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The PJ Harvey avalanche continues!

I hope you guys don't mind the heavy number of posts of late, my apologies if it's a bit excessive, I'm just
trying to keep my thoughts off of......well, life, and this is something that I do enjoy doing and, at least, I hope, brings a small bit of enjoyment to a few other people on our planet.

First up for this evening, another Jon S. contribution, as he continues to educate me on PJ Harvey, with whom I was fairly unfamilar.....now that I'm back at work (I work out of a pickup truck all day), I can at least spend all day listening to music, so I'm getting acquainted with some of the new (to me) submissions....anyway, thanks to Jon S. (and everyone ELSE who contributes, I LOVE guest contributions) for all of your work, hope you and John N, Jonder, Brian, and ANYONE else continue to send stuff in to share with the masses.

Is This Desire? (1998) and Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea (2000) are, maybe, the most interesting of PJ Harvey's albums. Is This Desire? is like the culmination, a distillation, of everything that came before. Stories is new and different, and no PJ Harvey album after it sounds like anything she'd done. The shows from this time are absolutely fantastic as well. 

Is This Desire?
01 Angelene/02 The Sky Lit Up/03 The Wind/04 My Beautiful Leah/05 A Perfect Day Elise/06 Catherine/07 Electric Light/08 The Garden/09 Joy/10 The River/11 No Girl So Sweet/12 Is This Desire ?

The Black Sessions
01 Is This Desire?/02 Joy/03 Joe/04 Civil War Correspondent/05 Taut/06 Electric Light/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 The Wind/09 Hook/10 Meet Ze Monsta/11 The Sky Lit Up/12 My Beautiful Leah/13 Missed/14 50ft Queenie/15 Heela/16 Down By The Water

La Route Du Rock, St. Malo 8/16/98
01 i think i'm a mother/02 joy/03 joe/04 civil war correspondent/05 taut/06 a perfect day elise/07 the wind/08 meet ze monsta/09 the sky lit up/10 catherine/11 missed/12 snake/13 heela/14 to bring you my love

Avalon Ballroom, Boston 11/2/98

01 Catherine/02 Rope Bridge Crossing/03 Civil War Correspondent/04 Taut/05 Joy/06 Electric Light/07 A Perfect Day Elise/08 Hook/09 Meet Ze Monsta/10 My Beautiful Leah/11 City of No Sun/12 Angelene/13 Missed/14 Joe/15 Snake/16 Heela/17 Is This Desire?/18 The Garden/19 The Sky Lit Up/20 To Bring You My Love

Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea

01 Big Exit/02 Good Fortune/03 A Place Called Home/04 One Line/05 Beautiful Feeling/06 The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore/07 The Mess We're In/08 You Said Something/09 Kamikaze/10 This Is Love/11 Horses in My Dreams/12 We Float

Cardiff, Wales 10/26/00

01 This Wicked Tongue/02 The Whore's Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/03 Send His Love To Me/04 Good Fortune/05 A Place Called Home/06 Hair/07 One Line/08 Man-Size/09 Big Exit/10 Kamikaze/11 This Is Love/12 Dry/13 Somebody's Down, Somebody's Name/14 This Mess We're In/15 30

The Paradiso, Amsterdam 2/801

01 good fortune/02 the whore's hustle and the hustlers whore/03 one line/04 beautiful feeling/05 this wicked tongue/06 dry/07 big exit/08 nickel under the foot/09 legs/10 down by the water/11 somebody's down, somebody's name/12 angelene/13 man-size/14 horses in my dreams

Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 2/13/01

01 This Wicked Tongue/02 This Is Love/03 Good Fortune/04 Send His Love To Me/05 Hair/06 A Place Called Home/07 One Line/08 Angelene/09 You Said Something/10 The Sky Lit Up/11 Dry/12 30/13 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/14 Kamikaze/15 Big Exit/16 Horses in My Dreams/17 Man-Size/18 Down by the Water/19 Somebody's Down Somebody's Name/20 Rid of Me/21 Sheela-Na-Gig

Olympia, Paris 2/26/01

01 rid of me/02 this wicked tongue/03 this is love/04 good fortune/05 send his love to me/06 hair/07 a place called home/08 one line/09 30/10 man-size/11 angelene/12 the whore's hustle and the hustler's whore/13 dry/14 kamikaze/15 big exit/16 horses in my dreams/17 sheela-na-gig/18 down by the water/19 somebody's down, somebody's name/20 this mess we're in/21 c'mon billy/22 you said something/23 the sky lit up/24 nickel under the foot

Hamburg, Germany 3/2/01

01 This Mess We're In/02 The Whores Hustle And The Hustlers Whore/03 Man Sized/04 Good Fortune/05 Send His Love To Me/06 Hair/07 The Sky Lit Up/08 Somebody's Down Somebody's Name/09 Rid Of Me/10 This Is Love/11 Down By The Water/12 30/13 One Line/14 Kamikaze/15 Big Exit/16 Horses In My Dreams/17 This Wicked Tongue/18 Sheela-Na-Gig/19 Nickel Under The Foot

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