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A variety of stuff for your weekend....from me and some guesters!

Jon S. must sit up nights compiling all these mega-awesome huge posts.....today he throws me a curveball
worthy of vintage Bret Saberhagen with a band called Protomartyr......I don't know them, he claims i "should", so lets take a look around for a bit of info......

OK, haven't listened yet, but sounds great....recent punk/post punk (from Detroit! always a good sign!)...the singer is compared to Ian Curtis and Mark E Smith, so how bad can this be? I know I'll be listening on Saturday......please listen also and offer up comments, one thing we like to do here is EXPOSE LESSER KNOWN GOOD BANDS!


Do you know Protomartyr? If not, you should. 

No Passion All Technique

01 In My Sphere/02 Machinist Man/03 Hot Wheel City/04 Three Swallows/05 Free Supper/06 Jumbo's/07 Ypsilanti/08 Too Many Jewels/09 (Don't You) Call Me Out My Name/10 Feral Cats/11 How He Lived After He Died/12 Wine Of Ape/13 Principalities

Under Color of Official Right

01 Maidenhead/02 Ain't So Simple/03 Want Remover/04 Trust Me Billy/05 Pagans/06 What the Wall Said/07 Tarpeian Rock/08 Bad Advice/09 Son of Dis/10 Scum, Rise!/11 I Stare at Floors/12 Come & See/13 Violent/14 I'll Take That Applause

The Agent Intellect

01 The Devil in His Youth/02 Cowards Starve/03 I Forgive You/04 Boyce or Boice/05 Pontiac 87/06 Uncle Mother's/07 Dope Cloud/08 The Hermit/09 Clandestine Time/10 Why Does It Shake?/11 Ellen/12 Feast of Stephen

Ad Hoc Car Wash, Brooklyn NY 10/17/15

01 The Devil In His Youth/02 Cowards Starve/03 I Forgive You/04 Ain't So Simple/05 Want Remover/06 Scum, Rise!/07 Pontiac 87/08 The Hermit/09 Clandestine Time/10 Why Does It Shake?

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