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The Cars Part 4

Bringing you another batch of Cars boots, for the most part quite fine sound quality on them, so see what
you think......as with my boots in general I try to focus mostly on the band's prime years, in other words, I have for the most part avoided the post-"Panorama' era stuff. Another handful tomorrow will finish these up, and I think then the next mega-multi-part opus will be one of my VERY faves Talking Heads, and be forewarned......I have a LOT of stuff from them. A LOT. A WHOLE LOT!

First up for today we have The Cars performing a good set from 1978, Brighton England, The University of Susex.....nothing unusual in the set list, just a fired up set of tracks from the first two albums.....this (1978) is just about when the band became a sensation, and they really do put out on this (I assume their first trip abroad, could be wrong about that).

Next I have a set from 9/22/78, at The Palladium in NYC.....again, the setlist plays it fairly safe, as the band was getting "big", and they were playing what the people wanted. A couple of "Panorama" tunes work their way into the set list.....now, a little confusing, but on this same CD, thanks to the miracle of MP3, I ALSO have a show from Central park, four years later, 5/17/82...interesting to compare the two shows back to back for certain, imo by the time of the 1982 set, they sounded a lot more slick and weary (who could blame them?) Compare, for best example, the 1978 version of "Misfit Kid" that closes the first show, and the version of the same song which opens the 1982 show.....draw your own conclusions, I just find it interesting myself. Remember, both of these shows are in one file and will fit on one Cd should you desire to do so.

From Cleveland Ohio's Agora Ballroom, 7/18/78, we have a set with a somewhat varied setlist, "Take What You Want" was rarely peformed live back then, the same with "Hotel Queenie", as well as closing the set with a seemingly impromptu "Something Else"....good set.

Our next show comes from San Francisco's Old Waldorf, 8/19/78.....similar to the Cleveland show, with two "rarely performed live" tracks mentioned above also make an appearance, as does "I'm in Touch With Your World" which seems to me they didn't perform live that much.

There is also something here called "The Cars Unlocked, Live Performances 1979-87"....as best as I can
recall, this was a DVD I borrowed from the public library and separated the audio onto CD. Various dates/locales, obviously, but does include a live version of "Tonight She Comes" which is welcome.

OK, that'll do it for the Cars for today.....in the next couple of days, sometime, I'll finish these up.....I know I've been posting a lot of stuff in a short time frame, so don't overlook stuff like Brian's tremendous Bowie covers project, and the Radiohead shows which were recorded on the last couple of nights as I type this.....I just need something to focus my energies on right now, and this blog is what I am doing that with currently.

BRIGHTON ENGLAND 1978-01 Just What I Needed/02 Good Times Roll/03 I'm In Touch With Your World/04 Best Friend's Girl/05 Moving in Stereo/06 All mixed Up/07 Night Spots/08 Bye Bye Love/09 Don't Cha Stop/10 You're All I've Got Tonight

THE PALLADIUM NYC 9/22/78-01 Intro/02 Good Times Roll/03 Bye Bye Love/04 Night Spots/05 best Friend's Girl/06 Moving In Stereo/07 Since I Held You/08 Just What I Needed/09 Gimme Some Slack/10 Candy-O/11 Don't Cha Stop/12 You're All I've Got Tonight/13 Misfit Kid/CENTRAL PARK NYC 5/17/82-14 Misfit Kid/15 best Friend's Girl/16 Just What I Needed/17 Gimme Some Slack/18 Candy-O/19 Good Times Roll/20 You're all I've Got Tonight

CLEVELAND 7/18/78-01 Intro/02 Good Times Roll/03 Bye Bye Love/04 Night Spots/05 I'm in Touch
With Your World/06 Best Friend's Girl/07 Moving In Stereo/08 All Mixed Up/09 Take What You Want/10 Don't Cha Stop/11 You're All Ive Got Tonight/12 Just What I Needed/13 Hotel Queenie/14 Something Else

SAN FRANCISCO 8/19/78-01 Good Times Roll/02 Bye Bye Love/03 Nightspots/04 I'm In Touch With Your World/05 Best Friend's Girl/06 Moving In Stereo/07 All Mixed Up/08 Don't Cha Stop/09 You're all I've Got Tonight/10 Just What I Needed/11 Take What You Want/12 Hotel Queenie

CARS UNLOCKED-01 Magic/02 Let's Go/03 Touch and Go/04 Drive/05 Best Friend's Girl/06 Tonight She Comes/07 Moving In Stereo/08 You Might Think/09 Just What I Needed/10 Good Times Roll/11 Hello Again/12 Double Trouble/13 Nightspots/14 Heartbeat City

Late note: something is wrong with my fucking disc "Unlocked", so it won't be available at once......if I can get the bastard to work, I'll add it, but it's held me up enough......see comments for the rest of the discs, and IF I get the cocksucker working, I'll add it....if not, there is still a "Part 5" yet to come!

Later note: Finally got the bitch to work......hope you enjoy it as much fucking trouble as it was!

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