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The finale of the PJ Harvey deluge

(Soctt)-Man, when Jon S said he had "some" PJ Harvey stuff, he wasn't kidding.....this HUGE post finishes
off his PJ material, I guess, and it is a monster, with live shows, singles, more recent albums, etc.....PJ Harvey was one artist with whom I was not as familiar as maybe I "should have been", but Lordy be, I certainly am familiar now.......lots of great stuff in these posts, too, glad that before I left this planet I got to get familiar with her! Thanks Jon S, an absolutely epic submission (the whole series of posts).

A massive final PJ Harvey post to bring it all to a close. Uh Huh Her is a kind of dividing line in her career. It took two years to record, and PJ plays all the instruments and produces. It still sounds like a continuation of what has come before but really it is the end. White Chalk introduces new instrumentation and PJ sings in a different voice, a higher register, which continues into Let England Shake. For me, it took some real getting used to over time. LES is a great record, an award winning one but it wasn't an immediately enjoyable one for a longtime fan like myself. I appreciate it but I don't know if I'll ever love it.

Also included here is a John Peel compilation of various performances throughout PJ Harvey's career. And, then there are the singles. All of them with their b-sides. This was a great find for me at the time. 

Lastly, there are the live shows. 2004 was a great time for live PJ, with the performances being energetic and the set lists varied but career comprehensive. (I only have a few DVDs of the Let England Shake era performances. The shows are primarily songs from that album and don't really expand upon the album tracks so no shows really to share.)

The last show posted here is from 2009 and it is a must for any fan. PJ solo, playing her favorite songs from her career. Hope someone got something out of this. I enjoyed putting it all together.

Uh Huh Her

01 The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth/02 Shame/03 Who the Fuck?/04 Pocket Knife/05 The Letter/06 The Slow Drug/07 No Child of Mine/08 Cat on the Wall/09 You Come Through/10 It's You/11 The End/12 The Desperate Kingdom of Love/13 Seagulls/14 The Darker Days of Me & Him

White Chalk

01 The Devil/02 Dear Darkness/03 Grow Grow Grow/04 When Under Ether/05 White Chalk/06 Broken Harp/07 Silence/08 To Talk To You/09 The Piano/10 Before Departure/11 The Mountain

Let England Shake
01 Let England Shake/02 The Last Living Rose/03 The Glorious Land/04 The Words That Maketh Murder/05 All and Everyone/06 On Battleship Hill/07 England/08 In the Dark Places/09 Bitter Branches/10 Hanging in the Wire/11 Written on the Forehead/12 The Colour of the Earth

The Peel Sessions 1991-2004

01 Oh My Lover/02 Victory/03 Sheela-Na-Gig/04 Water/05 Naked Cousin/06 Wang Dang Doodle/07 Losing Ground/08 Snake/09 That Was My Veil/10 This Wicked Tongue/11 Beautiful Feeling/12 You Come Through

The Singles

01 50 Ft Queenie/02 Reeling/03 Man-Size (Demo)/04 Hook (Demo)

01 A Perfect Day Elise (Album Version)/02 The Bay/03 Instrumental #3/04 A Perfect Day Elise/05 The Northwood/06 Sweeter Than Anything

01 A Place Called Home/02 As Close as This/03 My Own Private Revolution

01 Black Hearted Love/02 Within A Month/03 False Fire

01 C'mon Billy/02 Darling Be There/03 Maniac/04 One Time Too Many

01 Down by the Water/02 Lying in the Sun/03 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name

01 Dress/02 Water (Demo)/03 Dry (Demo)

01 Good Fortune (Album Version)/02 66 Promises/03 Memphis/04 Good Fortune/05 30

01 Man-Size/02 Wang Dang Doodle/03 Daddy

01 Red Right Hand

01 Send His Love To Me/02 Long Time Coming (Evening Session Version)/03 Harder/04 Water (Live From Glastonbury)/05 Hook (Live From Glastonbury)06 Water (Live From Glastonbury)

01 Shame/02 97 Degrees

01 Sheela-Na-Gig/02 Hair/03 Joe

01 That Was My Veil/02 Losing Ground/03 Civil War Correspondent (Global Communications Mix)/04 Who Will Love Me Now?

01 The Devil/02 Liverpool Tide

01 The Glorious Land/02 The Nightingale

01 The Letter/02 The Falling/03 The Letter (Album Version)/04 The Phone Song/05 Bows and Arrows

01 The Piano/02 Heaven

01 The Wind (Album Version)/02 Nina in Ecstasy/03 The Faster I Breathe, the Further I Go (4-Track Version)/04 The Wind/05 Rebecca/06 Instrumental #2

01 The Words That Maketh Murder/02 The Guns Called Me Back Again

01 This is Love/02 You Said Something/03 A Place Called Home (Taken from Lamacq Live)

01 You Come Through/02 Angel/03 You Come Through (Album Version)/04 Stone/05 Who the Fuck (4-Track Demo Version)

Moscow 6/15/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 Meet Ze Monta/03 The Letter/04 Big Exit05 Who The Fuck?/06 Dress/07 Fountain/08 Evol/09 A Perfect Day Elise/10 Shame/11 Plants & Rags/12 Good Fortune/13 Dowm By The River/14 My Beautiful Leah/15 Taut/16 Harder/17 Cat On The Wall/18 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/19 The Dancer/20 The Pocket Knife/21 Victory/22 There Will Never Be A Better Time/23 To Bring You My Love

Le Zenith, Paris 6/30/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 Meet Ze Monsta/03 The Letter/04 Big Exit-Who The Fuck?/05 Dress/06 Evol/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Shame/09 Victory/10 You Come Through/11 The Darkest Day Of Me And Him/12 Good Fortune/13 Down By The Water/14 Taut/15 Harder/16 Cat On The Wall/17 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/18 Mystery Of Love/19 My Friends Have/20 Rid Of Me/21 To Bring You My Love

Eurockéennes Festival, France 7/3/04

01 Uh Huh Her/02 The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore/03 Who the Fuck?/04 The Letter/05 Dress/06 Evol/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Victory/09 You Come Through/10 The Darker Days of Me & Him/11 Down by the Water/12 The Life & Death of Mr. Badmouth/13 Good Fortune/14 Meet Ze Monsta/15 Cat on the Wall/16 Harder/17 Taut/18 Big Exit

Camp Bestival, Dorset 7/25/09

01 To Bring You My Love/02 Send His Love To Me/03 The Devil/04 White Chalk/05 The Last Living Rose/06 Dress/07 Angelene/08 My Beautiful Leah/09 Nina In Ecstasy/10 Electric Light/11 Shame/12 Snake/13 Big Exit/14 Down By The Water/15 Grow Grow Grow/16 The Mountain/17 Silence/18 Let England Shake/19 C'mon Billy/20 The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

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