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A concert from, well, LAST NIGHT!?!

From that there one band whose name I try not to mention too much coz I hear they're snippy about this
kind of thing, you know who I mean, they are not so much on the radio, head to the internet if you want their stuff.......anyway, here is a show recorded LAST NIGHT, Heiniken Music Hall Amsterdam (5/21/16).....this is in FLAC, and from what I've heard sounds fine. I also have Friday night's show (the first of the tour), but am having trouble with the file, if/when I get it open I'll put it up as well.....thanks to Jon S for this, you cannot say we aren't current on the musical trends of the world, now can ya? If interested, I might suggest you hurry up, not sure, but this one may not be around long, just sayin'

HEINEKEN MUSIC HALL 5/21/16-01 Intro/Burn the Witch/02 Daydreaming/03 Decks Dark/04 Desert Island Disk/05 Full Stop/06 Lucky/07 There There/08 Lotus Flower/09 All I Need/10 Talk Show Host/11 Identikit/12 The Numbers/13 Present Tense/14 Seperator/15 Nude/16 The National Anthem-Hunting Bears/17 Everything In It's Right Place/18 Encore Break 1/19 Give Up the Ghost/20 How To Disappear Completely/21 Karma Police/22 Bloom/23 Street Spirit/24 Encore Break 2/25 Bodysnatchers/26 Idiotique/Outro

This has evidently already been posted to Dime a Dozen who are famous for expedient postings such as this......I guess we are #2 here, we'll live with that!

Submissions such as this are as good as gold, please everyone take a cue from Jon S to make this blog all that it can be! By the way, these files are enormous, the total length of the show is about 2.5 hours, and as advised before it is FLAC......Dime a Dozen always requests that 1) you do not convert this to a lossy format and 2) NEVER sell these......seems like a reasonable thing to ask, so please comply.

Good news also, I got the 5/20/16 show to unwrap (FINALLY!) so look for it maybe a little later today, or possibly tomorrow!

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