and First Take

LIVE-01 Hole Onto Freedom/02 Stormy Monday/03 Mad Dog/04 My Lady/05 Thumbs/06 Day of Change/07 Drum Solo/08 War/09 Forty Reasons/10 Oak Fire/11 Heighty Hi/12 Rock me baby

NICE DAY FOR SOMETHING- 01 Your Breath Is Bleeding/02 Same Old Song/03 So hard/04 High Wind/05 Olson Arries at Two Fifty Five/06 The Other Day (The Other Way)/07 Rock & Roll Community/08 Went Saw Mama/09 Nothing Matters (But It Doesn't Matter)

TAILFACE-01 Met a Toucan/02 Politician/03 Slow Dancin' Rotunda/04 Roochie Toochie Loochie/05 Drink the Water/06 Lovely Lisa/07 Garbage Gourmet

THE COLLECTION-01 Hello/02 Carnival of Life/03 Sounding the Sleeping/04 If I Lose You/05 The War/06 Grocery Soldier/07 Goodbye, Goodbye/08 Heighty Hi/09 Stormy Monday/10 Mad Dog/11 Murder In My heart For the Judge/12 Thumbs/13 Ummmmm My Lady/14 Do You know What I Mean/15
Keep the Circle Turning/16 Rock Me Baby/17 Can I Get a Witness/18 Hold Onto Freedom

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