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3 for Thursday....Great Guest Submission #1

(Scott)-Three great guest submissions tonight from 3 of our best guests (ALL of our guest posters are great,
don't get me wrong), including one who's been away for a spell....anyway, let's start with Jon S. who has been sending absolutely stunning posts on a near daily basis for a while now, and this one is no exception.....great stuff from Sly & the Family Stone. One of my Dad's faves, I vividly recall him seeing them live and being greatly disappointed in the fact that Sly was "almost too coked up to stand, let alone sing".....anyway, they were great at times, their Woodstock set was (check the movie) energetic, and "There's a Riot Goin' On" is one of the classic albums of the era. Hadn't listened to much of Sly's stuff of late, thanks Jon S. for re-orienting me with them. Good stuff here!

There's only one cure for the blues, yellows, pinks and purples, so get up out of your chair and dance! SLY! AND THE FAMILY STONE!! Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka!!!!

A Whole New Thing

01 Underdog/02 If This Room Could Talk/03 Run, Run, Run/04 Turn Me Loose/05 Let Me Hear It From You/06 Advice/07 I Cannot Make It/08 Trip To Your Heart/09 I Hate To Love Her/10 Bad Risk/11 That Kind Of Person12 Dog/13 Underdog (Single Version)/14 Let Me Hear It From You (Single Version)/15 Only One Way Out Of This Mess/16 What Would I Do/17 You Better Help Yourself (Instrumental)

Dance To The Music

01 Dance To The Music/02 Higher/03 I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)/04 Dance To The Medley-Music Is Alive-Dance In-Music Lover/05 Ride The Rhythm/06 Color Me True/07 Are You Ready/08 Don't Burn Baby/09 I'll Never Fall In Love Again/10 Dance To The Music (Single Version)/11 Higher (Single Version)/12 Soul Clappin'/13 We Love All/14 I Can't Turn You Loose/15 Never Do Your Woman Wrong (Instrumental)


01 Dynamite!/02 Chicken/03 Plastic Jim/04 Fun/05 Into My Own Thing/06 Harmony/07 Life/08 Love City/09 I'm
An Animal/10 M'Lady/11 Jane Is A Groupee/12 Dynamite! (Single Version)/13 Seven More Days/14 Pressure/15 Sorrow (Instrumental)


01 Stand!/02 Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey/03 I Want To Take You Higher/04 Somebody's Watching You/05 Sing A Simple Song/06 Everyday People/07 Sex Machine/08 You Can Make It If You Try/09 Stand! (Single Version)/10 I Want To Take You Higher (Single Version)/11 You Can Make It If You Try (Single Version)/12 Soul Clappin' II/13 My Brain (Zig-Zag) (Instrumental)

Greatest Hits

01 I Want To Take You Higher/02 Everybody Is A Star/03 Stand!/04 Life/05 Fun/06 You Can Make It If You Try/07 Dance To The Music/08 Everyday People/09 Hot Fun In The Summertime/10 M'Lady11 Sing A Simple Song/12 Thank You

There's A Riot Goin' On

01 Luv N' Haight/02 Just Like A Baby/03 Poet/04 Family Affair/05 Africa Talks To You ('The Asphalt Jungle')/06 There's A Riot Goin' On/07 Brave & Strong/08 (You Caught Me) Smilin'/09 Time/10 Spaced Cowboy/11 Runnin' Away/12 Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa/13 Runnin' Away (Single Version)/14 My Gorilla Is My Butler (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)/15 Do You Know What _ (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)/16 That's Pretty Clean (Instrumental)(Previously Unreleased)


01 In Time/02 If You Want Me To Stay/03 Let Me Have It All/04 Frisky/05 Thankful N Thoughtful/06 Skin Im In/07 I
Dont Know (Satisfaction)/08 Keep On Dancin'/09 Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will  Be)/10 If It Were Left Up To Me/11 Babies Makin' Babies/12 Let Me Have It All (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/13 Frisky (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/14 Skin Im In (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/15 Keep On Dancin (Unreleased Alternate Mix)/16 Babies Makin Babies (Unreleased Alternate Mix)

Small Talk

01 Small Talk/02 Say You Will/03 Mother Beautiful/04 Time For Livin/05 Cant Strain My Brain/06 Loose Booty/07 Holdin On/08 Wishful Thinkin/09 Better Thee Than Me/10 Livin While Im Livin/11 This Is Love/12 Crossword Puzzle (Unreleased Early Version)/13 Time For Livin (Unreleased Alternate Version)/14 Loose Booty (Unreleased Alternate Version)/15 Positive (Unreleased Instrumental)


01 M'Lady/02 Sing A Simple Song/03 You Can Make It If You Try/04 Everyday People/05 Dance To The Music/06 MEDLEY Music Lover-Higher/07 I Want To Take You Higher/08 Love City/09 Stand!

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